The 2017 Big Shift Series

Great American Eclipse Portents:
Get Ready for August 21, 2017

Eclipsing Ignorance, Illusion and Mass-Delusion

August 13, 2017 / Host of Cosmic


  Call it cosmic coincidence or the hand of God,
    the Great American Eclipse just happens to be
  occurring at a time when global ‘Net reality’ is
      eclipsing ignorance, illusion and mass-delusion.


 What you think about, you bring about.
(Where attention goes, energy flows.)
So focus on High State solutions that
 help to eclipse ‘Deep State’ problems.


This eclipse is a timely opportunity for us
 to make a decision to create global unity.

Video Published August 7, 2017

EXCERPT: "It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the Solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 to create a unified field of consciousness and enlighten the energy field around the planet."

"Unity of awakened individuals is the most
 powerful catalyst for planetary liberation,
  and the focus will be on the United States
where much healing is needed.

 Eclipsing the ‘Deep State’
(Love of Power)
with the ‘High State’
(Power of Love)

On August 21st, groups from all over the world
will be coming together for a Mass Meditation
for Unity Conscience and Full Disclosure.

You can participate from anywhere in the world.

Meditation guide is at 6 minutes into the video above.

The pure intent of the Family of Mankind in our new all-connected global village is to develop our conscientious common sense with a Universal Law/Language 'interface’ to guide the co-creation of an optimal temporal timeline for all of 'US' (United Sovereigns of Earth).

Explore the Dream:

See Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics to explore the dream of humanity for evolutionary ascent as we link the light of social conscience in our global social networks, culturing a global unified field of truth, health, and prosperity on Earth as in advanced civilizations of cosmos-at-large.

A Message to the Citizens of the World
“What is your dream for the future?”


Published on Aug 7, 2017

“Greetings citizens of the world.
What do you want tomorrow to look like?
That’s the million dollar question
we should all be asking…
“You, the citizens, hold the power to change the world
and to shape society into something truly magnificent
and beautiful...
“Today is a day to dream, to imagine the unimagined,
and explore new wonders.
If you see an idea you like, dare to improve upon it.
Allow your dreams to flow, and allow them to
design the future today…

“Imagine a world in which everyone was a dreamer
and shared their visions with one another.
Imagine a world in which money was not a
defining factor of happiness and adult status.
Dare to dream of that reality because you are
the defining factor that can make it all happen…
“The decisions you make today will in fact
effect generations to come. So ask yourself
one question. What is your dream for the future?
Focus on the dream and make it a reality
through your everyday actions.
This video isn’t telling you what to do.
Don’t be a follower, even when
it comes to Anonymous…
“Follow your own dreams no matter what.
Humanity, this is your time to rise.
  This is your time to dream beyond.”

 The Opportunity for Global Freedom

Dream the Global Opportunity to Establish
A Co-Creation Foundation for Global Unity

Part Two of Eclipse Portents

Full Spectrum Enlightenment with the
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of
body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day."
~ Thomas Jefferson

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