2017 Big Shift Series

Personal~planetary hemispheric balancing with
Rise of the Divine Feminine

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by Christopher Rudy (bio)

This is the message I’m sending.
   The world as we knew it is ending
     With Internet disclosure on the rise
        and global ignorance now in demise,
         general enlightenment is no surprise.
Full disclosure for disruption of corruption.

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The divine feminine ‘fruit’ of the 2017 Big Shift is now ripe for a Thanksgiving harvest of abundant Vision, Virtue and Valor with Vow for the Big V of Victory for the Spirit that matters:

 Rise of the Divine Feminine brings
 the Holy Spirit that sings a song of
 ‘balance’ to both ‘hemispheres’ of
the personal~planetary holodeck.

It’s now well known that the universe is holographic in nature as is structured holistically with first principles of cosmic law governing the order of the universe with the prime directive that is self corrective with self-regulating systems of self governing sovereignty in terms of the one-universal law language for global reconciliation:

Atonement as at-ne-ment:
The Law of the ne;
The ne Law and
The Two-in-ne,
reative Ascent Process)
 for interactive co-Creation
(Geometric Ordered Divinity)

framing spherical synergies
- 3-fold flame of BEING -
(BE IN G.O.D.)

in the 4-quad, archetypal
dimensional coordinates

to the CAPstone Vision of
 freedom's ascent for 'US':
  United Sovereigns of Earth.

This Conscience Currency
is dedicated to the
 One Eye...

"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary
only to know the nature of love itself.
To truly know love is to know and understand
God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "
The Eye of the I"

Rise of the Divine Feminine will soften the hardened heart of Western war profiteers and disease profiteers who are literally making a killing by creating and managing war and disease for profit. That’s corporate law; shareholders come before the public when profits are at stake. And that inverted subversion of government by and for the public is killing us.

is the law that represents the Divine Feminine with the holy spirit of -in-action… in frequency and form as in frequently… a universal interface for global TeLeComm that provides an upgrade of the computer/Internet revolution with Web 3.0: Heartware CyberEthics.

Quantum field geometries have always framed the Constitution of Conscience of, by and for United Sovereigns of Earth.

This ‘cosmic code’ framing the first principles of Cosmic Law is simple yet profound in its representation of the fractal nature of quantum field geometries as was anciently understood by the three astrologers who found the Christ child via astrology.

Right-dynamic energies: inear ogic
       (squares and crosses in astrology);
Round-magnetic energies:
Nonlinear Gnosis
       (conjunct blending of energies in astrology);
Radiant energies: Linear~Nonlinear Synergy
       (trines and sextiles in astrology).
Integral in 4 quads of the Prime Directive.
       (on Earth as in heaven-cosmos at large)

This is the fractal order of the holographic universe that frames the constitution of biomimicry whereby the quantum “kingdom of heaven” (unified field) is written in our inward parts, coded in our DNA, geometrized via astrology, ‘eye-dentified’ via iridology and ‘grounded’ via foot reflexology for ‘under’ standing.

Those who understand these holographic maps of consciousness will more likely appreciate how they are ALL connected in the quantum field according to each soul’s unique configuration of wholEness for 3D interpretation of 4D processes - in time - to involve and evolve 5D Conscience.

The Global Paradigm Shift

This is the time ordained for building a momentum of truth-telling - moment-to-moment – for personal and planetary evolutionary ascent. I’m not saying it will be easy. Full disclosure of the ordained Power of Love is always a challenge for the inordinate Love of Power.

The current astrology with Jupiter conjunct the Sun in Scorpio is very ‘intense’ right now, especially with Venus conjunct Jupiter and moving together through Scorpio this month. That's a sure sign of 'Big Love' exposing all that is less than God-Love; a mass awakening catharsis.

A good debriefing on the current intensity can be heard in Wednesday’s video by Kaypacha at New Paradigm Astrology. This guy may sound trippy but he’s like a court jester with a lot of wisdom that he brings to his worldwide network ‘court’ for the fun of itJ

"The more we share the deeper we go,
And the more the truth is revealed,
The more we stay without turning away,
The more our wounds can be healed."

