2017 Divine Direction

The Great Divine Director
on BBS Radio’s Cosmic
Sat Jan 21 – 6 pm MT (8pm ET)

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The 'veil is thinning' ~ enlightenment is winning.
 Density is 'purging' ~ opportunity is surging.
Net reality is emerging; global reset with
an upgrade from InnerNet to InterNet:

The direction of correction for perfection
by defining, refining, combining and
shining enlightened principles of
global interactive freedom with
universal co-creation vision
Divine Direction with
the whole-holy spirit of

  Preface articles: Divine Direction,
 New Year 2017 and Ascent Wave

Quantum Shift Happens!

Thesurge in the quantum source field is now
matriculating the matrix of matter and mind
with global awareness of universal reality
on Earth as in the quantum Cosmos.

“The Field… the sole governing agent of
   each particle of matter."
~ Albert Einstein

This is the unified field or quantum field
 also known as the ‘Source Field’ that is
 now surging with Galactic Alignment of
   our solar system with the Photon Belt of
    billions of stars in our Milky Way Galaxy.

 We are indeed within the universe, and
  the universe is indeed within all '
US' as
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Ascension – it happens within us.

This is a simply precious story about bluebirds
   that explains how human evolutionary ascent is
  accelerating fast with morphic field resonance.

From the Jan 17 article on ascension HERE,
including an in-depth analysis video.

"All is Source"... From InnerNet to Internet

Global morphing of the collective mind field
is truly a ‘gold mine’ if we mind it with the
golden rule/law language gold standard
for InnerNet alignment and resonance
with Web 3.0 Heartware capabilities
for conscious evolution revelation
 as global cooperative revolution
 of kind men among mankind.

The Global Mind is ultimately the spiritual
terrain where the “
Law of the Angles of
” (Geometric Ordered Divinity)
frames the universal
“Language of
Angels of
” (coherence).

Our global Internet transformation is
a knowledge power paradigm shift
from outer 'CIA' centralized intel
(Central Intelligence Agency)
to inner decentralized intel
Compassion In Action).

The big ‘elephant’ in the room we ignore
 at our own risk - as if not here and now -
   is our new global instant-everywhere and
interactive InnerNet Reality that sparks
    our discernment
of Fake News Unreality.

Realize the Main Source of Fake News Deception:

CIA control of mainstream media has been outed.
The mask has come off this egregious deception
  And the public is demanding an upgraded system
  of free and open Internet
response ability as will
  culture social
responsibilty with heart intelligence.

Consider these three articles that sum up
as we witness the inauguration of
 President-elect Donald Trump.

And pray for Divine Direction for
the new Trump Administration.

That’s right folks, while we were celebrating Christmas Eve,
Obama signed into law a stealth bill inserted in the defense
 budget – NDAA – that kills free speech under the pretext of
 ‘controlling Russian propaganda’, which explains why all the
CIA/Corporate media were providing cover for this betrayal
by programming the mass mind with Russian hacking lies.

So here we have the primary purveyors of fake news
 so afraid of Internet exposure of their crimes against
humanity that they outlaw independent truth-telling!

Freedom of Conscience is the heart of
all our
Five Core Internet Freedoms.

   The conscientious evolutionary ascent of global humanity
  has reached a crisis of Conscience – a healing crisis –
  that will naturally be resolved via online interactive
Global TeLeComm with TeLeCare
as will involve and evolve our individual and collective
Conscience via upgraded communication capabilities
for culturing the whole, healthy & otherwise holy spirit
 of -in-action – the heartware interface for our
all-connected instant-everywhere-interactive Internet.
     The Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom
     in is obviously a challenge for
      black hats who are Stuck In Negativity
     and see the problem with any change
   from self-serving interests that have
    a vested interest in the status quo of
corporatocracy versus democracy.

 The white hats in government and
 lightworkers worldwide are wising
  up and rising up in resonance with
  the highest good that is streaming
    with the ascension current of Earth

 The conscious evolution revolution now accelerating
  from InnerNet to Internet is inspiring the quickening
 of global Netizens to know better and do better with
pure intention to focus attention on love’s retention
 for conscious ascension in a unified field dimension
 of comprehension:
Aquarian freedom & opportunity.

 This revolution in higher Conscience of Divine Love
represents enlightened ‘Self’ interest.  That ‘Self’ is
 one’s ‘higher Self’ that identifies with the higher Self
  of others as one’s Self; the golden rule/law standard
 for atONEment… for reconciliation of divisive ‘DUH’
(Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).

   In the larger CONTINUUM of eternal soul evolution,
  this gold standard serves the Next Economy well.

So keep the faith, see the good and pass it on.
Network for the Net worth of our Net reality.
Make it viral in an upward mobile spiral.
Care to share what best serves us all.
Affirm the spiritual ‘gold standard’.
Pray for discernment above all.
The gift of the Holy Spirit is
true -in-action.
Kind men among
all mankind.

Full Spectrum Enlightenment with the
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

For more of the frequency and form of
Great Divine Director’s Presence,
watch His recent Jan. 16th message:

The more you 'tune in' and 'resonate' with divine
  direction for self correction and soul progression,
 the more you will naturally ascend to 'perfection'
in the image and likeness of divine co-creation.

Going back to June, you can also hear an audio replay of
The Divine Director's 2016 Summer Solstice Message.

 Without discernment, we lack the first principle of the
whole, holistic, healthy and otherwise ‘
holy spirit’ of
The process of conscientious evolutionary ascent is
imited ock-step inear, ogical etter of aws
when out of balance with the
nonlinear- spherical
atNEment with the intuitive spirit of the One Law.

It is balanced synergy in the 3-fold trinity- that
   fulfills divine direction for our co-creation via .


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