Oct 13, 2019 / Full Moon in Aries
2019 Global rEVOLUTION Series

Healing the End Times Madness

Keep the Faith - Hold the Vision

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This compendium developed with seven videos
since beginning on the Sept 28th New Moon.
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Christopher L. Rudy,
Co-Producer & Host of BBS Radio's
Cosmic Show, 12th year
  The last stage before a high state of global
     community - the Aquarian Mandate fulfilled -
  is the social, political and economic chaos
    that is well known as 'End Times Madness'.
We're seeing it now folks!
  This is the process of ascending as a form
    of collective holistic healing that follows the
   classical model which is to first detoxify by
     purging 'toxins' (pathological victim dictum).
     The Aquarian Spirit of Freedom-in-
   will naturally manifest via ascension above
all that is less than common sense love.
  But first we've got to clean house, purge
 the negativity, discern the deep state of
 dis-ease and warring in the members of
 humanity... and focus our attention with
 pure intention for
TLC retention and 5D
 ascension in a High State of coherence
  for all 'US' - United Sovereigns of Earth.
TeLeComm is gaining 'traction'
(accelerated 5D
TLC manifestation).   
   This is how the ascension process heals
    the madness of pardigm paralysis that is
Stuck In Negativity (S-I-N).
    The more love, the more disruption of corruption.
       It goes with the territory - the initiation of Aquarius.
      Our enlightenment challenges all things nefarious.
 "If the shadows appear to be getting darker,
it's because the light that casts them
is getting brighter."
~ Daniel Pinchbeck
 Witness the not-so-civil media war of
 Democrats versus Republicans over
the Biden-Ukraine-China scandal.
Russia Gate 2.0 on Steroids!

  The polarization of public "BS" (Belief Systems) is
    extreme right now, and the most crucial aspects of
   strident impeachment proceedings against Trump
  are NOT told to the public, even by Republicans.

Trump: "We're At War, These People Are Sick"
October 2, 2019 / zerohedge.com
 Trump has accused Democrats of conducting a "coup"
 to remove him from office, commenting in response
that, "We're at war, these people are sick."


Sept 30, 2019 / Steve Pieczenik
What does the CIA need for a coup? Some compromised
people in power...like Adam Schiff, Hunter & Joe Biden.
These DNC cons are about to go down, fast time.
Complete Timeline - the Ukraine Scandal

October 4, 2019 / Glen Beck
Glenn explains EVERYTHING you need to know about the Ukraine scandal. And it goes MUCH further than Hunter and Joe Biden, and their involvement there. This timeline gives you all the facts and self-evident proof that there was DNC collusion, not collusion with President Trump, during the 2016 election. Democrats worked with Ukrainian officials to investigate "dirt" on Trump, and Glenn shows you EVERYTHING -- including how even George Soros is involved -- in a way that's easy to understand.
Watch the FULL Ukraine Special Report here:

See also: Ukraine for Dummies
Nov 14, 2019 / Ray McGovern
There was no excuse for Congress' ignorance
of Ukraine. Here is a guide to help.

Robert Steele: Adam Schiff & CIA
Compromised to Point of Treason?
Oct 5, 2019 /  https://phibetaiota.net
"We Have Schiff on Tape Committing Treason."

The Bidens and the 1.5 Billion China Deal
October 3, 2019 / ZeroHedge.com
This is an embarrassment for:
- Democratic Party leadership;
- Chinese leadership;
- US Deep State.
So the lamestream media is silent on this
 because they're Deep State collaborators.
(But it's great Reality TV for the ETs!)
In 2013, then-Vice President Joe Biden and son
Hunter flew to China together on Air Force Two.

Two weeks later, Hunter's Investment firm inked
   a $1.5 billion private equity deal with a subsidiary
 of the state-owned Bank of China.

