Christ Mass 105 

Graduate Level Integration of Components to the Capstone

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The Graduate Program is for enlightened self-starters who don’t have to be babied and coddled.  They are not -challenged – they get it – the power of love as a Higher Power that heals all.  Knowing better, they do better – whatever they can do – to make a difference if not THE difference in their world.  They own it – full responsibility in the sense of connection to All That IS REAL

One in  has always been a majority that
speaks for the holy whole that heals all.

This is the world of enlightened leaders as gave us the American Revolution and Constitution of divine rights that supersede “only human” rights.  Since there are no “only human” solutions to human problems – only divine solutions will do that – a higher conscience of rEVOLUTION today will emphasize 90% of the word.  That EVOLUTION in our social networks is an upgraded infrastructure for local/global TeLeComm. 

"In proportion as the structure of a government gives force to public opinion,
it is essential that public opinion should be enlightened."

~ George Washington

We shape that infrastructure in the image of divine order, and heaven knows it will then reflect and perfect that order in our lives.  It ain’t rocket science.  A new enlightenment will naturally follow an Internet Age upgrade of our all-connected social networks – an infrastructure upgrade of the horse-and-buggy representation systems that have been “corrupted” (bought off) to where they barely represent the principles on which our core Constitutional freedoms were founded.

"Public opinion sets bounds to every government, and is the real sovereign in every free one."
--James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution and 4th U.S. President

Obviously a “universal interface” (heartware) is needed for real-time instant-everywhere mass-to-mass interaction… or you would have just a bunch of noise, like everyone talking at once.  But with heartware cyberethics – the currency of conscience becomes the cultural DNA that reboots the Operating System for social networks – our social conscience. 

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
  ~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution, 4th US President

The Masters Program is based on this sacred principle in our collective heart of hearts.  What the whole world needs is not a financial bailout but an ethical bailout.  The whole world is witnessing the U.S. financial elite’s culture of corruption that has virtually bankrupted the economy on cheap credit, low standards and high greed.  Of note is not just the recent arrest of the Wall Street money manager Bernard Madoff on charges of running a Ponzi scheme that bilked investors out of 50 billion dollars.  The whole mess we call Wall Street is a Ponzi scheme based on derivative schemes of mass deception, creating bubbles that burst, but stripping them of equity on the way up and down.  At the root of these corrupt financial instruments of endless debt creation is the father of all Ponzi schemes, the privately owned "FED" fraud that has hijacked U.S taxpayers to pay for endless wars created by these banksters.  And you find the same financial elite making a killing on the medical-industrial complex as they have on the military-industrial complex.  The whole system is a sick Ponzi scheme that strips the life blood out of Main Street to profit Wall Street.  K-Street lobbyists have done the same with Congress.  And the truth of all this is ignored, denied or simply blacked out in the corporate media that profits the same financial elite owners.  Those who created this mess are the same ones who prescribe more toxic debt “medicine” which treats the symptoms while compounding the cause – more debt creation for ownership and control of the physical and human resources of Earth.

All this while the self-evident solution to this systemic corruption in the body politic is staring us in the face.  Call it an ethical reboot of social networked conscience.  Or call it heartware cyberEthics.  The Masters “get it” if no one else does.  Not the self-proclaimed “masters of the universe” as the Wall Street crowd has called themselves.  Their hubris is the cause of the wreckage we call “the economy”. 

In other words, without CONSCIENCE of an ethical nature
those who would enslave us threaten to destroy us
with values of materialism and militarism
that are devoid of the virtues of
Good Will and Peace
in our global

Can you imagine how a real-time, instant-everywhere upgrade of social networks could provide an interactive “mediator” that is centered and connected via the golden rule/law language for a golden age on Earth?  This may be a stretch for the “poor in spirit”, but just imagine.  What would Christ do?  How could the spirit-mind-heart of Christ be represented in a process of interaction at the heart of our social networks?  Would you agree that the results would be magical if not miraculous?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
~ Einstein

Consider the root word of “imagine” and “magic” as “magi”… as in the “three wise men” (Magi) who saw the inbound Christ in the heavenly signs of the times.  These three wise men were no dummies.  Indeed, a wise astrologer will “connect the dots” – pattern recognition of the heavenly signs of the times.  A wise cosmologist does the same thing, seeing the hand of a Higher Power in the cosmic scheme of things.  Wise historians do the same thing, connecting the dots of ancient and modern calendar systems that all reference THIS TIME in cosmic history as a convergence of cycles with portents of the Big Shift, Great Purification, Cosmic Realignment, or just “The Second Coming” as a revolution in higher consciousness on Earth.

Be patient with me here.  I know it must sound as crazy as talking about the Internet before it happened.  Who would have believed anyone talking about the change the Internet would bring to the world just sixteen years ago?  Not many.  And who can see the full portents of Net reality now that time and space have been virtually eliminated in our global village.  Not many.  Do you?  Can you?  And WILL YOU if given a comprehensive explanation?

Graduate level initiates of Christ-like Conscience will seek out
the best ideas for serving all of humanity. 

Pure intention will focus attention with
retention for
evolutionary ascension in the
'I Am Dimension' that
represents 'Source Code' with 'Heart Coherence' ...
and that process is reciprocal. 

To the extent that you empower others in this process,
you build momentum in your own 'ascent process'.

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Christ Mass 106 -- Masters Program for Fulfillment of the Capstone Vision