The 2017 ‘Big Shift’ Series

Understanding the Chaos before Catharsis
On the Threshold of Global Paradigm Shift

This compendium clearly explains
the power struggles & chaos now
 evident between CIA factions, the
  media, and Trump administration.

 As explained in Part Seven of the
'Nine Signs of Ascension Times',
 the global Internet paradigm shift
is in the final stage of upgrading
 our 3-D perception of 'perfection'
 and "deception" (chaos), created
  by laggard consciousness that is
'Stuck In Negativity', also known
 as paradigm paralysis or "DUH"

 In other words, global paradigm shift
 is disrupting our paradigm paralysis.

 The Internet world is now witnessing
 chaos, erupting in corporate media,
and finding
spy versus spy conflict
 over ending the war-for-profit cabal
to initiate peace for prosperity with
 'good business' and a meritocracy.



Feb 17, 2017 /

Kucinich: “Whether you’re for Trump or against Trump, the White House is under attack from elements inside the intelligence community, which are trying to elevate tensions between Russia and the US! At the bottom of that is money and an agenda to cash-in on conflict! There’s a game going on inside the intelligence community where there are those who want to separate the US from Russia in a way that would re-ignite the cold war… Wake up America!”


Former CIA officer explains the 7 factions
within the Central Intelligence Agency

Published on Feb 10, 2017

It's important to know that Robert David Steele is a champion of open-source intelligence. In this 10 minute interview excerpt, Robert explains the conflicting factions within the CIA behind conflicting messages in corporate media.

Robert is author of The Open-Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, and Trust. His saga includes status quo challenges to developing open source models for our global village of instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities. See The Open Source Revolution Is Coming - an in-depth article in the UK Guardian featuring Robert Steele.

Many world leaders follow Robert's work, realizing that the old paradigm of centralized top-down command-&-control creates mis-matched expectations and conflict with the new Internet paradigm of decentralized Net-roots cooperation and collaboration.

This is the CAUSE AND CORE CONFLICT we see between CLOSED SYSTEMS and OPEN SYSTEMS within the 17 branches of the U.S. Intelligence Community... now erupting with fake news and cognitive dissonance in the corporate media.

See Robert's Public Intelligence Blog HERE.

See also my interview with Robert on Cosmic Radio HERE.

Here's a brief synopsis of CIA factions from the video:

1) White House CIA the plumbers, domestic dirty tricks, still today;  2) Wall Street CIA direct support to major banks & corporations (now based in NYC);  3) Legal CIA Analytics children supported by geriatric annuitants – 20% effective;  4) Legal CIA clandestine, communications, science & technology 10% effective;  5) Legal Special Operations CIA 100% effective small stuff, 20% effective big stuff;  6) 'Safari Club' 200 or so people focused on rendition, torture, secret prisons;  7) Drone CIA 2000 people committing crimes against humanity. 


Steve Pieczenik: Powershift Update

Published on Feb 16, 2017

DHS Insider Warns "It's Spy Versus Spy"
Feb 17, 2017 /
Excerpts follow from this 'must read' article:

  • Do you notice two central themes running through the MSM lately?  Those themes are “Fear the Russians” and “#PizzaGate is fake news.“ Both tropes come from the same place.
  • The same media screaming “The Russians are coming” is the same media who says “Pizzagate is fake news” That’s CIA and Mossad talking points.
  • Facebook and CIA are literally the same petri-dish. Google became a Deep State organ courtesy of CEO Eric Schmidt.
  • FBI anon did a “bank shot.” That’s a pool hall term we use. Ask Robert Steele about it. FBI Anon rattled their cages as other DHS and local authorities rounded up all sorts of street-level human traffickers. The big arrests will come in time, but first the small fish are interrogated, and provide information that leads to larger fish. FBI Anon was firing a shot across the bow, much like you shake a beehive to infuriate the bees. Notice how blatantly hostile McCain, Schumer, Graham, and others are?
  • When FBI anon leaked in early July, the whole idea was to expose the Clinton Foundation and to hint at the sale of “people,” i.e. PedoGate. Look back at his exchange on 4chan. He is a gifted analyst, and knows just what stone to throw at Goliath’s noggin. By triggering the shadow Government, he helps citizen journalists ask the right questions and follow the right breadcrumbs, not the rabbit holes the Elite scum want you to follow.
  • Now, PedoGate victims are speaking out on their experiences! You just had a story on some lady who went through having her family abused by California-Deep-State-sponsored terrorism. If folks knew that CPS in California is tied into a huge racket that kidnaps children from parents, they would realize just how sick this is. Foster homes, CPS, etc… all get paid well to jail parents and then snatch their kids away. These kids suffer abuse, and perpetuate the growing cancer called PedoGate. Politicians who have pedophile tendencies are groomed for power, because they can be later extorted and controlled. Meanwhile, victims have no voice- until now. Suddenly, we have citizen journalism, and it will end up saving the people, in the end.  I have to go, but please contact Robert David Steele, the former CIA agent. <cut> Full Article HERE.

[Video of Robert David Steele follows]

Enemies Within The Gate:
The Deep State

Published on Feb 17, 2017
Former CIA officer Robert David Steele explains how General Flynn was really fired because he was in possession of a high-level Washington DC pedophile list with many names. One of those names was the
 "best friend" of Vice President Mike Pence.

See also: Warning on a Violent 'American Spring'

Dr. Steve Pieczenik:
"It's not a civil war. It's gurgling of a
dying institution."
(old paradigm)

Published on Feb 1, 2017
“We have to be patient.  The initial incision by the surgeon Trump, doesn’t necessarily mean the operation is successful.  Like any operation where we literally are changing the metabolism and the state of the patient, which America is in, we have to wait for completion of the operation. Who are the people who will implement the change, how good are they really, how effective are they, is Trump going to monitor that, and those are the kind of things that we have to watch out for. So the revolution has just begun. But remember, in every revolution, those of us who are the flame-keepers, who are initiated like yourself and your people, we’ll be watching. It’s not a given right now.” ~ Dr. Pieczenik
The Corrupt Media Programs Chaos
With a Divide-to-Conquer Agenda
Published on Feb 7, 2017

American Political Cronyism
Feb 13, 2017 /
"Cronyism for the .00001 is a growing cancer that
has destroyed Rule of Law and asset-stripped
middle class America to the bone, making many
 one or two paychecks from the street."
~ Preston James. Ph.D


Anonymous - How the Economy is
'Strip-Mined' for the One Percent

Feb 18, 2017

The War on Terror Excuse for Dollar Domination



Feb 16, 2017
The US intelligence community continues its war
to kick Donald Trump to the curb and
destroy his presidency.
Obviously, the NSA, the CIA, and their
silent partners want to continue
to run this country.
So they spy and leak,
spy and leak.

And so goes the chaos before catharsis...
the proverbial darkness before the dawn.

United Sovereigns of Earth

 Full Spectrum Enlightenment with the
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

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If you have read this far and 'processed' the above
 with a philisophical calm like the eye of a huricane,
maintain your pure intention for good discernment
of the U.S.-Global evolution revolution revelations
shaping all of 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.

This is Ben's perspective on the serious power struggle
 coming to a head in the U.S. and worldwide.  Note the
 shocking info about Trump that could be true or not,
as explained by David Wilcock, later in the video.


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