2017 Big Shift Series
 As 3D Dysfunction Disintegrates
and 5D Function Integrates

2017 Review & 2018 Preview
December 17, 2017
(New Moon conjunct the Galactic Center in Sagittarius)

Host of BBS Radio's
 Cosmic Show

Hope you enjoyed the 2017 Big Shift Series;
52 compendiums with many new videos and
 articles linked to this epic year in our history.
Thanks to all who contributed to this 2017
YEARBOOK... a unique time capsule of
current events - framed with -
as a
chalice for more light in 2018.
As for 2018, the major meme, theme,
and keynote-thoughtform of the year
is systemic upgrade personally and
 collectively, the integration of 5D,
as we witness the opportunity for
free online holistic healing plus
the emerging next economy
with secure decentralized
 and global blockchain
introduced last week
in the compendium

My intent is to find and integrate
 news that is important for
 co-creating a future we all want.

For example, this last Thursday, read:
Net Neutrality Neutralized by the FCC’

While everyone was busy preparing for Christmas,
  the Feds neutralized the neutrality of the Internet.
  The Big Brother Deep State of Surveillance now
deems it necessary to regulate the Internet
with the FCC’s
'Restoring Internet Freedom Order'

All year long I’ve been writing about
the urgent need to upgrade our

 Five Core Internet Freedoms.

Let’s hope that the FCC order
will not be like the unpatriotic
 ‘Patriot Act’ that eroded some
  core Constitutional freedoms,
 justifying mass surveillance.

 And God forbid if this ‘order’ is
  like the 2010 Supreme Court’s
  decision called Citizens United
that divided the public against
 the corporatocracy which was
  given the ‘personhood’ right to
  virtually buy Congress critters.

Interesting times to say the least!
So keep in mind some of these highlights
from 2017 to shed some light on trends
that will define, refine and 'shine' the
 2018 upgrade and Next Economy.
2017 Big Shift Highlights:

January – Prime Directive / First Principles

Spring – The Heartware Process & Project

  Summer – The 3D, 4D & 5D Paradigm Shift

     Autumn – Rise of the Divine Feminine Energy

  December – Ascension Spiral is Going Viral

NOTE: In this previous article on the ascension spiral, I go into the contributing factor of decentralized blockchain technology as now provides secure global cryptocurrency exchanges of value. This decentralized, interactive and secure future for 'currency valuation' includes a universal cyberEthics gold standard - an integral function of the value of computer/Internet tools and processes that are seamlessly integrated with current info-tech opportunity to optimize freedom, health and prosperity for all of 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth. More at: Ascension Spiral is Going Viral, plus the bonus report on cryptocurrency in the 2018 preview below.

2018 Preview:
The Currency of Conscience
 and the Next 'Gold Standard'

This is the Big News that Big Media
naturally prefers not to address.

It's not considered polite to disturb the status quo
message that all is well, so as not to disrupt or
otherwise stress our normalcy 'comfort zone'
which might disturb economic confidence.
But some of us prefer the whole truth.

The global value of U.S. currency
is being RESET.

The United States went off the gold standard
 a long time ago, both physically & spiritually,
resorting to warring for a petrodollar-backed
currency that has no future due to unlimited
 renewable energy sources as are now going
   mainstream globally with tech breakthroughs.
  Over a decade, an alliance of Far East families
  has bought up most of Western gold reserves,
  due to big balance of trade deficits with China,

     and are now collateralizing a new gold standard
   for 're-valuation' of global currency exchanges.
    This is the physical gold that matters materially.
    As for the spiritual gold - the spirit that matters,
  the golden rule-law language for a golden age
   is emerging with global interactive 'Net reality'.
 So for advanced students of geopolitical shift,
  this article on
2017 Review and 2018 Preview
  provides an in-depth orientation for revelation
   of both the physical and spiritual gold standard
  that is rapidly transforming our global village.
The Overview:

As I publish this on Sunday, Dec 17th, the New Moon is conjunct the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. Those who are adept at quantum field astrology will appreciate that this is a very good time to consider those galactic-universal truths that frame global transformation dynamics shaping the 2018 timeline.
So consider the Big Picture of the Family of Mankind in a global village of ALL-connected Net realty... and how social conscience is maturing in our instant-everywhere and interactive social networks.
As we become more conscious of HOW we are conscious - individually and collectively - this process of culturing conscience defines, refines and 'shines' the Currency of Conscience at the heart of the Next Economy.
The universal heartware interface
for global interactive cyberEthics

