Coordinates for Oct. 16 – Election Countdown



Awakening to Higher Conscience


by Christopher Rudy


The world we live in today has reached a climax in the cosmic struggle

between the two basic dramas in the eternal challenge of light amidst darkness. 

Many souls are facing their final "test that's best"... to get it right this time. 


One drama is the “downward” (darkness) disintegration spiral of dis-ease, dysfunction, disinformation, denial and death of the soul habit of awakening unto the God Force of Greater LOVE.


The disordered disintegration and “dying” process is what scientists refer to as entropy.  The epitome of this degenerative force in the public sphere is the antichrist (anti-love) consciousness that rationalizes and justifies the mindless, oxymoronic dictates of endless war for peace, suspending freedom in the name of security until we have neither freedom nor security. 


This is the drama of the current election whereby intelligent people worldwide watch the most powerful military, medical and media special interests in the world who have vested interests in “make a killing” on the creation and management of terror, war, disease, disinformation and virtually hell on Earth.  It’s just such a plot out of hell that fosters subservience to emotional tyranny and political correctness that is afraid to acknowledge this madness and thereby gets along by going along with intimidation tactics like, “You’re either with us or with the terrorists”.


The other drama is syntropy - an integration spiral characterized by the organizing of all information IN FORMATION along more enlightened lines that frame the spirit of compassion at the heart of divine order. The epitome of this drama is the “Genesis Effect” that upgrades our horse-and-buggy representation system with the Space Age electronic capabilities of an interactive interface process – the LOVE Model – that will crystallize, geometrize or otherwise catalyze the power of wisdom with divine love at the "InnerNet" heart of the instant-everywhere Internet “TLC” -- TeLeComm with LOVE -- that has the potential to shape our individual conscience and collective community with the spirit of holy compassion… and from that perspective, outpicture the BLUEPRINT FOR A GOLDEN AGE *


Holistic healing of self and civilization begins with the syntropy that defines, refines and combines (synergizes) our God-given gifts and talents in all archetypal dimensions of self and the institutional models of God government, Education of the heart, Holistic Health Care and an Economics of Abundance – all based on abundant LOVE.  This is the fulfillment of the divinely inspired intent of U.S. Founding Fathers – for the exaltation of FREEDOM and OPPORTUNITY through enlightened order and wise dominion.


This is what “the election” is really about.  The “elect” are those who elect wholeness and healing.  The “chosen” are those who choose a divinely inspired solution to the systemic dis-ease in the hearts and minds of the masses. And heaven knows, it’s the CHOICE that all enlightened Netizens in our global village champion... move humanity from the entropy of cynicism and contempt

 towards the syntropy of faith, hope and “charity” (LOVE-in-action)

for personal and planetary salvation.


It’s time to finish what U.S. Founders began, building on the foundation and assembling the 4-dimensional components to the 5th dimensional “capstone” – the Vision that will spiritualize the great material "pyramid" of modern civilization. 


May it begin with “U.S.” – United Sovereigns of by and for the United State of LOVE worldwide.


In the beginning, God geometrized divine order
with divine love at the heart of it.
In the end, we become what we geometrize
or otherwise express through the first principles
of divine love as natural law and universal language.


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   disintegration / integration "test"