EXCERPT: We're at the turning of the ages, and it is a time of revolution where we may be exposed to some revolting stuff!  As the old structures, beliefs, moral codes, and belief systems are questioned, challenged, and discarded by many, both external and internal chaos can ensue.  It is up to each of us as individuals now, not as sheep following a shepherd, to hone our own moral compass to the "highest" expression of our Self.  Injoy your journey!

Rise of the Divine Feminine will bring balance to the imbalance in Western civilization. Smart without heart is ‘DUH’ (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless). And ‘DUH’ is the heartless genesis of ‘FUD’ (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt). But FUD and DUH are naturally neutralized by the holy spirit of love-in-action.

That whole, holistic and otherwise holy spirit is a good example of the Prime Directive as can be clearly seen in the biomimicry model of brain-field hemispheres which work best as a healthy, holy whole when they are in BALANCE. 

Have you ever wondered why print language in the West evolved with symbols (letters) of symbols (words) that are read on a page from left to right, but language in the Far East evolved with holistic pictographic calligraphy that is read on a page from right to left?

The West is left-brain dominant just as most men are. That’s why the rule of law in the West underwrites win/lose competition – a masculine ‘ownership and control’ mindset that in excess is out of balance with win/win cooperation values.

The East is right-brain dominant just as most women are. That’s why social conscience in the East is geared to win/win cooperative ventures between East and West like the BRICS bank and their new high speed East-West Silk Road venture.

The Rise of the Divine Feminine in the West will see the nurturing of the highest and best use of our human and physical resources for the optimal health of Western MEDIA – Global TeLeComm – and MEDICINE – Global TeLeCare.

Global TeLeCommerce will thus thrive with prosperity for all to the extent that the first principle of an Economics of Abundance –TLC-in-action – is abundantly integrated in social media, health care and the economy.

The merger of science and spirituality is the TLC Connection whereby heartware defines, refines and ‘shines’ the integration of hardware, software and netware for Web 3.0 paradigm shift.

Toward a Post-Materialistic Science


The latest issue of Explore in the Journal of Science and Healing contains a bombshell of an essay titled Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science, and it could be to science what Luthers 95 Theses were to religion.

 The balance of hemispheric fields will see
the rise of the
divine feminine in the West
where ‘
masculine’ attributes are extreme,
   and rise of the
divine masculine in the East
    where ‘
feminine’ attributes are extreme with
 technocratic control of all social networks.

We’re already seeing this. Technological innovation has been a strength of the left-brain dominant West, but the right-brain dominant East has rapidly industrialized to manufacture Western commodities, and they have invested heavily in developing extremely advanced quantum technologies that could either liberate humanity with unprecendented unity-in-diversity Conscience... or enslave the public if open-transparent Net reality is not upgraded to represent United Sovereigns of Earth.

China Outraces U.S. In Quantum Computing
 And Quantum Encryption

Oct 23, 2017 / Technocracy.news

EXCERPT: If China wins the Quantum computing war, it will obsolete land-based communication infrastructure and give China complete dominance over data encryption. China has already indicated that it will invest whatever resources are necessary to win this race, which many have compared to the original race to land on the moon.

The future is what we make it.
 The vision is how we create it.
Conscience as ‘president’
 the opportunity is self-evident,
and hopeful if only we take it.

The Internet has forced the future upon US’ – United Sovereigns of Earth. Our new instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality has raised global awareness of the imbalance that compels BALANCE of divine feminine heart coherence with divine masculine mind congruence.

Facebook and Google have previously helped in this regard, but both have been privatized by powerful special interests with a vested interest in terror, war, disease and disinformation. “Do no evil” was quietly removed as Google’s motto this last year.

To do no harm IS the Prime Directive.
 Servant leadership - service to others
 naturally cultures evolutionary ascent
  with rise of
Divine Feminine virtues at
heart of sovereignty Conscience.

“Conscience is the most sacred of
all properties.”
~ James Madison,
Chief architect of the U.S. Constitution

Covert censorship by the ‘Deep State’ has become systemic in mainstream centralized media and increasingly over the decentralized Internet. The whole truth wants only to be free, but is increasingly filtered out of search capabilities with Google banning, redirecting and demonetizing many websites that have alternative views which challenge the official politically-correct narrative of the Deep State.

