The 2017 'Timeline Adjustment'
As Mass Illusion Disintegrates
 And 5-D Conscience Integrates

May 31, 2017

 Ascension Cycle is Surging
Christlike Consciousness Emerging
With Global Unity Conscience

by the Host of Cosmic


Ninth Wave Frequency Surge Is Accelerating
with "Up-Wising" (Up-Rising) Ascension

  If you consider ‘ascension’ as the on-going realization of
  ‘more light’ in your consciousness, BEING and world-at-
 large, then you may consider ‘enlightened self interest’
 as the self-correcting self-elevation process that brings
higher consciousness into the equation of ‘ascension’.

 There’s nothing more valuable than this vision that has
 found it’s time with surge in the quantum ‘
source field
    as Dr. Carl Calleman explains via 9th wave frequencies
   on Saturday's Cosmic Show - podcast HERE.

The current surge is affecting everyone.

Calleman’s book, THE NINE WAVES of CREATION
   combines quantum science and empirical evidence to
 prove how patterns of history accurately correspond
to the ancient Mayan Calendar System as coded in
  nine step pyramids and etched in stone via depiction
of numerous cosmic cycles within cycles as directly
 relates to planetary conscious evolution revelations.

The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden age
(See Chapter 12 for a video on the 9th wave)

As Dr. Calleman explains in his recent article, the repeating 36 day frequency of the Ninth Wave is building a momentum of unity consciousness in the ‘Global Mind’, and since May 24th, there is a surge of these 9th wave energies that is further integrating the effect of previous energy waves; a co-Creation surge in an ascension spiral going 'viral' (systemically) in our Net reality.

These energies are peaking through June 1st.

Serious devotees of this subject can download a free application HERE that you can use to ‘test’ the accuracy of this 36 day ninth wave cycle as corresponds to dynamics in personal relationships and geopolitical events now emerging.

For example, the ‘GCR’ (Global Currency Reset) is progressing rapidly – quietly but systemically behind the scenes – while the current 9th wave is peaking. A global economic powershift from polarization to cooperation is in process.

This process of global transformation
  may be much different than imagined
  yet far better than you had hoped for.

So be a witness to this process of general enlightenment. As you become more conscious of HOW you/we are conscious – in the peaks and troughs of 9th wave cycles – you can prove or otherwise validate the integration spirals of the 9th wave for yourself.

I’m not saying this will happen overnight or without ‘chuckholes in the road ahead’ – the troughs in 9th wave cycles that can be like ‘dark nights of the soul’ when we process through benchmark events that are brought into awareness by peaks in the 9th wave cycles.

This understanding of ‘days’ and ‘nights’ as ‘unveiled’ and ‘veiled’ cycles are foundational within all Nine Waves since Earth’s creation – the cosmic order of the holographic universe – framing quantum field laws governing frequencies from the atomic to galactic.

A geopolitical example of ‘general enlightenment’ globally – with the current 9th wave peaking since May 24th – is the dying off of those “heavy” (dense) energies within ourselves and those world leaders who have represented the ‘dark side’ (Deep State) that has betrayed global peace and prosperity.

David Rockefeller recently died. And now, his
right-hand man, Zbigniew Brzenski, is dead.
Both were chief sponsors of the Deep State
agenda for a totalitarian New World ‘Odor’
 that stinks to high heaven. This is big news.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter, died Friday at a hospital in Virginia at the age of 89. Though the New York Times article on his death acknowledged that the former government advisor was a "hawkish strategic theorist", misrepresenting his legacy as otherwise positive may not be as easy as the Deep State is counting on.


May 30, 2017 /
This is the #1 source of U.S. government
anti-Russia policy that is still running in
 Deep State policies whereby
the wheels
 are still turning but the hamster is dead.

Understanding Deep State Policy:
Social control by confusion

Several years ago, Adam Curtis made
a film about a new concept:
"Social control by confusion"
It's starting to make a lot of sense.
Video and article HERE.

If you watch that short video, you'll see the same pattern of social control with fake news confusion in Western corporate media combined with President Trump's foreign policy flip-flops from campaign promises of non-confrontation with Russia to the Deep State's agenda of endless war powers without Constitutional principle.

See also:
How Mass Media Controls the Mass Mind
May 2017 /

So have a check up from the neck up!

Take advantage of the peaking 9th wave energies to become more aware of the language of consciousness that will enlighten personal and planetary evolution with the next generation of the computer/Internet revolution.

 Keep the Faith, See the Good,
and Make it So!

Culturing Conscious Evolution Revelations
 with Adjustment to 5-D 9th Wave Energies

To   with all your strength, mindheart and soul,
and your all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.

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