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Robin Williams: What He Died to Tell Us

Dr. Christopher'

One minute video tribute to Robin Williams:

Robin Williams made us laugh and remember that zany joy is a good thing.  Robin's effervescence joy came through brilliantly with a childlike innocence that connects us with the inner sense of fun and funny. He could also be profoundly brilliant in serious roles.
His suicide was a shock to many of us. Why Robin Williams died is as important as how he lived. There's an urgent lesson here.
Billions of people worldwide have watched Robin Williams movies that were  translated into all major languages, and these billions deserve to know the truth of why he killed himself.
Grief counselors have been sent to Ferguson for the kids going back to school after the shocking police shooting of Michael Brown... but where are the PTSD experts in the media helping the collective conscience of global humanity after the shocking suicide of Robin?

The truth of why Robin was suicided is not politically or economically suitable for mainstream corporate media, as you'll see, but his death has a lesson if you want to know what the real problem was... and is.

In short, Robin had a long-time addiction to legal 'speed' consuming copious amount of Red Bull, laced with the neuro-toxin Phenylalanine - Aspartame - Sweet Poison that gives you a short-term buzz but at the expense of long-term degenerative neural disease like Parkinson's; uncontrollable shaking and loss of muscular control. 

Same thing happened to Michael J. Fox who got neural-degenerative disease from addiction to diet Pepsi with aspartame.  As a commercial spokesman for diet Pepsi, Fox apparently believed in the product he was promoting, drinking many a day.

Robin Williams knew he was losing it.  But it's more than that.  For the six weeks before he killed himself, he was in rehab and on a combination of psyche meds that have suicidal side-effects. He lost his right mind.

The drug-pushing media is silent on the role that psychiatric drugs may have played in driving Robin Williams over the brink, which they also appear to have done in previous high-profile suicide and mass murder cases.

From Natural News 8/25/2014: "A simple autopsy isn't enough to assess how the cocktail of psychiatric meds given to Williams during his time at the Hazelden mental health facility in Minnesota affected his brain.  Williams was pumped up with drugs just weeks before his suicide that caused him to lose weight, withdraw from loved ones and sleep for up to 20 hours a day."  Read more about this HERE.

Tens of thousands of suicides yearly in the U.S. follow consumption of psych meds but this multi-billion dollar industry grows relentlessly with pressures on parents and teachers and doctors to prescribe more neuro-toxic mind drugs for adults and children at younger ages.

Hundreds of thousands of youth in America are virtually addicted to neuro-toxic aspartame 'speed' like Red Bull and diet drinks, and the problems that result range from bipolar dis-ease to neurosis and depression. The prescribed treatment is typically psych meds which compound neural toxicity with extreme side effects like suicidal tendencies.

So who will remember Robin Williams by contributing to the awakening of the world regarding the dangers of legal drugs that destroy the nervous system and makes one suicidal?

Robin Williams opened our hearts in many ways.  I hope that translates to a  Patch Adams inspired 'Healing of the Health Care System that cares more for public health than for a medical-industrial complex that literally makes a killing on the creation and treatment of public disease.
If you agree, forward this freely.  The drug-pushing media won't tell the truth.  Someone has to do it. So pay it forward in memory of Robin's brilliant
role in Patch Adams (full video link)... and realize the power of love for healing all in the 'nuthouse' we call 'modern medicine'.

To Your Holistic Health,
Christopher Rudy
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