Global Holistic Healing Series

Chemtrails, Chem-Flu,
& Non-Chemical Healing

Christopher Rudy / UltraMedics Services

There is a mystery illness spreading across the U.S.,
coinciding with massive chemtrail spraying,
and it's possible the two are related.

Over the years I’ve read numerous articles on heavy chemtrail spraying in different parts of America and Europe. Often those news reports mention emergency rooms jammed with patients suffering from a bizarre upper respiratory infection with coughing, wheezing and flu-like symptoms including aches, pains and lymphatic congestion typifying an ‘elimination crisis’… trying to detoxify from something.

But it doesn’t act quite like a virus. It’s often reported as ‘mystery flu’, and flu vaccines are ineffective against it. If it was really a bacterial or a viral infection, it would cause a fever but that’s not often the case. It often lasts for weeks, if not months with sinus congestion and drainage, cough, fatigue and general malaise like something is not quite right.

I follow these articles because back in 2001, I was Communications Director for Dr. Leonard Horowitz who had already become the world’s leading authority on chemtrails with his New York Times bestseller, AIDS, EBOLA and EMERGING VIRUSES.

When I went to work for Dr. Horowitz in Sandpoint Idaho, I became the publicist for Len’s just released book,
DEATH IN THE AIR - Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare (1). I was getting Len on as many as 3 radio talks shows a day.

Len tried to warn us, but that was the summer before 9-11, 2001. Len’s ‘prophetic’ revelations about chemical and biological agents in vaccines and chemtrails were quickly forgotten with the 24/7 shock and awe after 9-11.

I believe Dr. Horowitz is one of the most fearless health rights activists in the world. To this day he continues to champion the truth about chemtrails as well as vaccinations which are now in the mainstream news with the controversy over the VAXXED Movie (2)

One thing I learned well from Horowitz is the importance of new breakthroughs with SBO probiotics – Soil Based Organisms (3) for both vaccine and chemtrail assaults on the immune system. They improve the gut microbiome and immune system more than any other non-chemical natural remedy.

Perhaps a close second for immune system support is Swedish Pollen Extract (SPX) which is nutraceutical-grade royal jelly (4). For the last 49 years, it has been used in Europe for preventing and treating colds and flu, and is now used worldwide by immunologists in drip-IVs after  the immune system is wiped out by chemo and radiation.
I know the whole story of this because I went to Sweden in 1987 and got the SPX distribution rights to the North American market for health food stores and sports nutrition markets. I was able to get medical research data showing SPX to be as effective for cancer as for colds by strengthening the immune system like no other natural substance. 

But that was before the source company was bought by one of the giant US Big Pharma companies for the cancer industry. Fortunately my distributor rights were grandfathered and I continue to supply health food stores and nutritionists.

After 40 years developing 4 holistic healing centers (5), I’ve worked with dozens of healing modalities and hundreds of nutritional therapies for all kinds of conditions. Experience has taught me that there are no two supplements that work together better for immune system support than the SPX and the SBO probiotic called Prescript-Assist.

So if you think you might have chem-flu or some other immune deficiency, these two supplements will only help with healthy side-effects.

And if you see heavy chemtrail activity, use a little common sense; stay indoors. Certainly don’t go jogging or hiking the hills on a chemtrail day.

For Your Optimal Health,


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