2019 Global rEVOLUTION Updates

Empath Alert - 5D Surge:
Cosmic Love Inbound
Dec 3, 2019 / 7 pm MST

Initiates on this list who comprehend the quantum field astrology psychology of different planets 'stepping down' deep space energies into 'the field'... you will appreciate how - over the next 24 hours - the higher octave of Venus - Neptune - is conjunct the Moon in alignment with the deep space constellation of Pisces.
The deep spiritual energy of Neptune is exalted when aligned with the deep mystical energy field of Pisces. And with this lunar alignment, the divine feminine nature of Neptune in Pisces is MAGNIFIED.
In short, Big Love of a 5D 'cosmic coherence' nature is surging and purging all that is less than love. Nature's way just follows Natural Law... as ordained on Earth as in Heaven-Cosmos at large.
This will be GREAT for those of a more enlightened 5D nature, which is probably you if you've read this far. But not so great for those whose egos will wail and gnash their teeth when 'love bombed'. That's when the ego runs fast and loose because it's about to lose its job.
So be gentle with yourself and kind to whomever.
Keep in mind that we're ALL connected on the InnerNet - the web of coherent light - that weaves the fractal order of the holographic universe with threads of coherent love as resonates in the neural networks of a healthy-happy-holy brain.

   Note a correction of the description of the COSMIC WEB.
 What is called 'Dark Matter' is actually filaments of light.
  The Spirit that matters shines in the 'Dark Matter' but the
 deep state of dark matter density comprehendeth it not.
 More on these cosmic filaments in the video clip HERE.

As above, so below - as within, so with all.

Prepare for Christ Mass 2019.

   BE the love you've always wanted to SEE.

  Look to SEE - Law of the Angles, and
    Know to BE - Language of the Angels;
    Geometric Ordered Divinity - .

  Keep the Faith – Pure Intention,
See the Good – Focused Attention,
   Hold the Vision Love Retention,
Co-Create – Conscious Ascension,
   Make it So – The 5th Dimension
 for 'Unified Field Comprehension'
   (beyond dystopic reprehension).

Cosmicly Yours,
~ Christos Lightweaver

Full Spectrum
 Global TeLeCare,