The 2017 Big Shift Series

August 21st Eclipse Portents – Part Two

Meditation guide at 6 minutes.

This Eclipse is Personal As Well as Planetary

BEN FULFORD: Many groups are calling for a mass meditation during the solar eclipse on August 21st. Since the current hybrid war going on is really about who controls the psychological process of deciding what humanity does in the future, a positive group think session might actually help. One does not have to be Hindu or Buddhist in order to practice meditation. People can instead take time to envision what sort of planet we would like to live in and what they can personally contribute towards making that happen.

Preface: Part One HERE

Eclipse Compendium by the
Host of Cosmic


This Full Eclipse is a Paradigm Shift

Pele Report Eclipse Keynote and Video of the Week
August 16, 2017 /
"When I really look at it,
All life is taking a chance,
And if I refuse to face my fear,
I will never learn to dance."
As Kaypacha explains in this video, birthing of
 the Aquarian
Quantum Age comes with a lot of
 creative tension and anxiety over the Big Shift.
 As he explains at about 14 minutes, Newtonian
physics is true - in the 3rd dimension - dealing
  with gravity. But when you learn about the 5D+
  realm of quantum physics, there is no gravity.
The natural laws that govern 3D reality are no
longer true in a world of 5D+ quantum reality.

The U.S. Eclipse is a Metaphor
for Systemic Transformation

Many believe that the ‘Great American Eclipse’ is just a cosmic coincidence. Others believe it is a timely ‘sign from heaven’. Either way, a global paradigm shift has reached critical mass with billions of global Netizens linking the light of our new all-connected Internet reality.

 This is a natural consequence of the computer/Internet revolution whereby global Netizens – in search of the whole truth – can now get independent news from good Internet sources; unveiling the mass illusion programmed by the degenerate Deep State's megacorp media cartel.

 A new awareness of ‘US’ – United  Sovereigns of Earth – is emerging with a new understanding of ‘AMERICA’ as the scrambled letter-code anagram for the ‘I AM RACE’; the Family of Mankind in a global village. As goes ‘AMERICA’, so goes the ‘I AM RACE’ – united ‘spherical’ consciousness above all.

The synchronicity of this U.S. eclipse is a timely cosmic metaphor for systemic shift from the divisive ‘deep state’ to a ‘high state’ of global unity conscience.

 Eclipse of Old Media Programming;
The New Media is the Message.

The liberation of ‘Global Net Reality’ with our new instant-everywhere and interactive Internet is virtually the JUDGMENT ON” (eclipse of) fake news and the Big Lie that is so BIG and so bold and so often told by the one-way, top-down mass-programming of propaganda by the Deep State corporatocracy media. 

Just as the Berlin Wall was actually brought down because phone calls and faxes across the wall exposed the whole truth of better living conditions under freedom, so do we now see global e-mails and the Internet bringing down divisive walls in the Global Mind.

Eclipse of the Propaganda Paradigm

Top 7 Pieces of Modern Day Propaganda
August 7, 2017 /

Modern day propaganda is all around us. However, people have usually become so numb to it that they can no longer perceive it. Before the 1991 collapse and reset of the Soviet Union, Soviet citizens were well aware that everything on State TV was propaganda, and in the U.S. today, polls show that only about 10% of citizens trust Big Media and Congress to represent the truth and their interests.

 Eclipse of Old Paradigm Paralysis;
 The New Paradigm is the Message.

Keep in mind that with extraordinary opportunity
often comes extraordinary challenges regarding
how best to eclipse the dark-side of Deep State
 “BS” (Belief System) which keeps us in the dark

Eclipse of Full Disclosure Censorship

Thanks to the global Internet, billions of Netizens are now aware that 9-11 was an inside job via Deep State collusion of CIA and Mossad black ops. The only way they could pull it off is with Big Media complicity, and previous articles have explained how Big Media is owned and controlled by the Zionist banksters behind creation and management of the State of Israel and the agenda of “ISIS” (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) for war by deception (method to madness of a malific Deep State).

Full disclosure of the crop-circle creators will reveal what has been concealed. We are not alone. We've been monitored for a long time via reality TV for the ETs... the big Earth Unites Show,  watched across quantum universe BEYOND 3-D reality as we've known it.