Trump Blocks Full Release Of JFK
 Assassination Records After
Last Minute CIA Push
Oct 27, 2017 / ZeroHedge
What do you expect if the CIA was behind it?
  Global Netizens are aware of what happened.
    Bush Sr. was photographed at Dallas that day.
He became head of the CIA, and President.

Bush Sr. financed massive growth of the CIA after working a deal with Saddam Hussein for protection in exchange for a major cut in their huge oil profits. Bush Jr. lead the neocons to murder Hussein and take over the oil industry for ALL the profits, killing more than a million Iraqis with mass destabilization which led to regional war and millions of refugees.

The world now knows that the excuse of weapons of mass destruction was a fabricated deception to further the imperial ambitions of the War Party.

Of course, the CIA doesn't want truth to be freed from Deep State control of the official narrative.

The decentralized Internet has been a huge challenge for centralized power structures – both East and West – and we’re seeing loss of control by centralized power being compensated by technocratic attempts to limit those five core Internet freedoms that will upgrade the American Republic as a model for global sovereignty principles and processes.

Saint Germain’s Message:
It is Time to Manifest a New Republic

Oct 25, 2017

This video is a ‘must watch’ for those who want to know why the destiny of global freedom and opportunity depends on the FULL DISCLOSURE that Saint Germain is saying must now expose and neutralize those Deep State secret agencies which have inverted and subverted the ordained power of love under Constitutional Law.

For those who don’t know the history of Saint Germain behind the creation of the American Republic - and the challenge to founding principles since then - I highly recommend the following video:

This is required study for all Netizens devoted
to a historical perspective of the whole truth
regarding an emerging golden age for all 
US' as the United Sovereigns of Earth.

In the West we see extremely advanced surveillance technologies now being used to profile and covertly censure politically incorrect positions in social networks.

In the East we see extremely advanced facial recognition and voice recognition technologies to recognize and ‘shame’ dissidents who don’t get along by going along with centralized state policies.

China Building Huge Facial Recognition
 To ID Any Citizen
Within 3 Seconds

Oct 23, 2017

EXCERPT: As it collects vast troves of data on its citizens, China is advancing as a Technocracy and is headed for complete Scientific Dictatorship within a few years. Americans do not understand that this technology and mindset is also targeted for America with the same result.

China Amassing Huge Voice Recognition
To Track Citizens

by Human Rights Watch on Oct 24, 2017

EXCERPT: China is perfecting Technocracy and Scientific Dictatorship through massively intrusive citizen identification that also records political predispositions and psychological profiles. What would China do with such a system? Anything they want! You can run, but you cannot hide.

EXCERPT: We now have a global platform that allows us to stand up to the injustices perpetrated by government, media and corporations in social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube, however, these sites are starting to restrict content from the people standing up. Algorithm changes and blocks do not affect the websites with a specific narrative which supports the current system, but they do affect alternative ideas and websites that are promoting truth and unity. Many websites that have been working hard to spread honest ideas have been targeted and had their content blocked, while mainstream media can publish inaccurate content without any repercussions.

Darkness Before the Dawn of the Golden Age?

The corruption of Net neutrality by the corporatocracy represents the last phase of Web 2.0 social networks before Web 3.0 cyberEthics takes our global Net reality to the next level.

Readers of this 2017 Big Shift blog are well aware of the systemic problems and holistic solutions that are quickening as conscientious common sense matures in the collective awareness of global humanity – Global Metamorphosis with Rise of the Divine Feminine.

At this time of global alignment with intense photonic light as our solar system aligns with our galaxy’s Photon Belt, conscious evolution is naturally 'sparked' by cosmic fire, and the resulting surge of systemic global enlightenment is compelling universal Rights-  in the public Sphere- for Co-Creation-  with personal and planetary .

In the larger scheme of personal and planetary evolution, there are MegaShifts that follow natural laws governing conscious evolution of social norms for holistic health on Earth as in heaven-cosmos at large.

 Every golden age in cosmos ascends
  when the golden rule-law language of
   cosmic-universal is applied to
     culture the spirit that matters for civility;
   the whol spirit of

To ‘Know Better’ so we can ‘Do Better’

Gnosis is knowing as discernment – the first gift of the holy spirit which has the feminine attribute of ‘intuitive knowing’. Gnostics throughout history embraced the wisdom of a direct connection with God-Love-Source – the understanding that it is better to BELIEVE NOTHING – no “BS” (Belief System) – and either KNOW or NOT KNOW the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God-Love-Source...

