The 2017 Big Shift 
Mass Illusion is Disintegrating;
5-D Conscience is Integrating.

As the Veil Thins, Intention for Ascension Wins

Sept 16, 2017 Cosmic Show podcast HERE

The veil is thinning ~ 5D enlightenment is winning.
 3D Density is 'purging' ~ opportunity is surging.
Net reality is emerging and encouraging
with good intention for ascension.
Seven videos following:

The global Internet has revolutionized our conscious evolution with instant-everywhere and interactive knowledge power to know better and ideally do better... given pure intention in good conscience.

Are you aware that the natural progression of this evolution is a new common sense of the Family of Mankind as an all-connected 'global village' where space and time have been virtually eliminated?

Would you agree that – given the vision for doing so – these new Internet capabilities could very quickly be harnessed to empower global wisdom with love of a universal nature?

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and
the tides,  but when he can harness the
power of love, then for the second
time in the history of the world,
   man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin

Based on your own visionary attainment, consider the upside of global transformation at this propitious time – the ascension spiral that is going 'viral' in the global mind. This is the fruit of general enlightenment with the Internet revolution's upgrade of Five Core Freedoms.

Information wants to be FREE. People want to be FREE. And our collective-global LOVE wants to be FREED from the degenerative downward spiral caused by corrupt powers that profit from terror, war, deception and disease at the expense of public freedom, health, peace and prosperity for all of ‘US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth.

God is Love and Unites-Heals All.

 United common sense says that
the higher one’s concept of the
   universal Law of One (),
  the greater the results whereby
first principle of kindness
overrides the divisive sense of
 separation from a God of Love.

  Fearless faith in a unified field
 of systemic -in-action
 naturally neutralizes negation
 of the ordained power of love.

This is why pure intention for
 a common univeral language
of '
light' for global
- a unified ‘
prayer field’ -
is so important now.

  Are you aware that on Sept 12 a massive solar flare
 blasted off into space but missed Earth?  It was so
    huge that a direct hit would have fried circuit boards,
 blown power grids, and brought back the dark ages
  "BC" (Before Computers).  Here's the video report:
  How Big Can the Sun Flare?

Sept 12, 2017 /

Pure Intention Secures Our Ascension

  There is ultimately no security without purity of
 intention as focuses attention with retention of
 love for ascension in a unified field dimension
  of enlightened ‘full-spectrum’ comprehension.

I'm not saying it will be easy and without
big disruption of Deep State corruption.

But ascension wins as the veil thins
and cosmic love shines through.

Other Recent Videos:

The Healing Power of Intention
And Reciprocal Benefits

Sept 1, 2017 / Lynne McTaggart
Quantum University

Witness this amazing research showing the
‘intention key’ for attracting good karma;
that praying for others is actually
 better for you than having
 others pray for you!

Skip to the
‘Mirror Effect of Intention’
at 23 minutes, and also,
‘A Study of Prayer’
at 41:35 minutes.
This profoundly insightful video documents
the original intention of selfless prayer
whereby divine love is
for giving.

See also Lynne’s video:
How Group Thought Can Heal the World

April 21, 2017 / Consciousness & Human Evolution
 Note from CR: Consider how such pure intention
  can liberate free online Universal Health Care with
Global TeLeCare.

Your Covenant-Connection with

Sept 1, 2017 / Patricia Cota Robles

Melchizedek Speaks On
Rededicating Our Vows:

“You see the crumbling of the old order and
upheavals within nature signifying a time of
troubles before the great and notable day
of the Lord that comes whereby all must
give answer to their choices and then
either ascend or remain through another
series of cyclic rounds... in mortality.”

~ from the Sept 11
Hearts Center Community video:
Melchizedek Adjures us to Rededicate Ourselves
to Our Vows for the Saving of the Planet

Note from Christopher: For those who are new to
David Lewis and the
Hearts Center Community,
I highly recommend this week’s interview of
David on ‘Voice of Olympus’
H E R E.

Having hosted David on my Cosmic LOVE Radio Show
many times over the years, and having monitored his
decade of extraordinary work at,
my long investigation of David shows him to be
the ‘real deal’ for sincere Initiates who:
    1- Have pure intention for ascension:
2- Are open to what the Ascended
Masters have to say…
  3- Have the gift of discernment as
    the key gift of the holy spirit for
 attainment of all ascent gifts.

Saint Germain on Optimizing Ascension

Sept 9, 2017 / Hearts Center Community

    Many people have become ‘superheroes’
 by focusing intention on ‘super’ results.
  How? “They sought the outcome and
put all their focus and energy in it.”

This process – geometrized via
is the divine alchemy for discernment as
coherent heart for mind congruence
   and Global
TLC enlightenment in general:
Global TeLeComm and Global TeLeCare.

So Keep the Faith, Discern the Truth,
and Claim the Victory of

Systemic global reset with an upgrade
from InterNet to InnerNet:

The direction of correction for perfection
by defining, refining, combining and
shining enlightened principles of
global interactive freedom with
universal co-creation vision
for Divine Direction with
the whole-holy spirit of

Culturing Consciousness with
Full Spectrum Enlightenment

 - The 2017 3D>5D Big Shift -
  with the Emerging Blueprint in
 the Continuum of Light & Love


A Revolution of Consciousness:
Understanding the Unified Field

The process of enlightenment throughout the
ages and now at the cusp of the Aquarian
  ‘Quantum Age’ of Freedom-in-.


 1-  Link the light of this message to “lightworkers”
(cultural creatives, spiritual devotees, etc.).

2-  Let your light shine with your “sacred labor”
(inspiring others with your

3- BE the conscious revolution your intent is to
 SEE ( is
for giving, not for getting).

So link the light, let it shine and be divine.

To with all your strength, mind and heart
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village
as your Higher Self.
~ Christopher

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