Eclipse of U.S. Economic Domination

Central Banks Prepare for End of the Dollar

G. Edward Griffen is the man who wrote the original book on the Deep State,The Creature From Jekyll Island’. Last week this living legend explained 1- the current outlook in the White House, 2- dealing with the reality that the Federal Reserve Central Bank has not actually been Federal, 3- the FED's parasitic hold over the Economy, and 4- the mass awakening happening as the Whole Truth reaches critical mass, ECLIPSING the Big Lie... with this August 8th VIDEO:

Russia Responds to New US Sanctions
 by Dumping the Dollar

August 9, 2017 /

Following new sanctions against Russia that President Donald Trump signed into law last week, Moscow responded Monday by announcing Russia will speed up work on reducing the country's dependence on Western payment systems and the U.S. dollar in general, according to Russia's state-run RIA Novosti news agency.
Sanctions "Blow-back" (Karma)
The U.S. is Being Isolated in the
World Community

The more that neocon warmonger globalists in the Deep State try to force economic policy on the rest of the world, the more we see the world eclipsing U.S. hegemony with gold-back currency cooperation between Russia, China, India and many other BRICS countries, including the UK.

The German people resent being told that the sanctions will cut off their natural gas pipelines to Russia to run their industry, and that they must pay much more to buy natural gas from the U.S. via liquefied gas tanker ships. From their perspective, that’s like taxation without representation – the same resentment against empire tyranny that sparked the American Revolution.

The U.S. is quickly being isolated in the world economy. Its dominance is waning. Global power is shifting East. And U.S. neocon globalists are out of control trying to force control on a world that no longer needs or wants U.S. domination.

The Global Unit of Account is now shifting
from the US Dollar to the SDR

Streamed live on Aug 8, 2017 /

ITM Trading's Lynette Zang Talks about shift away from the US dollar to the SDR as the global unit of account began back in May 2017. This shift is being ushered in and supported by China as geopolitical power also shifts from the West to the East. The tool being used is the ACC (Asset Collection Chain), which digitizes tangible asset ownership into a tradable SDR. [Note: this is perhaps the most important global currency reset event to date. ~CR]
   Here is a link to the slides and information contained in Lynette's presentation.

 Eclipse of Western Materialism

  Arnold Toynbee’s history of world civilizations shows that 19 of 21 great world civilizations fell from within when they became materialistic with corruption of spiritual virtues that made them successful.

 Donald Trump represents the epitome of worldly success and the propensity of materialistic masses to ‘worth ship’ the success cult of ‘American Exceptionalism’ (America First) above all other nations.

President Trump is not known for his humility, and history tends to repeat itself with inordinate pride that goes before the fall.

I can applaud President Trump for taking on the Deep State as no President in modern history since JFK... even though I have a real problem with some of his behavior:

The Truth About Donald Trump
August 10, 2017 /

   And for all good American Christians...
The Truth About Vladimir Putin:

March 12, 2014 / Brother Nathanael Channel

Eclipse of Western 'Mock Civility'

 7 Things You Need to Know About Charlottesville
(Behind the orchestrated clash of left and right)
August 14, 2017 /

Extremism on either end of the spectrum is like spectral autism that doesn't function on a full deck. One in six chilldren in America now have spectral autism if not a host of auto-immune diseases. So there are far more 'half-wits' who the elite call 'useful idiots' for their covert divide-to-rule agenda that funds both left and right for a 'crisis dialectic' that consolidates the Deep State agenda of 'Disaster Capitalism' as is well-documented in The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein.

Paul Craig Roberts On Charlottesville:
"Identity Politics Always Leads To Violence,
Americans Won't Be Spared"

August 15, 2017 /

"Few Americans understand the fundamental transformation of their politics and society since the 1960s... The liberal/progressive/left along with the media has abandoned the working class for Identity Politics...  America, broken into pieces by Identity Politics, is heading into civil war."

The Deep State wants the public divided in vitually a 'civil war' - fighting among ourselves - rather than united against tyranny in any form.

"I have sworn upon the altar of God,
eternal hostility against every form
of tyranny over the mind of man."