This process of general enlightenment in global social networks will naturally involve and evolve conscientious common sense that transcends the polarizing "BS" (Belief System) that divides rather than unites 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.
Transcending old paradigm 'BS' is the conscious evolution process known as 'Evolutionary Ascent'. Not just the ascent of one's own belief systems but also the SAME PROCESS for planetary ascension as a holistic, healthy and otherwise holy WHOLE.
We are what we believe, having become
what we believed;
We are what we
think, having become
what we thought;
We are what we
feel, having become
what we felt;
We are what we
do, having become
what we did.
"Stupid is what stupid does."
~ Forest Gump
" IS what DOES."
~ The ascended Forest Gumption:)
The holy spirit of -in-action is the natural law Language of the Angels that represents the Law of the Angles of G.O.D. ~ Geometric Ordered Divinity.
That's the divine law and order at the heart of the global revelations revolution which is culturing 5D social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.
Conscientious common sense IS
the Power of Love
in action.

The key to integrity has always been the integration of all the keys to sovereignty - the 'KINGdom' of, by and for 'Keys to INternalization of GOD' - Geometric Ordered Divinity ~ .

Readers of Emerging Blueprint and the 2017 Big Shift can see where 2018 is going, unless they suffer paradigm paralysis which is the inability to process new information of an in-depth nature.

Everyone knows in their heart of hearts that love heals all, and the higher the concept of in form and frequency - as in frequently - the greater the results.

Sonic Geometry:
The Language of Frequency and Form

1,134, 693 views as of Dec 18, 2017
A universal language that is perhaps the
  most important language we'll ever know.

One of the master('s) keys to 'KINGdom Conscience' - whereby 'all' (om) are sovereign 'KING' - is a pure heart, also known as heart coherence.
Pure intention focuses attention with coherent retention for ascension in the 5th dimension of common sense comprehension... without divisive reprehension.
So have a wonderful 2018!
The future is what we make it.
Mankind has free will so
anything is possible.
Keep the Faith, See the Good,
and Make it So!
With as the rule,

 For the gold standard of cyberEthics
  as will raise the standard of
peace, health and prosperity for all.

Bonus Articles and 3 Videos:
(for those who have read this far)

Resolution for 2018 'Health-is-Wealth':
Optimize Your Immune System

Five Keys to Building Immunity

The Next Cryptocurrency Economy

The decentralizing of banking with cryptocurrency affects everyone with disruption of corruption that values power without core Constitutional Net reality principles

Cryptocurrency Revolution Documentary
(16 minutes)

Dec 8, 2017 / RothMultiMedia
 This latest short film from Jonathan Roth
discusses the
 advent of the blockchain,
  where it goes next and how it will impact
 everyone on Earth.

The blockchain will disrupt nearly every industry from purchasing groceries to heating your home, and everyone from banking to government is racing to develop the technology.

The meaning, value and purpose of ‘blockchain’, as introduced above, is prelude to appreciating why this technology will be as important for our future as was the Internet.

5 Levels of Understanding Blockchain
From a Child’s Level to an Expert.

Nov 28, 2017 / WIRED

Blockchain explained at 5 levels of difficulty.

This is like a modern day gold rush because the future of commerce and communications REQUIRES secure decentralized conveyance of VALUE... for exchange of value (trade) through communications that validate all aspects of the transaction.

The 2018 VALUE of Blockchain
is Going Global Rapidly

TEDtalk / 839,174 views as of Dec 18, 2017

Say hello to the decentralized economy, decentralized government, decentralized health care, decentralized education, etc. The blockchain is about to decentralize everything. In this lucid explanation of the complex (and confusing) technology, Bettina Warburg describes how the blockchain will eliminate the need for centralized institutions like banks or governments to facilitate trade, evolving age-old models of commerce and finance into something far more interesting: a distributed, transparent, autonomous system for exchanging value.

Beyond physical materialism, the gold standard for value is VIRTUE, and the higher the VIRTUE, the greater the results appreciation of VALUE rather than depreciation.

The 'TLC' Future of Blockchain

Decentralized economy – TeLeCommerce
(cyberEthics gold standard for ‘good trade’)

Decentralized government – TeLeComm
(universal interface for global TeLeCommunity)

Decentralized Health Care – TeLeCare
(free, online, holistic self care service)

Decentralized Education – TeLeConscience
(self-evident ‘Currency of Conscience)

This multi-dimensional ‘holographic TLC’ is why bits provides a unique ‘currency’ for exchange with the value-added VIRTUE that underwrites, subsidizes and otherwise co-creates global civility, health and prosperity for the Family of Mankind.

More on bits at:
Ascension Spiral is Going Viral

Imagine What's Coming In 2018!


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