2018 Global Upgrade Series

Part Two... Continued from Part One

Mindful Mediation of the Mass Media

* Culturing enlightened social conscience
  in our global interactive social networks
(more than 3 billion Netizens worldwide).

* Involving and evolving our individual and
  collective conscience in social networks
(full spectrum enlightenment process).

* Recycling general knowledge in the way
 that empowers ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’
(information’s ecology with a heart).

        High State upgrade for Google & Facebook

   Global Netizens have become aware that both
 Google and Facebook have gone rogue as a
  tool for Deep State policies of control without
honor of core Constitutional values of open-
  transparent representation of public interest.

   These Big Tech monopolies have an absolute
   power that has become corrupted absolutely.
 Netizens worldwide are watching how many
  independent voices that deserve to be heard
are being blacklisted, blocked, or otherwise
    censored by Google & Facebook technocrats.

   This technocracy results from corporatocracy
    and the corporate law that values the interest
 of stockholders 1st. Deep State profiteering
   is being disrupted by disclosure of high tech
 capabilities to transcend the domination of
      Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Banks, Big Tech,
  and the Big War military-industrial complex
     that are all in collusion with Big Government
     to make a killing on war, disease and chaos.

      This Deep State of institutionalized corruption
       has given ‘personhood’ to corporations which
     are soulless ‘legal’ entities that according to
      established commercial law precedence can
       put stockholders before the public when their
       profits are at stake. They are self-serving first
      and foremost; the public is NOT well served.

"There are no nations. There are no peoples - There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T, and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable by-laws of business." ~ Network (1976)

Our Institutions Are Failing
As Our Nation Is Plundered

July 17, 2018 / Technocracy.news
Technocrats are licking their chops as politicians
drive society into failure and chaos. ~TN Editor

"Incompetence has been institutionalized,
and is now the accepted norm."

~ Charles Hugh Smith (from article above)

   The longer that Google and Facebook delay
their systemic upgrade of social networks
  in alignment with Five Core Net Freedoms,
 the sooner that new platforms will emerge
to network for the Net worth of Net reality
TLC … easier and faster,
 for our conscientious evolutionary ascent.

Co-Creating Mindful Common Sense Virtues

- Conscientious Resonance with the Higher Self;
Seizing the high ground of, by and for inspired vision
of virtue and valor for the victory of the ‘High State’
that naturally neutralizes Deep State depression.

- The Process from Pure Intention to Ascension;
Pure intention focuses attention via love’s retention
healing comprehension (common sense) of
the 5th dimension (Creative Ascent Process).

- Empowering Wisdom with Heart Coherence;
  The balanced 3-fold flame of universal law language
governing personal and planetary co-creation in
the image & spirit of

- Integrating Components to the Capstone;
   This understanding of archetypes is to know 
      the Operating System for conscious evolution 
   spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically
     (in psychology), as is also represented in the 
  ‘fire, air, water and earth’ seen in alchemy, 
  astrology, theosophy and numerous other 
  ancient-classical ‘maps’ of consciousness.

If you agree that the best government is self government
– personal sovereignty with well-informed choice –
and that the best education is one’s self-education
– lifelong learning with global
InnerNet reality
and that the best health care is Self-Care
– well-informed health sovereignty –
then you truly think for yourself.

Otherwise we don’t own our own lives
and are virtually slave to a system
that limits freedom for security
 until both are compromised.

Action of Global Non Compliance to the System:
Unslaving Mankind

July 2018 / HumansAreFree.com

This is a choice between the High State of
  Self Sovereignty for Self Elevation, OR a
Deep State
corporatocracy cabal that rigs
   the system to privatize profit and power-to-
   control while socializing whatever the cost.

    The current system is pathological folks,
    but it can and is changing for the better.
    Too many people are sick and dying due
    to human greed and sociopathic hubris.

     The choice is rather self evident considering
     U.S. Founders’ intent for a system of public
    representative self governance… and how
   the quickening of global social conscience
 compels your present self to project your
   future Self, and then live up to this vision.

    Self Governing Sovereignty is a Virtue.


is the key to our sovereignty.

Self government begins with one’s
self image and self esteem;
how you see yourself and
feel about yourself.

High self image is like the kind man of
who sees at the heart of all mankind.

High self esteem says I Am, I Can, I Will,
and by the grace of Love, Done Deal!

It’s the synergy of high self image and high
self esteem that co-creates a
High State
- an attitude of gratitude -

for winning from the beginning of a vision
of virtue and valor for the victory of 
  for one’s Self and others.

"Mindfulness in all spheres of being,
within all cultures and peoples,
 is the requirement of the hour."
~ The Master Kuthumi, July 14, 2018
(via David C. Lewis)
Kuthumi continues, "For mindfulness, as a virtue, leads all to brother/sisterhood and peace. And since being mindful also means to be heart-centered, loving-kindness always manifests through the caring and careful ones who are attentive to the quality of their inner thoughts and feelings and then their words and actions."

CONTINUED at Part Three:
Alliance Ascension Process Unveiled

  Ascension isn’t about getting out of here.
  It’s about being fully present here & now.
    And loving ourselves through this process
is the bravest thing that we will ever do!

Alliance Ascent Applied