2017 Big Shift Series / Dec 9, 2017
As 3D Dysfunction Disintegrates
and 5-D Function Integrates

Christ mass Awakening
- 2nd Coming -
with Universal

Systemic Global Upgrade of
 Five Core Internet Freedoms

This is a metaphoric Christmas Story,
the reason for this holiday season
that brings 'light' to dark places
for both adults and children.

See a bedtime prayer at bottom that provides
Christ mass primer for heart connection
 like a prayer of pure intention and focused
 attention with love's retention for creative
ascension in the dimension of
 comprehension beyond reprehension.

As the Big Shift of 2017 comes to a Christmas climax,
those with great love in their hearts are awakening
to the realization that little else matters now.
The end of the world as we've known it
is the beginning of a new world
 that promises a return to
  'The Foundation

  With the 2017 Big Shift culminating
  and global transformation obvious,
 welcome the spirit of
Christ mass
awakening in our social networks
as a global unified quantum field
 of cosmic law: universal .

The 2017 Big Shift Climax:
Surge in the Source Field

Our entire solar system is now
going through the Big Shift…

transforming magnetic fields on all planets:

The basic structure of the Heliosphere (courtesy of NASA)

Our Solar System is moving into a new
energy zone, recalibrating the energy
matrix of not just Earth, but also our
consciousness of '
US' as a United
Sovereigns of Earth as a 'whole'.

This energetic shift on a solar system level is
 transforming the magnetic fields on all planets
and upgrading the resonant DNA frequencies
in trillions of our cells that are communicating
with each other and the quantum unified field.

 This upgrade of the 'InnerNet' web of light
 is morphing the fabric of space-time and
   quickening conscientious common sense
 of the Whole Truth with full disclosure of
  the opportunity –
Christ mass awakening
  within the systemic global web of civility.

"This world we live in has been compared to a web.
If you touch a spider web in one place,
the whole web quivers.
Our vibrations, our thoughts, what we do,
all send a quiver through the
web of this planet.
May the vibrations that we each send out
this moment, this day, be for
the healing and comfort
and upliftment of all."
~Sibylle Custer

Global Interactive Internet Reality
5D 'Christ Mass'
as the '2nd Coming'

A signature aspect of the general enlightenment now occurring – thanks to the global computer/Internet rEVOLUTION – is awareness of HOW one is conscious, i.e., with a CONSCIENCE… that small voice within that reflects those Christ-like attributes which define the true spirit of Christ mass consciousness.

This is the metaphoric ‘Christmas Story’
that brings light to dark places for
more full spectrum ‘light’ as
the Spirit that matters
 within and with all.

Children will feel the magic of this story when it is presented well with pure geometric throughtforms of that frames the ‘building blocks’ for the creative learning process and actual processes of consciousness at the foundation of the self correcting, self-mastery process for one’s upward-mobile ascension throughout life.

As goes the children,
so goes the future.

Adults may even understand this ascent process scientifically as the long prophesied end of one age and beginning of another – a different sector of deep space energies that are ‘exciting’ our nervous systems with the higher energies of cosmic love.

The Quantum Age of Aquarius
known anciently to represent
‘Freedom in Cosmic
(Geometric Ordered Divinity)
aka ‘universal law & order’

The agitation of ‘normalcy’ that many people are feeling is because of a quantum shift in the frequency of ‘The Field’. The baseline Schumann Resonance ‘heartbeat’ of the Earth has risen dramatically. The higher frequencies are associated with higher dimensional awareness of a “spherical” (nonlinear) right-brain dominant nature.

This is the nature of the ‘Big Shift’
 from 3D left-brain dominance and
  toward 4D right-brain prominence
    to achieve 5D whole brain balance.

A new system of checks and balances is therefore going mainstream in the personal and planetary holodeck – the holographic field between both hemispheres of the brain as well as corresponding hemispheric fields of East and West.

There are laws of consciousness that are just like the laws of physics, but in a holographic quantum world, the physics of consciousness are nonlinear in a decentralized, instant-everywhere and interactive way… like the universal heartware interface for local or global mass-to-mass TeLeComm.


      Linear~   =>  ~Nonlinear
Space                        Time

Relative Balance

In all 5 archetypal dimensions of

This process of personal and planetary ascension is thus following the natural laws and language of consciousness governing transformation of the mental matrix of 3-D lockstep inear etter of the aw that is out of balance with 4D nnlinear intuitive knowing in the Spirit of atnement as atonement for ‘SIN’ (Struck In Negativity).

