2018 Global Upgrade Series

Update on Up-Rising of the Alliance
Three Parts:

1- Transcending Deep State Depression;
High State Transforms the Deep State.
2- Mindful Mediation of the Mass Media;
High State Upgrade of Social Media.
3- Alliance Ascension Process Unveiled.
Revelations Reset Unity in Diversity.

July 21 / Heartcom.org

The Metaphysician
Producer/host of BBS Radio's

(11+ years)


 This compendium is another ‘love sandwich’.
It combines layers of food for thought re:
both High State & Deep State revelations.

Chew it well for optimal assimilation.

   And as you are ‘chewing’, ask yourself:

Is it true that the best government is self government
as empowers our wisdom with enlightened ?

Are you aware that power corrupts our social media
and that absolute media power corrupts absolutely?

     Would you agree that inordinate love of power must be
    checked and balanced by the ordained power of love?
Based on your response, consider the global drama
  of evolution revolution revelations going mainstream.

Transcending Deep State Depression
End of the Cabal; Rise of the High State
of ‘US’ (United Sovereigns of Earth)

Global Internet culture has succeeded to the point where this instant-everywhere and interactive upgrade – general enlightenment – has stripped the mask off the Deep State cabal of highly centralized, top-down corporatocracy – the inversion, subversion and perversion of Constitutional principle and public power.

Witness how this love of power has
  monopolized profit and power while
  socializing the cost: public austerity
to pay for the systemic corruption.

Global Netizens are well aware that the power elite potentates of the corporatocracy cabal are the antithesis of the Founders’ intent for government of, by and for the people. It’s the Deep State ‘intelligence agencies’ (CIA, etc.) that want a global enemy for WWIII to make a killing for the military-industrial complex. Deep State corporate media has been embedded with CIA agents for decades – Operation Mockingbird. Each year, more than a billion federal dollars go to these ‘intelligence agencies’ to script the ‘news’ the War Empire wants us to believe.

  If Trump makes friends with Russia,
public unity dooms the war racket;
   healthy economic upgrade emerges.

Endless war devolution of social conscience has caused dysfunction and dystopia with extreme cognitive dissonance between the propaganda press and independent social media. This is a war for our hearts, minds, souls and the future of humanity.

Call it 'shadow government' or Deep State cabal
or collusion of giant global corporate powers.
 Call it fascism, tyranny or authoritarianism.
The last American Revolution called it
 taxation without representation.
Then the enemy was the British Empire.
Today the 'enemy' is the U.S Empire.


Three Facts Defining American Empire

Feb 13, 2018 / The Peace Report

Information Sources:
David Vine, 800 Bases:
Bill Hartung, Trillion Dollar Budget:
C. Johnson, America's Empire of Base: http://bit.ly/2Cz6ykG:
Douglas Lummis, Why Not Have Empire?:
http://bit.ly/2G9jWdg Metanoia-Films, The Power Principle: http://bit.ly/2BtMNK2

If you are not aware of the open info-war between the American Empire's Deep State embedded media and independent Internet media's promotion of a global High State, than you haven’t been paying attention or don’t really care much about the huge event shaping up for 2018 Global Upgrade.

Greatest Communications Event in History
July 11, 2018 / Martin Geddes

EXCERPT: As the American Declaration of Independence asserts, when there is such an iniquitous state of affairs, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government. We are in the midst of exactly such an event, with worldwide consequences. The present US administration - a de facto military government with a civilian veneer to prevent panic - is engaged in a complete replacement of a failed and corrupt political establishment. The process is a patient and judicial one, so as to minimize the risk of violent civil conflict.
     As I wrote back in November, what is transpiring is a second American Revolution, if not a global War of Independence from a psychopathic criminal culture. No thriller or spy novel has ever come close to the tale that is unfolding. You certainly wouldn't dare to offer this tale as fiction, as it would be deemed far too implausible for public sale! I myself am beyond astounded at what is transpiring, and find myself making unexpected new allies, whilst old acquaintances seek their distance.

 This has caused extreme polarization of
left and right in personal and planetary
 hemispheres of the global ‘brain field’.

This polarization includes negative rumors, violent riots, outrageous scandal, political upheaval and spiritual warfare. The divisiveness outpictured is between the willful ignorance frequencies of ‘DUH (Dense Unconscious & Heartless), and the willful enlightenment frequency of -in-action - as in frequently.

The holy spirit frequency of -in-action has a self-regulating effect of homeostasis in the body politic; it's the heart of 2018 Global Upgrade - a universal heartware interface for global TeLeComm.

 In order to sustain Deep State depression,
 the divide-to-conquer Hegelian Dialectic
creates and manages fear and hatred
 to counter a fearless faith Up-Rising
  that claims the victory of all of ‘
United Sovereigns; a High State
  of at
ONEment; Common Sense.

Old paradigms of horse-and-buggy representation systems are slow to die, even in the face of self-evident capabilities for upgrading the Bill of Rights with Five Core Internet Freedoms.

The new paradigm of Net reality cyberEthics
upgrades social conscience – a
High State.

This is the High State of high touch high tech that involves and evolves our individual and collective-social conscience with heartware - a universal interface for Global TeLeComm and a free online holistic health care database: Global TeLeCare.

High tech liberation of high touch (TLC)
is prelude to an interactive process
for co-creating the
High State of
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Self Directing – Sovereignty Process:
The best government is self government.

Self-Correcting – Learning Process:
The best education is self education.

Self-Perfecting – Healing Process:
The best health care is self care.

Self-Fulfilling – Abundance Process:
The best economy underwrites TLC.

Quantum science has clearly demonstrated that heart coherence is the key to higher mental thought congruence. Since we ‘think’ in images and symbol (left brain) of associative feeling (right brain), the balance of ‘smart’ and ‘heart’ ought to be a self-evident virtue.

TLC is the master(‘s) key to ascension of the
divine feminine energies needed to hold the
  balance for divine masculine energies of the
  Alliance of & for
United Sovereigns of Earth.

In the larger scheme of personal and planetary evolution, the higher the concept of a universal interface for global interactive TLC, the greater the results.

Indeed, the holy spirit of -in-action
– with a universal interactive interface –
will transcend Deep State depression.

CONTINUED at Part Two:
Mindful Mediation of Mass Media
and Part Three:
Alliance Ascent Process Unveiled