~ Thomas Jefferson
(Engraved in stone on the Jefferson Memorial)


Charlottesville was a Staged Event
of, by and for Deep State Media


August 14, 2017

Here the spokesman forAmerican Intelligence Media’, calling himself ‘Thomas Paine’, explains that the event was Soros funded and Soros staged to commit domestic terrorism for gradual suspension of 1st Amendment freedoms. He also tells us what Fake News media is hiding. Most violence came from the ones who were protesting the 'alt-right' rally. Some of the alt-right carried weapons but not a shot was fired, although provocation abounded. The alt-right group was trapped in a police arranged ambush and were attacked with rocks and bottles of acid - a tactic that Soros orchestrated in several European countries with "color revolutions" (identity politics).

Deep State Fake News is being
by global Internet truth-telling.

"The issue today is the same as it has been
  throughout all history,
whether man shall
   be allowed to govern himself or be ruled
by a small elite."
 ~ Thomas Jefferson

 Eclipse of the Medical-Industrial Complex

The U.S. Medical System is Killing Us
August 14, 2017 / Jon Rappoport

Nobody wants to believe that the Deep State has an agenda of population control and reduction for the profit and power of a medical-industrial complex that – by corporate law – puts stockholders before the public when profits are at stake. Yet now we have credible evidence that there are conservatively 2.25 million deaths in America per decade at the hands of the medical system that is now being ECLIPSED.

An August 14th article by Mike Adams at explains that the Big Pharma behemoth Merck has killed 100,000 times more Americans than any riot violence.

Merck CEO Resigns From Trump Council
After Trump's Charlottesville Statement:
Trump BLASTS Him
August 14, 2017 /

After WWII, half of Hitler's seized gold secretly went to Merck Pharmaceutical for rise of the 4th Reich through the medical-industrial complex. This is well-documented in Dr. Horowitz's 1996 bestseller, AIDS, EBOLA AND EMERGING VIRUSES. It was Merck who introduced live cancer viruses in vaccines, including AIDS viruses targeting blacks and homosexuals via hepatitis B vaccines. So now Merck has its former CEO speaking for Deep State cronies in denouncing Trump. Hmmmm.

Eclipse of Willful Ignorance and Hubris

The coast-to-coast all-American eclipse comes at a time when general enlightenment is surging in global social networks thanks to our new all-connected Net reality. A new social conscience is maturing with the spirit of freedom and opportunity GLOBALLY in much the same way that sparked the American Revolution of 1776.

Once again, we see the dark forces of Deep State love of power challenging the ordained power of love in our hearts united. The difference today is that nonviolent-peaceful evolution could mature worldwide very quickly with upgrade of five core Internet freedoms.

Eclipse of 'Deep State' – Rise of 'High State'

As the Earth, Moon and Sun align with this solar eclipse, this is a good time to align yourself with pure intention and focused attention on love’s retention for conscious ascension in a higher dimension of unified field comprehension; unity conscience.


This can be a significant transformative experience if you put your mind and heart to it. You are what you think about, having become what you thought about. So make this eclipse window count for healing wounds and relationships as you empower wisdom with loving kindness.


The Big Shift from the Deep State MO
of drowning the public in fear with the
love of state power for our happiness.

The Big Shift toward a High State MO
of 'floating all boats' with faith in the
 power of a united state of love for our
security and happiness.

This is a 'vibrational shift' from inordinate
"patriarchal malpractice" (male practice)
toward ordained "matriarchal practice"
(Rise of the Divine Feminine


The Unification of Science and Mysticism

Science looks out and mysticism looks in. Both are different routes but both may lead us to true “Gnosis”.

So is it possible that in the early years of the 21st century it may be discovered that it is the Gnostic model of the universe that is the correct one, a model that has been carried through the centuries within the esoteric groups of Christianity (The Gnostics), Islam (The Sufis) and Judaism (the Kabbalists)? Indeed, this model can also be found in the great religious traditions of the East such as the Hindu concept of Maya and the Buddhist concept of Sunyata.

The Unity Conscience Gold Standard

Full Spectrum Enlightenment
via Global
TeLeComm unity 

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 Interesting times. Smell the roses.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
  And dance like no one is watching.
Care to 'step out' - network freely.

~ Christopher

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