The movement is towards the QUICKENING of ‘O-point’ (nonlinear) spherical consciousness of an intuitive and empathic nature that represents the Language of the Angles of at the heart of the Law of the Angles of G.O.D. (Geometric Ordered Divinity)… for congruent form with coherent frequency.

"The beginning of wisdom is
a definition of terms."

~ Socrates

This process of culturing Christ-like consciousness on a mass scale is sometimes referred to as the 5-D quantum shift in the morphic fields of Earth.  But more often you probably have heard of the Second Coming of Christ, and didn’t know that this referred to Aquarian energies of Christ-like freedom-in- as universal law and global language… coming to a hand-held heartware interface near you!

Culturing global wholeness, healing,
blessing and sealing in the light of
Christ mass consciousness.

This ‘Ascension Process’ is the conscious evolution process that involves and cultures our individual and collective ‘Conscience Currency’ – the  processes of consciousness that define, refine and ‘shine’ awareness of HOW we are conscious in good Conscience as determines the highest and best use of our gifts, talents and collective resources.

If you have , you don’t need much else. is the only thing that the more you give it away, the more you have. If you don’t have it, it doesn't matter much what else you may have.


Systemic Global Upgrade of
 Five Core Internet Freedoms

 The Family of Mankind is on the threshold of a new unity in diversity in our global village of instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities. The only question now is HOW our new Net reality will mature to upgrade Five Core Net Freedoms of, by and for billions of global Netizens yearning to breathe free from self-serving power elite potentates who profit by creating and managing war, disease, and death of our environment life support systems.

 The Opportunity is Equal to the Challenge

The evolution of the golden rule from Agriculture Age metaphors – reaping what we sow with loving kindness – is now maturing with the gold standard for a global golden age as the next wave of the computer/Internet Age begins to represent quantum reality in a Quantum Age with a universal interface for global mass-to-mass interaction – quantum computing with .

The Epigenetics of Conscious Evolution

Think of yourself as a computer. If your computer is not able to keep up with the ability to process new information in old programs, it’s time for an upgrade that may include more memory, new programs and a higher processing speed.

It’s the same with global Net reality.
The Internet is due for an upgrade;
enlightenment to the next level.

This is also true for each one’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical ‘bodies’ as layers of programming. And in civilization at large, it’s the same for layers of programming in government, education, health care and the economy. It's ALL connected holistically in the holographic field of the personal/planetary holodeck.

 As within, so with all.

The computer mind of G.O.D.~ is thus an exquisite metaphor – modern day parable – that parallels cosmic law governing your 'brain field holodeck as your platform for cognition from 1- upper brain to lower brain, 2- from left brain to right brain, and 3- forebrain foresight to rear-brain hindsight.

 The 'cosmic cube' thoughtform
for the holodeck

This 3D frame of reference is a composite of 1- brightness scale and 2- color spectrum as a function of the universal ‘light language’ (of consciousness) that gives depth – hindsight to foresight – in time as the 4th dimension. More on 4D perception at: The Future of Time.

That article explains how there are four archetypal ways of perceiving time that corresponds directly to four archetypal processes of consciousness that are common to both the “InnerNet” (introversion spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically), and the “OuterNet” (extroversion in government, education, health care and the economy).  

 Balanced integration of these 4 dimensions
defines, refines & ‘shines’ 5D Conscience.

 This is what Heartware CyberEthics achieves.

All the ingredients for the ‘Next Economy’ 

The Next Economy?

  Is it true that the coin of the cosmic realm
is the gold standard – the golden rule?
Are you aware that cosmic law language
  frames 1st principles of the golden rule?

Would you agree that as a rule
   has archetypal value for cryptocurrency?

This is how cryptocurrency valuation of
open source code can monetize
global holistic healing with

framing spherical synergies holistically

Note how maps in this large version
represents the Circle of Oneness in all 4
geometric archetypes of universal law.

Atonement as at-ne-ment:
The Law of the ne;
The ne Law and
The Two-in-ne,
Creative Ascent Process)
 for interactive co-Creation
(Geometric Ordered Divinity)

This Conscience Currency
is dedicated to the
 One Eye...

"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary
only to know the nature of love itself.
To truly know love is to know and understand
God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "
The Eye of the I"

(Holodeck map codes HERE)

The higher the concept of value,

What Is Money?
(Yes, We're Talking About Bitcoin)

12-07-2017 / Zerohedge.com

by Charles Hugh Smith 
Good ideas don't require force. That describes the mobile phone, the Internet, cryptocurrency… (and Web 3.0
Global TeLeComm).

