Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

The History and Destiny of Liberty in America
Book Review:
The Secret Life of Lady Liberty

Sept 5, 2016 / Christopher Rudy

My book review synopsis after an interview with
Dr. Bob and Laura

This book explains it all - from the endless war pathology and our sick health care system - to a vision of the future we can all believe in.
It's simple enough. An intelligent 3rd grader could understand it.
It took some history to make the case for Lady Liberty's message now, but her torch of global illumination is shining bright with our new instant-everywhere and interactive Internet enlightenment.
General enlightenment has thus brought humanity to this point of waking up, wising up and rising up... as one Family of Mankind in a global village.
Saturday on
Cosmic LOVE, I interviewed Robert Hieronimus, Ph.D. and Laura Cortner who co-wrote
The Secret Life of Lady Liberty. This book brilliantly explains in simple terms the suppressed history behind the emerging divine destiny for 'AMERICA' - the secret code anonym for the 'I AM RACE' worldwide - the new 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.
This is a very important and TIMELY book. There is no overcoming current geopolitical stress and economic distress without hemispheric East-West cooperation for win/win balance moreso than competitive win/lose conflict. This is the balance of
masculine and feminine polarities of power and love... balanced with WISDOM.
Liberty's Torch of Enlightenment
The synergy of this trinity of
power, wisdom and love is the co-Operative co-Creation of both 'hemispheres' of the 'global mind' - the personal and planetary "holodeck" (mind field) that is a 'gold mine' if only we 'mind it' with the golden rule/law language for every golden age.

This core understanding of the historical context for current global crisis is in fact preliminary to a self-correcting and self-healing self-fulfilling prophecy of systemic enlightenment with conscientious common sense for all-connected humanity.
The untold history - in brief:
This history deals with design of our system of government by U.S. Founders who had councils with native Iroquois tribal leaders and formulated our 3 branches of government based on a system the Iroquois had used to keep peace among tribes for 700+ years.
Each tribe elected their 'president' (chief) at their open 'councils' (congress). And each tribe had their 'supreme court' of wise women who had final say on issues of conflict. Since these woman gave birth to their collective councils, and nurtured cooperation in their tribe as a whole, the most wise among them were recognized to represent their wisdom in the tribe and between tribes.
The famously wise U.S. Founder Ben Franklin met with Iroquois Chiefs many times to incorporate their wisdom into a working model of representative self government.
In their first council meeting, the Native Americans asked the 'Great White Chiefs',
"Where are your women?"
It took more than a century of U.S. history to give women the right to even vote, much less a 'supreme' role in checking and balancing "masculine" (competitive rather than cooperative) use and abuse of power.
This core 'government design' flaw has been compounded by corporate law that has subjugated Constitutional law, giving power to an impersonal corporatocracy that puts stockholders before the public whenever profits are at stake... giving rise to the concentrated power of giant corporations in collusion with big government.
As a consequence, the patriarchal culture of male-dominant ownership and control has marginalized women's wisdom and dis-empowered their role in governing the 'tribes'.
State governments mirrored and modeled this same 3-way checks and balances of
"Executive" (Power), "Judicial" (Wisdom) and "Legislative" (Love). But women were once again denied their 'supreme' role of wise dominion over patriarchal win/lose policies whereby corporatocracy wins at the expense of democracy, privatizing core social institutions for profit and power OVER the public rather than of, by and for the people.
Instead of a win/win culture of cooperation, a male dominant win/lose culture of competition has governed the United States to this day. But that's changing very fast because of the new global interactive Internet.
With 4+ billion global Netizens now online, our new Net reality has created giant interactive social network 'tribes' of every interest group you can imagine. Core Constitutional freedoms have been upgraded with instant-everywhere and interactive capabilities.
Lady Liberty is holding the torch of illumination in the hearts and minds of Netizens worldwide. The spirit of cooperation for general enlightenment is surging in global social networks. At heart, this is the spirit of the Divine Feminine for empowering wisdom with love.
Indeed this is the enlightened future of the Family of Mankind in a global village of ALL-connected - the 'Book of the Law' under the left arm of Lady Liberty.
This is the Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age. Call it 'Natural Law' or 'Cosmic Law', there are indeed universal 1st principles that frame the "
Language of the Angels of
" (heart coherence)
with the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometric Ordered Divinity).
So here's my heartfelt gratitude to Doctor Hieronimus and Laura Cortner for bringing us up to speed on Lady Liberty's on-going illumination of the path of liberation for all of "
US" (United Sovereings of Earth).
For the beacon of light held high by the
Goddess of Liberty,

and for the Book of the Law of
under her left arm...

 please support the rise of the
Divine Feminine
wise checks and balances on
use and abuse of power.
In the Name and Flame of Liberty,

Full Spectrum TeLeComm

To with all your heart, mind and power,
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village
as thyself.


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