... For Rise of the Divine Feminine

The common sense of divine love on Earth may be uncommon but there are numerous signs of the times that define, refine and ‘shine’ the unprecedented opportunity for culturing our new Net reality as the Family of Mankind in an all-connected global village. For example:

Nine Signs of Ascending Times

KNOWING that systemic global transformation is in process is one thing, and applying this knowledge to a highly personalized process of mass ascension is quite another.

World history is littered with the carcasses of civilizations that rise and fall according to cycles of enlightenment and then devolution of the first principles for evolutionary ascent.

Now we’re in a cycle of galactic alignment whereby we have the opportunity to wise up and rise up as never before in human history. Imagine what that CAN be like. Know that it’s not only possible but is also quickening at all dimensional levels.

Shift Happens!

The general pattern that has repeated throughout history is that civilizations rise as civility thrives with the power of love that brings prosperity. True spirituality at the heart of win/win cooperation is the genesis of prosperity. Everybody thrives.

This is opportunity for a global golden age,
even the millennial Aquarian Quantum Age
on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

Historically we’ve seen ownership and control values – in excess – have caused the concentration of power and the inordinate love of power that rises to its level of incompetence at the expense of the ordained power of love.

Today we can see the crisis in global civilization from that simple yet comprehensive perspective. Win/lose competition of the rich and powerful have privatized much of the human and physical resources of the planet for their profit and control.

See: The War Party Marches On
Oct 26, 2017 / ChuckBaldwinLive.com

US Has Wiped Raqqah Off the Face of Earth
Oct 24, 2017 / PressTV.com

But this too shall pass!

See: Global Economic Path to De-Dollarization:
The World is Tired of Funding US
"Military Adventurism"

Oct 25, 2017 / RT.com

EXCERPT: One of the world's top energy importers, China, is set to roll out a yuan-denominated oil contract as early as this year.  Analysts call the plan, announced by Beijing last month, a huge move against the $'s global dominance.

Of course, the global power shift to non-oil renewable energy resources will make petrodollars irrelevant, sooner or later. Just as information wants to be free on the Internet, our lungs want to be free of toxic, polluting side-effects. The truth of clean, virtually free energy technology has been suppressed long enough.

In Summary:

A new Currency of Conscience is going global with Rise of the Divine Feminine.  The computer/Internet revolution has defined a global village in principle – an all connected unity in our diversity that is naturally upgrading with five core Constitutional freedoms held sacred by sovereign Netizens worldwide.

Who would be against that!?!

Certainly not the public. An upgrade of core freedoms – to match current TeLeComm capabilities – is naturally interdependent on Rise of the Divine Feminine.

For a Declaration of Interdependence
on a
United State of Sovereignty.

To deny the global benefits of, by and for
our conscientious evolutionary ascent
 is tantamount to heartless tyranny.

Or as an enlightened G. W. Bush might say:
“You’re either with
United Sovereigns
of Earth, or you’re against US.”

Grasp the big picture folks. Expand your horizons with Cosmic as you consider prevailing quantum theory that, 'We are the universe becoming conscious of itself.' ~NexisNewsFeed.com / Oct 26, 2017

As a global village, we can become conscious of HOW we are conscious - individually and collectively - with TLC at the heart of the heartware process that will make it so with Rise of the Divine Feminine.

It's time to finish - globally - that which U.S. Founders began locally. Or as Founding Father Thomas Paine said so well. "The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind. We have it in our power to begin the world over again." ~ Common Sense, 1776

So Seize the Vision of Virtue and Valor for
the Victory of the
Divine Feminine in all of

Ascent Bonus ~ Inspirational Videos:

"Then Sings My Soul" (feminine in nature):

The Gold Standard for Golden Age Civility:

Oct 23, 2017

Divine Feminine => 'More Light':

In theaters Oct 27 / 'Let There Be Light' - trailer

Archangel Raphael on Wholeness and Healing:

Oct 25, 2017 / HeartsCenter.org


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