2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

Keep the ‘Turn Around’ Momentum
Going Strong!

Important Updates:

  Several exceptional videos have been added at
     the October 20th Full Moon compendium
 including a Full Moon video message from the
   Aquarian Masters Saint Germain and Portia.

Link the Light

Think global and act local. Copy and share this
 link to
Three Articles for social media postings
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Hold the Vision

  An economics of abundance - abundant love -
  is our Aquarian destiny. Oneness in this Spirit
 (Cosmic ) SEES in every one.
 And this 'whole truth' embraces the holy spirit
    of -in-action - the
heart of discernment.

Pay It Forward

  Love is for giving, and your caring to share this
  vision empowers wisdom with Aquarian .
 So network freely. Contribute any way you can.
   Fervent prayer with a pure heart availeth much.

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