Christ Mass 107

Doctoral Program for World Healers-Saviors

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The root word of “doctor” is teacher just as the root word for health and healing comes from the same Anglo-Saxon root as whole, holistic, holographic and holy.  The Doctoral Program in this Open University course for Christ Mass 2013 is for this purpose – mass wholEness and cyberEthics with 'Affirmations of Faith' for holistic healing with a holographic frame of reference for holy conscience -- social Conscience -- at the heart of our social networks.

The previous Masters Program for mastering the e-valuation criteria for cyberethics is like pre-med in this regard.  What our world needs is holistic healers of the systemic dis-ease in the body politic. We need doctors of the spirit that matters – the metaphysical behind the physical. 

The good holistic doctor has mastered the understanding of the spirit-mind-body connection, from the top down.  A check up from the neck up begins with one’s concept of love, what we love, who we love, and most important, that we we love... infusing all matters with the Spirit that matters.

Call it the TLC Spirit for HEALING  the heart of global civilization
for the '
2nd Coming' as 'Mainstream Christ mass Conscience' .

More light translates to less "Belief Systems" of a dark-side "BS" nature.
More light as the true Christ mass Spirit.
More light is the mantra that upgrades "Yes we can" with an attitude of gratitude.
More light as the true Thanks giving Spirit.
More light is the rule of the true "elect" -- those who elect or otherwise
choose to represent the power of love.

This is the Higher Power that champions Earth's evolutionary ascent
 by culturing the currency of Conscience that self-elevates culture
at the heart and soul of the 5 core Constitutional freedoms.
Either government is of the people or over the people.
Government of, by and for the people only works
if the perks of privilege, party, profit & power
 are all regulated, governed or otherwise
controlled by love of a Constitution,
 a system of laws representing
the public, and ultimately
The Constitution of,
by and for one

The necessity of the hour is for world teachers, world healers, for global salvation.  The term “salvation” literally means healing.  As we apply “salve” to the skin to heal it, so we can also learn to apply the principles of heartware cyberethics to heal our social networks, make our social consciousness 'whole', and ride the wave of accelerated change for evolutionary ascent.

The gift of Christ Mass Awakening is the gift of holistic healing that you can give.  Put on your “Magi hat” and consider what “star” you want to see ascending in the firmaments of Earth.  Consider what best idea “standard” you would like to see transform the all-connected social networks of Earth… for Peace on Earth',

Is it true that all social problems are, at heart, problems of
 (to 'come-into-unity') for real community)?
 Are you aware that this could be far different than you ever
imagined, and yet far better than you ever hoped for? 

  Would you agree that with heartware’s  as the rule
– at the heart of mass-to-mass
TeLeComm –
TLC” (cyberEthics) will rule?

This cyberethics "gold standard" for a New Enlightenment
needs overwhelming support from the Magi among us.

A global revolution in higher consciousness will naturally be disruptive to the cherished illusions and fear-based ignorance that prefers lock-step conformity, getting along by going along with systemic corruption in core institutions.  REAL CHANGE from that state of mind is rapidly coming with the “Timeline Powershift” but the poor is Spirit will only see their own poor judgment falling upon them with wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Those who have already transcended "paradigm paralysis" (stinking thinking) are the ones "response able" (responsible) for understanding HOW all our social networks can be mediated by the Power of Love that checks, balances and otherwise heals the disconnect with the Spirit that matters on Earth as in Heaven.

“Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by fear of punishment and the other by arts of love.
Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent
than power derived from fear of punishment.”

~ "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi

It is indeed the arts of love that will culture global civility from the inside out – the inner sense at the heart of global innocence.  For years I’ve been developing a web site called “The Legacy Project” that represents 12 major projects -- “The 12 Gifts of Christ Mass Awakening”… for culturing the global rEVOLUTION in Christ-like Conscience.

Be a "Magi" and find the living Christ with your vision of virtue
for the victory of universal

Be the gift which keeps on giving to make it so.

When is the rule for mass-to-mass TeLeComm
- the heartware interface for social network cyber
Ethics -
what goes around with
naturally comes around
in an upward spiral of evolutionary ascent for humanity;

more light as the
Aquarian Spirit of Universal .

 As the light of  cultures 'Conscience Currency',
  'The Foundation' is established for 'Abundant Love Life'.
  In the process, a 'Whole Systems Upgrade' will fulfill the
  purpose and plan the Masters know and serve... by the
grace of the holy spirit of
-in-action whereby
social Conscience is cultured, and  rules!

It’s up to the Kingdom Conscience of divine  
 within you, when you get it
and down to Earth when
  you give it with the
that is always for giving.

Good Will Make It So...

For Peace on Earth via Christ Mass Conscience,

~ C.

To Establish The Foundation,
a Founder”.

If thine eye be single, connected and whole,
the body of Christ Mass is filled with light.

Look to SEE with the One Eye ;
Know to BE Geometric Ordered Divinity,
nurturing the 'Law of the Angles of G.O.D.'
with 'Language of the Angels of

Network this
Christ mass message for the
Net worth of Net reality that gifts the web of life with the light of
social Conscience.

ulture our all-connected social networks
with the holy spirit of
as defines, refines, combines-synergizes
and shines our G.O.D.~
 gifts, talents and resources at the cyberEthics heart of the TLC BLESSING whereby
 heals all in our global village.

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         To love with all your mind ~ , eft-brain ogic of a inear nature,
                               and all your heart ~
, right-brain intuition of a nonlinear nature,  
             and all your strength ~
, balanced brain of a synergy nature,
and your Netizen neighbor ~ 
 in our Global Village (whole brain)
                             as thyself ~ 
, interdependent TLC Co-Creation