Big Shift News for June 2017
Article 29 in the series:
As Mass Illusion Disintegrates
(Fake News Exposed)

 And 5-D Conscience Integrates
(Whole Truth Disclosed)

Five Signs of these Transformational Times
Framing the Ascension Process
From 3-D Perception Deception
Toward 5-D Direction Correction

Keywords: big shift, timeline adjustment, global enlightenment, modern revelations, unity consciousness,
global mind, new earth, revelation revolution, ascension energies, 5D consciousness, direction correction

This is an update on the global revolution in

higher consciousness: modern revelations.

See the article with videos & graphics HERE
(5 Signs You're Mastering Cosmic )
 including an audio podcast about this article.

(June 10, 2017 / Cosmic Show)


This is a pregnant time for birthing a new
perception in the world yet 'otherworldly'
(spiritual) as nonlinear intuitive knowing.

Full disclosure of advanced technologies

that optimize global communications and
 culture our conscience in social networks
  (Global TeLeComm) is going mainstream.
   It has already happened in the continuum.

  Spiritual, mental and physical wholEness
  and healing is likewise going mainstream
  with 'Universal Health Assurance' access
   (Global TeLeCare) for all online Netizens.
 These two global '
TLC' initiatives are the
  media and medicine for managing global
   holistic healing and birth of a New Earth.

This initiation of ordained
Power in Love
challenges the inordinate love of power
   to either rise and shine or fall and perish.
 This is as true for personal relationships
 as it is for Five Core Internet Freedoms.

  Thanks to new blockchain technologies,
TLC networks will evolve to meet
     social needs more cheaply and securely.

See also this video:
     Understand the Blockchain in 2 Minutes
   So keep the faith and see the good with
   a vision of virtue and valor for the value
    of the next economy based on intention,
    attention and retention of 'Big LOVE' for
   ascension of
TLC at the heart of global
  victory for
United Sovereigns of Earth.
  Welcome the Personal and Planetary
Conscious Evolution Revelations:)
  Shift Happens!
 ~ Christopher

The Full-Spectrum Foundation
for Global
TeLeComm Unity

To   with all your strength, mindheart and soul,
and your all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.

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