Global Enlightenment Series

  The ocean of vibrational actuality
- quantum connection -
that makes waves as 'reality'

Feb 7, 2018 / Heartcom Network

"There is a Universal Wholeness seeking expression
through everything. We are calling it simply Life.
The religionist calls it God.
The philosopher calls it Reality.
Life is infinite energy coupled with
limitless creative imagination."
Ernest Holmes,
This Thing Called You

It’s better to educate the obvious ‘good news’ that unites us
rather than focus on boob tube 'fake news' that divides us.

“Let your refreshment be your study of sacred scripture,
   and your rejuvenation - your meditation - on divine love.”
~ anonymous

Realize that highly organized corruption with monopoly
capitalism has a
love of power agenda of total control
that subverts the public's interest in the
power of love.

  Corporatocracy has a conflict of interest with democracy
 because it prioritizes stockholders before public interest
whenever profits are at stake. This is the nature of self-
corporate law – privatizing profits and socializing
    the cost of endless war, disease and destruction on Earth.
    This win/lose profits-versus-public agenda of corporatocracy
   is diametrically opposed to win/win public cooperation with
  a universal interface for culturing social conscience in our
     global social networks – the
Global TeLeComm connection.

     This is why fake news is a core discernment issue.
   Four billion global Netizens can’t all be wrong for
   wanting the Whole Truth to neutralize the Big Lie.

  In an all-connected world of upprecedented knowledge power,
 there's nothing more powerful than a vision of virtue and valor
   for the victory of our global, interactive TeLeComm connection.

 A universal interface for culturing global wisdom will involve
  and evolve our individual & collective social conscience with

   the universal language of 'light' (consciousness) at the heart
of a
TeLeComm process for interactive TLC with .

The promised land of freedom and opportunity
is an attitude. It's a 'can do' if you want to.
Conceive it and believe it to achieve it;
 pure intention and focused attention
with TLC retention for ascension
in a dimension of enlightened
  full-spectrum comprehension.

 Faith is praying for what we all want;
to know better and do better for the
general enlightenment of everyone.

Keeping the faith is praying for the best outcome for all.

  Seeing the good of optimal benefit for all keeps the faith.

Making it so is conceiving, believing and achieving with
   affirmation, confirmation, determination and integration of
  Vision, Virtue, Valor & Vow for Victory of our highest and
   best intention, attention, retention & ascension in service
 to all of '
US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.

Faith is, technically speaking, a frequency of heart coherence
as in frequently... moment to moment... building momentum.

Faith is actually a form of prayer for what you want.

Fear is praying for what you don't want.

Fearless faith neutralizes faithless fear just as
power of love neutralizes love of power.
It's a frequency thing... as in frequently.

What you think about you bring about.
It matters what you pray for.
 Thoughts have wings.

When you want things that are selfish
and not for the good of all,
your wings are clipped
sooner or later.

If you believe your wings are better
when they are already clipped,
 it's time for a check up
 from the neck up.

Enlightened Social Conscience
In Global Social Networks

What that looks like, how that works.
why it is our best hope now, and
the benefits for supporting
Global Enlightenment.

Global TeLeComm
at the heart of
Global Economic Reset

Casting the money-changers out of
the public treasury 'temple':

While claiming to 'drain the swamp' of federal corruption,
Trump's Commerce Secretary is actually the
leading U.S. Rothschild bankster.

Purging the false 'FED' money-changers out of the 'temple' of the Public Treasury is the stated purpose of global economic reset and the long-overdue 'Jubilee' with debt forgiveness moving forward in the Spirit of 'Love is for giving'... forgiving our debts even as we forgive our debtors.
In return for balancing the books
with a universal interface for global TeLeComm, the banksters could be forgiven for their part in the century-long FED fraud that privatized the U.S. economy while socializing public debt servitude with diminishing prosperity for all but the 1%.
holy spirit of mass-to-mass -in-action is the transformational key for mitigating inequality.
Keep in mind WHY the once-strong middle class is now struggling with debt in the first place. For years the financial sector, the banks, big corporations and cronies in government, have been driving down wages in order to drive up profits. At the same time, the fiat money printers at the Federal Reserve artificially keep prices elevated via inflation. The result is a gap where wages have been reduced or eliminated as a viable way to pay for the necessities of life with perpetual debt now being the only remaining alternative. It's a rigged game. People are forced to borrow money because they can't earn enough to pay their bills. The payday loan and car title loan places are just the latest manifestation of usury. Where is Jesus when we need him? Oh that's right - he got crucified for trying to get people to unite and stand up against the same type of corrupt banksters that existed 2,000 years ago.

The main objective of mainstream media programming is to tell us what to think... to promote the goals of the elites in Washington and their power brokers in the shadow government corporatoracracy. Conversely, the pure intention of Net reality is that information wants to be free and open with transparent public decision-making of, by and for 'We the People'...

With an upgrade of five core Internet freedoms,
and full disclosure of fake news media:

Feb 2, 2018 / CorbettReport

People want to be free with fully informed consent governing our lives, learning, health and prosperity.

The Deep State's agenda has been to gain more control over the population. That's rather self-evident with the burgeoning surveillance state, police state, welfare state, expansive military conquests, centralized economic control, and a medical-industrial complex that is virtually making a killing. But this too shall pass.

The more freedom you have to make decisions
about your own life, family and community,
the less power the corporatocracy has.

"If the shadows appear to be getting darker, 
it's because the light that casts them 
is getting brighter."
~ Daniel Pinchbeck

Morality as Full Spectrum Unity Conscience

   Heaven knows, the 'Great Spirit' has methods.

    It's all in divine order. The 'illusion' is the problem:)
    It's the ego that sustains the illusion of separation,
     the soul that knows better, and our
divine intention
   that focuses attention with love's retention for our
    collective ascension in co-Creation dimensions of
Source comprehension.

Linking the Full Spectrum Light of Lightworkers

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