  Think about it folks. Were Biden & Son bagmen
   for the Clinton Foundation extortion racket while
 Hillary was Secretary of State?  Public records
 revealed that Clinton acquired more than $200
 BILLION dollars for pay-to-play payoffs from  
many countries and giant global corporations.
  Russia donated $0.00 to the Trump campaign.
Russia donated $145 MILLION to the Clinton
   Foundation. But Trump is the one investigated!
   Is it true that Hillary is still running the DNC
Deep State cabal through her foundation?
Would you agree that Hillary's revenge is  
   to get rid of Trump with a Deep State coup?
There are NO real whistleblowers, just 
Deep State operatives trying to pull off
a coup before the Brennan, Comey and
Clinton crimes explode onto the scene.

Oct 7, 2019 / NewsTarget.com / Mike Adams

EXCERPT: The lawless, desperate Deep State is now rolling out a series of so-called “whistleblowers”, a scheme that appears to have no end in sight since none of these “whistleblowers” need to be named. In the same way that Leftists claim there are 5,000 genders, they can also claim there are 5,000 whistleblowers, even if none of them are real. 
     The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that the same Clinton-linked legal team that has been scheming with Rep. Adam Schiff’s office to push the deep state lies of the first whistleblower is now claiming to have “multiple whistleblowers.” With Democrats and the left-wing media now fabricating literally everything in a last-ditch effort to eliminate Trump from power, this claim carries about as much weight as a five-year-old child saying she has multiple imaginary friends.
Why the sudden panic? Because under the direction of AG Barr, the DOJ is set to release a damning report on criminal FISA abuse (by Comey, Brenna, Obama, Strock and others) within the next two weeks.
~ Continued
When Hillary lost to Trump, she went into revenge mode. Her well-funded Deep State collaborators took extraordinary steps to stop candidate Trump and then President Trump in every possible way. Is it possible their greatest fear is that Trump would discover and expose what was really going on with their massive extortion racket with point men like Vice-President Biden?
"If it sounds shocking that a vice president would shape US-China policy as his son - who has scant experience in private equity ­ clinched a coveted billion-dollar deal with an arm of the Chinese government, that’s because it is" -Peter Schweizer via the New York Post
The Whole Truth is Indeed Shocking!

The Routine Corruption of US Foreign Policy
Sept 26, 2019 / ConsortiumNews.com

 As Aquarian light surges,
the Deep State purges.


Deep shift if you get my drift:)
  Why? Pure unadulterated panic of top democrats
who realize that truth of this matter will sink their
  ships, so they have decided to weather the storm
by creating their own -
Russia Gate on steroids.
When I say Democrats, I'm also referring to the
  corporatocracy cabal - the Deep State - and by
 extension, mainstream media as now includes
Facebook, YouTube & Google... ALL of which
 have been hell-bent on mass censorship over
 the U.S. Internet  this last year... but I digress.

 bread and circuses for the masses while
 a deeper issue of global economic reset
 challenges core central bank corruption.

Banking Cover-up: The Federal Reserve
Is Neither Federal, Nor a Reserve



G7 Circus Diverts Attention From
New Central Bank Swindle
Sept 14, 2019 / X22Report Spotlight
The G7 nations engaged in a three-ring circus of obfuscation, while demonstrating a convincing display of their institutional policy bankruptcy, at their August 24-26 summit in Biarritz, France, where they sidestepped discussion of the real issues facing humanity, by avoiding any discussion of the single, defining matter before mankind: The irreversible bankruptcy of the entire London-run trans-Atlantic financial system.
     While the circus was underway in Biarritz, the real agenda was presented quietly, without much fanfare or publicity, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on August 22-24.  There, at the annual meeting convened by the Kansas City Federal Reserve, a gang of central bankers and other financial swindlers called for a "regime change in monetary policy", in a desperate attempt to keep their empire intact. 

