2018 Global Upgrade Series;
October Update Coordinates

The Existential Choice of Humanity

Abundant energy-love-enlightenment
with personal-planetary co-creation,
or a scarcity of clean free energy
and endless terror war tyranny.

It's OUR choice!


  Many intelligent people are well aware that
   advanced technology for clean free energy
 and for curing cancer and most diseases,
   has been suppressed for almost a century.
 Intelligence without TLC can be heartless,
    just as power without wisdom is heartless.
The balance of power, wisdom and love
   creates a whole synergy in a trinity that’s
 much greater than the sum of the parts.
This is the divine destiny of humanity…
the existential opportunity for a global
upgrade of core social institutions with
an economics of abundance:
spiritually, mentally, emotionally and 
physically for abundant life on Earth. 
The extinction level event we see now
  is NOT the choice of intelligent hearts.

We could continue destroying our environment and
 life support systems on Earth - self destructing -
or we could get our act together, upgrading our
Five Core Internet Freedoms that represent
the purpose, plan & process that involves
First Principles of Conscious Evolution
at the
heart of a higher standard for
TLC high touch high tech – with
heart coherent cyberEthics;
 the next phase of Internet
evolution ~ revolution


A New Internet for Global Netizens

Internet Freedom Breakthrough?
Father of World Wide Web Launches Radical Startup
to Take Back the Internet from Google & Facebook

Oct 5, 2018 / StillnessInTheStorm.com

Add your support - pray for divine direction for
 the World Wide Web’s creator, Tim Berners-Lee,
as he directs a team of programmers to reinvent
 the Net to prevent inordinate
Deep State control.

Tim Berners-Lee Tells Us His Radical New Plan
to Upend the World Wide Web

Sept 29, 2018 / FastCompany.com

Imagine the possibility folks!

A global interactive interface portal
from the Internet to the Inner Net;
from cyberspace to inner space

A universal interface for global interaction
and a better experience of cooperative
co-creation of social Conscience in
our ubiquitous social networks.
  A Web 3.0 Heartware Platform:

  integrating hardware, software
and netware with a universal
  standard of heart coherence
 - Language of the Angels -
framed by sacred geometry's
Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
(Geometric Ordered Divinity)

for global Net reality.

Natural Law Language
to Reboot (Co-Create)
Universal Civility

“We have it in our power to
    begin the world over again.”

~ Thomas Paine,

October 8, 2018 / New Moon in Libra

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Article of the Week:

Anti-Defamation League, Facebook, Google & Youtube
Appoint Themselves As Official Internet Censor
Sept 30, 2018 / Collective-Evolution.com 
The Deep State is seeking to censor and in some cases
 digitally assassinate both those on the right and left who
 challenge official narratives.
This discrimination is based
largely on
political Zionism ideology; see details
Wise old Benjamin Franklin once said:
"Those who would give up essential Liberty,
to purchase a little temporary Safety,
deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

That quote often comes up in the context of
new technology, government surveillance
and unabashed censorship by Big Tech.

Leaked Google Briefing Admits
Abandonment of Free Speech
for "Safety And Civility"

Oct 9, 2018 / Breitbart.com
Adepts of the science of
TeLeComm unity
will see how inordinate censorship hubris
- rationalized throughout this article -
represents the extreme intellectual pride of
Big Tech power without freedom principles
of 'cyberEthics' for upgrade of 'Net reality'.
Power must be checked and balanced
by wisdom of the crowd' and '

What will a true meritocracy look like?

  - Gatekeepers of our own media;
    universal heartware interface
     for mass-to-mass interaction.
 - Wisdom of the crowd 'cloud';
conscious 'light language'
for enlightened mediation.
- Decentralized co-Creation;
frame of reference
 for golden rule applications.
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate:
only love can do that."
~ Martin Luther King

In full faith,
I consciously focus attention
with pure intention and love’s retention
for ascension of ‘comprehension;
the spirit that matters for all ‘US
- United Sovereigns of Earth -
co-creating with Creator as
 in the higher
power of
via holistic

TLC come-into-unity process;
Web 3.0 cyberEthics

TLC gold standard for community;
a frame of reference
for unity-in-diversity

TLC social Conscience
in our social networks

TeLeCare (health):
TLC at the heart of
Global TeLeCare

TLC cyberEthics for
‘good trade’ via secure
Conscience Currency

Universal TLC with the whole
- holistic, healthy, holy -
spirit that matters.