 Catch the wave, build the wave and
 ride the wave of mass-valuation for
bits – a new cyber currency
now getting ready for global launch.

Unique Sovereignty proposition:

   – All currencies are subordinate to
Currency of Conscience
, and
is coin of this realm.

– All currencies are convertible to
for global valuation
 Five Core Internet Freedoms.

  All currencies thus contribute to
       valuation of public ‘
TLC Ascent’
   with global holistic

All TeLeCommerce with
will thus underwrite Heartware
        for an economics of abundance.

Open Source Coding of maps
for Navigating Cyberspace with a
 universal cyberEthics interface.

Contributors at your mark, ready, set,
   1- Get in early and cash out big;
      2- Developers paid in
3- Healers earn via
(Global TeLeCare);
     4- Leader bonuses in
   (Global TeLeComm).


Law of the One ~ Circle of WholEness
for Christ mass ‘birthing’

   The circle is the 1st principle represented
   in all four universal archetypes.
(as in the large graphic above)
   This is the round table model of ordained
   community though open communication
 systems for culturing unity in diversity:
 “E. Pluribus Unum” (Out of Many - One)

It’s now well known that the universe is holographic in nature as is structured holistically with first principles of cosmic law governing the order of the universe with the prime directive that is self corrective with self-regulating systems of self governing sovereignty in terms of the one-universal law language for global reconciliation, peace, healing and prosperity.

Launching Heartware CyberEthics

The Heartware Project for Global TeLeComm

Culturing wisdom of the crowd
- Effective Sensory Perception -
in our global social networks
 by involving our interaction
 with a
universal interface
which evolves wisdom
 with common sense.

Pay attention because attention pays
with this  Heartware Update re:
the ‘Ascension Process’.

In the large scheme of conscious evolution in the continuum, the future has already happened. That’s easier to conceive, believe and achieve when you grasp the vision of the trends to a ‘Unity State’ of ‘Universal Solidarity’ for all of ‘US’ as the United Sovereigns of Earth.

The divine destiny for Earth’s evolutions is not a mystery when known. There’s no security without purity of intention with focused attention on love’s retention for conscious ascension in a 'unity dimension' of unified field comprehension… the advent of quantum computing that requires cyberEthics as represent the universal Law of the Angles of GOD (Geometric Ordered Divinity) that is at heart the golden ratio rule/law language of heart coherence  as the Language of the Angels of  (our better nature).

Love is not just looking at each other;
it's looking in the same direction.

~Antoine De Saint-Exupery

A shared vision of a universal interface
for global co-Creation with .

For children, that can represent a simple prayer
from your heart to theirs.

Summary Inspiration
Praying with children
 One of my favorite memories as father for 4 children
 was tucking them into bed and then saying a version
 of the following prayer with them, while rubbing their
 feet with my thumbs at the heart reflexology point on
 each foot - at the upper center - just under the pads.
 To build momentum of magic moments
that matriculate the matrix of a
magnanimous heart of
loving kindness.

1st, an attitude of gratitude for soulful ‘altitude’:
I am grateful for my rest and food
and loving care, and all that
makes the world so fair.

2nd, an affirmation of faith in pure goodness:
I am positive that love is who I Am
at the heart of my beating heart,

 and this is God's living Presence
on Earth as in heaven.
[G.O.D. is ]

3rd, confirmation of faith in higher power:
My I Am Presence makes me whole
and speaks to me through my soul
so I may know just how to see
the good in life for me to be.

4th, integration with soulful determination:
Now I lay me down to sleep...
I pray thee Lord my soul to keep.
My Presence guide me through the night
and wake me in the morning light.

Pray together to stay together,
  is for giving, not forgetting;
pay it forward.

Bottom line ~ the highest good:

Be a blessing - a gift to other people.
Look through the eyes of love.
What would love do?

Love finds those who see clearly.
The kind man of G.O.D.~
~G.O.D. in all mankind.

Look to SEE... Know to BE
the G.O.D.~ code:
Geometric Ordered Divinity

Conceive it, Believe it and Achieve it with
Vision, Virtue and Valor for the Victory of
Affirmation, Confirmation, Determination
and Integration with Spirit that Matters
on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

Fearless faith is praying for what you truly want.
 Faithless fear is praying for what you don't want.

So Keep the Faith, See the Good and Make it So!

And please support this publication while
supporting your health. Thanks, C.R.

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