     As described by the Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche, "The real story is that the Jackson Hole meeting
declared a coup, what they themselves call a 'regime change in monetary policy'. They are openly demanding the issuance, by Central Banks, of 'helicopter money', which would basically eliminate the last aspects of national sovereignty of governments, by giving the authority to the central banks to directly pump fiat money both into official state, but also private channels."
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York first initiated its emergency overnight loans to Wall Street this year on Tuesday, September 17, starting off at the rate of $75 billion daily. It then increased its overnight loans to $100 billion and will continue to do this until October 10th or later.
What is 'Wealth Inequality'?
Excerpt from Robert David Steele
in a 2019 video HERE.
"26 people have as much wealth
at the top (globally) as
   3.5 billion people at the bottom."
The financial elite's golden rule is,

  "He who has the gold makes the rules."
What is 'Wealth Equality'?
One for all and all for one with
the Currency of Conscience;
the rule by Common Sense
(Web 3.0 ethics) whereby
Common Sense rules!
U.S. income inequality at highest
level in 50 years
Sept 26, 2019 / NBC News/Associated Press
The gap between the haves and have-nots in the United States grew last year to its highest level in more than 50 years. Income inequality in the United States expanded from 2017 to 2018, with several wealthy coastal states still having the most inequality overall, according to figures released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau.
Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on income inequality from reliable major media sources.

In Summary - Darkest Before the Dawn?

Excerpt: Yesterday I was watching a video of Yale History professor Timothy Snyder in which he states "It's patently clear that some of the people who're involved in current politics are borrowing some of the tactics of the 1920s and 1930s."  

We have a situation of mainstream media madness with divisive disinformation, dissonance and dysfunction due to fork-tongued, two-faced double-speak whereby Dems - after learning that Trump was looking into the Biden-Ukraine-China matters -  trot out so-called 'whistleblowers' to accuse Trump falsely of what Biden, by his own boasting admission on video, actually did!
Clearly, those formerly in power under Obama have hit the panic button with Trump threatening to release more than 125,000 sealed indictments that target corruption at the highest levels of government.
So prepare for a storm of corporate media Trump bashing... followed by Big Tech rigging of search algorithms to make independent media invisibile so that everyone gets a sanitized Deep State version of truth-telling before the presidential election.
Tulsi Gabbard:
"DNC and Corporate Media are
Rigging the Election Again."

Oct 10, 2019 / Tulsi Gabbard

Sept 30
, 2019 / SGTreport.com
2020 isn't just an election year, it's a line in
the sand to defend and save our Republic.
If you've read this far and want to do some good
to resolve this issue with public intelligence...
then please pay it forward and pass it on,
sharing this with friends on Facebook or
e-mailing 'Balanced Vision' to friends.
  wins in the end,
initiating Aquarius with
Freedom in .

Full Spectrum
 Global TeLeCare,


Pathways to Peace
Speech delivered by Nobel peace Laureate
Mairead Maguire at the World Beyond War
4th Annual Conference in Ireland

October 7, 2019 / GlobalResearch.ca

Excerpt: We need to offer new hope to a humanity suffering under the scourge of militarism and war.  People are tired of armaments and war. People want Peace. They have seen that militarism does not solve problems, but is a part of the problem.
"Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other... No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare."  ~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution, April 20, 1795
Militarism also creates uncontrollable forms of tribalism and nationalism. These are a dangerous and murderous form of identity and about which we need to take steps to transcend, lest we unleash further dreadful violence upon the world.  To do this we need to acknowledge that our common humanity and human dignity is more important than our different traditions.   We need to recognize our life and the lives of others (and Nature) are sacred and we can solve our problems without killing each other. Read more...
The Light of Peace to Sustain
the Light of God Within Us

Oct 6, 2019 / HeartsCenter.org
The Light of Peace by Archangel Uriel and Aurora was released through David Christopher Lewis, spiritual teacher and author, during The Hearts Center 2019 Autumn Equinox Prayer Vigil with the seven Archangels: "Charge the Earth with Violet Light!", Livingston, Montana, September 18-22. Join heartfriends around the world in Aquarian prayer and meditation, services, conferences, pilgrimages, and Meru University spiritual courses.

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