(color-coded light language)

The Power of G.O.D.~ VISION
Whol- Spirit
as TLC-in-action

Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue,
Vow with Valor and Claim the Victory;
Intention, Attention and Retention of
Ascension’s Affirmation,
Confirmation and Determination with
Integration for ‘Evolutionary Ascent’
(Creative Ascent Process).

(Affirmation via Intention)

  Law of atONEment (atonement)
G.O.D. Government
 (Geometric Ordered Divinity);
   Law of the Angles of

(Confirmation via Attention)

  Attunement to Higher Power
heart coherence as the
Language of the Angels of
our better nature.

(Determination for Retention)

  Co-Creation of Vision and Virtue
to combine, synergize and shine
Law of the Angles and
 Language of the Angels for the
 Holy Spirit of

(Integration for ascension)
Framing Conscience Currency
with universal ‘light language
for global ‘TeLeComm-unity’,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare
  & TeLeCommerce with more
TLC’ – the interface
 for mass-to-mass interaction
global holistic healing.

  Upgrading Global Governance
with Universal Law Language
at the heart of the process of
  personal-planetary ascension.

Seize the VISION of
G.O.D. Government

The extreme polarization of the public with
disintegration of civility in America has
followed the rise of corporate power
without checks and balances on
inordinate abuse of power.

The higher the concept of universal law
at the heart of global governance
principles and processes…
the greater the results.

A thriving economy must be built on
a foundation of enlightenment
with the golden rule.

As above - the Spirit that matters,
so below - inspiration from above.

"And think not you can direct the course of love, 
for love, if it finds you worthy,
directs your course."

~ Kahlil Gibran


What You Need To Know About The
And The MASTERMIND Of Mankind


Sept 24, 2018 / WoodwardTV

9 Stories That Prove You Were
Reincarnated From a Past Life


Oct 2, 2018 /
Edge of Wonder
Part Two HERE

Universal Law of Love and Light

May 20, 2018 / The Law of One
Note the reference to 'harvest' as ascension

Reinforcing Our Spiritual Mooring
on Our Path of Light


published Oct 1, 2018 / HeartsCenter.org
See also the Oct 7th heartstream (video)
from El Morya HERE (for Initiates)

Homecoming 2018

Home is where your heart is.

Heart coherence is the gold standard for
homing in on one’s ‘I Am Presence’.

The Presence is silent and conveys a state of peace. It's infinitely gentle and yet like a rock. With it, all fear disappears, and spiritual joy occurs on a quiet level of inexplicable ecstasy. Because the experience of time stops, there's no apprehension, regret, pain, or anticipation; the source of joy is unending and ever-present. With no beginning or ending, there can be no loss, grief, or desire – and nothing needs to be done, for everything is already perfect and complete.”

~ David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.,
describing his enlightenment experience
in his book, Power vs. Force

The Presence is the home of the spirit that matters on Earth as in ‘heaven’ - the quantum field of ‘All That Is’… ‘The Power of Love’ …‘The Source Field’…’Unity Conscience’… and the ‘Common Sense’ of a future we all want – the Family of Mankind in a global village of enlightened TeLeComm.

The Presence Process is at heart the ‘Creative Ascent Process’ (CAP) as the ‘CAPstone’ of the archetypal pyramid of Self and Civilization.


This ‘homecoming event’ is at heart the science of success for evolutionary ascent of personal and planetary consciousness. This homecoming process has been anciently known as the alchemical process of turning the base elements of consciousness into the gold of the Higher Self – one’s higher conscience – as that small voice within that is truly the ‘mediator’ for the Spherical Presence as the common sense of coherent unity conscience at the heart of the unified Source Field: G.O.D.~ without end.

This is a process of becoming present
 to the gift of
The Presence in order
to be successful in your own right;
being right in your own mind and
being mindful at
home with
heart coherence.

No success can compensate
for failure in the
where your
heart is.

All Ways … Always

Full Spectrum TeLeComm



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