The Elephant in the Room:
Earth Changes

by Christopher Rudy,
Host of the BBS Radio Show
Cosmic Love’ for 5 Years

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Changes have already begun, and are known to scientists
and meteorologists worldwide. Violent storms, unusual
weather patterns, severe and long lasting droughts,
increased frequency and magnitude of hurricanes,
earthquakes, volcanism, torrential rains, and a
general warming of the oceans and the air.

 When 'ZetaTalk' began in 1995, the Zetas warned that unpredictable weather extremes, switching about
from drought to deluge, will occur and increase
 on a linear basis up until the coming pole shift.

This is the elephant in the room that is largely ignored
as if it wasn’t there.

 Blind men grope around the ‘elephant’, and feeling its
   isolated parts, they come up with some strange ideas
of what this perplexing phenomena is really about.

 The blindfolded scientists, blinded by official cover-up
 policy, grope the ‘elephant’s surface' and pontificate
   on CO2 behind global warming, when in fact, there's
  been a gradual activation of undersea volcanism...
warming the oceans which are warming the air.
    Now we know why the Earth’s core is heating up…
why there is dramatic climate change on planets
  in our outer solar system… why the wobble of the
    Earth’s axis is increasing… why the magnetic field
      around the Earth is fluctuating and decreasing, and
    why public truth of all this is naturally suppressed.

The implications are more profound than you might imagine,
but considering the huge Earth-changing possibility,
and how this would be 'disruptive' to normalcy,
you can understand why there’s a media
black-out to keep the blind-fold on.

But you have the right  to be
informed as to what is
now coming upon
our planet.

 That’s why I encourage you to

 Note:  It’s kind of irritating how the audio voice is computer-generated
with a script-translated voice, but the whole purpose of this video is
to help you think out of the box of contemporary group-think and


 Zeta Movie Part 2 (includes summary of Part 1)

Turn off the boob-tube and witness the truth in this video.
There are some extraordinary pearls of wisdom here,
and it explains why there are so many ‘false-flag’
urgencies which divert us from a larger truth
that makes most mainstream media news
transparent as a mindless distraction
 from a truly urgent-imminent event
that we will ALL experience in
the natural scheme of this
‘planetary initiation’.

   If you prefer to consider this subject as ‘taboo’ or
   otherwise unthinkable, you are in good company.

For those cherishing the illusion that Planet X is
not real, no amount of evidence will be enough.
But the world is not coming to an end, and there
  will be many who will survive and thrive with the
    initiation of a wholly new order of the ages that is
    centered and connected with a
Unity Conscience
  representing our ‘
Effective Sensory Perception’
  as is largely uncommon and unknown to modern
     materialistic civilization (disconnect from nature).

"The human adventure has become the cutting edge of cosmic destiny...
Our minds will unite like the fragments of a hologram."
~ Terence McKenna at: 'Timewave Zero'

 For not only is the core of the Earth heating up with
  increased photon radiation via Galactic Alignment,
 but likewise, there is a ‘heating up’ in the quantum
  field of the biosphere with ‘spontaneous evolution’
in our atoms, DNA, cells and thus consciousness.

This is the subject of the ‘Quantum Source Field
 that is largely ignored by the ZetaTalk folks who
    see the huge ‘elephant in the room’ with their own
   blinders, ‘seeing’ only parts of the whole picture.

 The quantum field is the real ‘X factor’ in ‘PX’ or
  ‘Planet X’ or ‘Nibiru’, or “Wormwood” (Bible) or
the many other names given to this cluster of
moons and space debris in the entourage of
 our Sun’s binary dwarf star twin, that orbits
  into Earth proximity every 3,657 years or so.

  Those who understand quantum reality are aware
that the very perception of a quantum event will
change the outcome of that event. This 'X factor'
     is what governs planetary metamorphosis with the
     highly charged quantum field arrival of  Planet X...
          the same time as highly charged
Galactic Alignment.

Galactic LIGHT  is Flooding the Earth 
See: ‘Galactic Light’

This process of ENLIGHTENMENT has everything to do with a ‘Source Connection’.  Understand this is to make the metamorphosis SHIFT from caterpillar to butterfly. Global humanity is on the threshold of 'taking wing' the same way.

Metamorphosis Crop Circle, and Leonardo da Vinci's 'Man Squaring the Circle'

 Occasionally, the ZetaTalk folks have been wrong
about the arrival time of Planet X, and they excuse
   this as if the trajectory is somehow being ‘steered’
by the conscious volition of a ‘Higher Power’ that
  is galactic if not universal in nature… and whether
   you call that ‘Power’ the ‘Force’ of ‘Source’, ‘God’,
 ‘Creator’ or the ‘Unity Conscience’ of ‘All That Is’,
    it’s good to know that it is ALL in divine order

Recently, a long-time expert on ZetaTalk explained
to me why Planet X has been delayed in its arrival.

This is an individual I know well, lived with for a
   few months, and believe it or not, has repeatedly
 been beamed up into star ships and scout ships
to be debriefed on the progress of global shift.

   Apparently there is a galactic ‘Council of Worlds’
which 'mediates' via the Universal Source Field 
that is governing the delayed arrival of Planet X
   for the purpose of what you might call a systemic
  ‘metaphysical metamorphosis of consciousness’.

A ‘Jonah at Nineveh’ Event

 ...continued atJudgment Time

"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon

"I do not speak lightly or idly.  Yet I cannot and must not reveal all that is to come, 
but only caution you in the preparedness of the spirit and the soul and 
the mind and the heart - and, above all, in the physical body.
 Gautama, via E. C. Prophet,  2-28-82

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