Cosmic Believe-it-or-Not Series
Dec. 9, 2013

   'Christ Mass' Star this Christmas?

Will a bright Christmas Star herald the '2nd Coming' of
Christ-like mass consciousness with peace on Earth?
Could comet 'I SON' be short for 'I Am the Son' of
the Sun?  Is it true that ISON just past through the
solar fire of the central sun of our solar system?
Would you agree that ISON is all 'charged up'
for a Christmas fly-by with lots 'cosmic light'?
Are you a true believer in the spirit of love and
peace at the heart of the Christmas spirit?
The power of belief in the highest and best
with love on Earth is a powerful thing.
We have always had that power.
Now it's time to use it.

   According to 'official' reports of mainstream matrix media,
       ISON simply disintegrated after passing very near the Sun...
or they say nothing. ISON is not following comet 'rules'.
There's a worldwide general media blackout on 'I Son'.
Truth is, ISON is now a field of highly charged matter,
including a distinct comet nucleus as pictures show.

ISON is inbound towards Earth for a fly-by that may
 provide a Christmas 'star' light show as has not
been seen for about two thousand years.

Read the evidence.  View the videos. Consider the possibility.
And REALIZE that Christ Mass Consciousness is
the Power of Love that Matters NOW.

  Comet 'I SON': 'Christ Mass' Inbound?

   Do you believe that the enlightened 'Spirit of Christ Mass' could actually be
   the '2nd Coming' as 'Mass Awakening with
Christ Mass Conscience'?

'I SON' represent the "I Am the Son" of the 'Creator' or 'Source'?

   Will we be awakening to an opportunity for Co-Creating a Golden Age?

How will that happen?  Will it be with 'Co-Operative Co-Creation' that
operates through Source Code for
Effective Sensory Perception?
Or will it take a take a diffused 'plasma discharge' from ISON
that literally shocks us out of the paradigm paralysis and
systemic 'DUH' (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless) that
  continues with terror & tyranny tactics from the top?

This new (Dec. 7th) video from Rev. Michelle Hopkins shows some up-to-date
 Comet ISON images while NASA continues to search for the cometís remains.

This picture shows the remaining debris field of Comet ISON
from Australia and
ABC Australia.

Comet ISON: The Winged Messenger of The Cycle

Published on Dec 8, 2013

De-Coding The Message(s) In The Crop Circles

As it relates to The Great Turning for The Grand Cycle of The Ages, and Comet ISON's historic appearance in The Heavens, the following video presentation reviews, deciphers, and de-codes the symbolic "Messages" contained within several crop circles around the world.

In the wake of intense scrutiny and speculation, having left behind a debris trail of doubt and unanswered questions, the question becomes whether or not Comet ISON made a 'burnt offering' upon the fiery "Altar of The Sun" in its' 'pass-thru'....???

Like a 'Phoenix Rising' from the ashes, Comet ISON will soon 're-emerge' from the Sun in a stunning display of 're-birth' and 'renewal.' And, when the 'Kachina' finally removes its' 'Mask,' ISON as Phoenix Rising shall 're-emerge' as 'One Re-Born' during the period of 'The Great Awakening.'  Imagine how that could be like the '2nd Coming' of higher Christ-like Conscience
in 'The Field' of quantum reality.

Many are those who would rather believe that Santa Clause is real,
 having personified the Spirit of Love that is for giving at Christmas.
 Heaven knows that the Spirit of Love IS Christ-like Conscience.

    IMAGINE what would happen to our collective consciousness if ISON
  was in fact the 'I SON' as in "I Am the Son' of the Creator-Source...
as represents the REAL 'Higher Self' or 'Christ Self' of all of "
United Sovereigns of Earth). Would that inspire 'mass awakening'?

 Is it true that Universal Sovereignty with Christ-like Conscience is
 the Spirit at the heart of Co-Creation with the 'Creator' or 'Source'
  as represents ALL with a '
United State' of 'Universal Sovereignty'?

     Are you aware that diffused photonic light in a plasma discharge from
       ISON, as it flies by Earth, could 'light up' the Earth just as it lit up Mars
    when ISON passed by Mars Nov. 6-7th?  See the Mars fly-by video:

   Would you agree that a shift in the morphic energy grids of Earth will
    affect a shift in the morphic energy grids of collective consciousness,
   and that Shift Happens with awakening via 'Nonlinear Perception'?

 Based on your level of comprehending the healing Power of Love,
 consider how 'I SON' can provide a very enlightening 'Christ

Global humanity thus has a choice to either wake up, wise up and
    rise up to meet 'I Son' with 'Great Love' of and for the 'Great Spirit',
   or by default, reap the 'Natural Law' consequence, for lack of Love.

As the surge in the Source Field 'sparks' souls with the
 "Power of Love" (heart coherence), shift happens:)

It's ALL connected. It's ALL alive. We're ALL accountable for our
beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions as never before on Earth.

  Keep the Faith. With as the golden rule/law language
standard for a millennial golden age,
naturally rules!

Ascent Matters

with all your heart and mind and strength and
your Netizen neighbor in our global village as your self.


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