THE CRISIS: Endless Terror-War Tyranny;
Faithless Fear & 'DUH' Victim Dictum
(Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).
Global Holistic Healing;
Fearless Faith & 'CAPstone' Victory Vision
(Creative Ascent Process).
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Feb 1, 2019 / Heartcom Network

    It's well established, at least for readers
of 2020s Global Co-Creation, that the
United States of America is in a crisis

    with a New American Revolution for the
Family of Mankind in a global village.
 The Aquarian Spring is mass initiation 
 of conscientious common sense with  
 enlightened social consciousness in   
 our ubiquitous global social networks.
 This is the pre-ordained Aquarian Shift
  to a High State of Freedom-in-
 with unprecedented opportunity for all
'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.
This begs the answer to some
BIG QUESTIONS regarding the


What does it take for mass mobilization
of conscientious common sense?

Is it true that 'Common Sense', written by
commoner Thomas Paine sparked the
American Revolution with the most
successful revolutionary treatise
ever published, since 1776?
Are you aware that unity consciousness
is the principle of 'unity in diversity'
that is engraved on the Great
 Seal of the United States?
Would you agree that 'We the People' is
now the all-connected '
Unity State' of
global Netizens - Family of Mankind
who yearn to breathe free as the
United Sovereigns of Earth?
 Based on your response, consider the
opportunity to see and appreciate
the good that can come out of
the crisis now before us.

"The cause of America is in a great measure
 the cause of all mankind. We have it in our
 power to begin the world over again."
~ Thomas Paine,
Common Sense, 1776
Consider how
Common Sense now
is an Internet upgrade of freedom

in the New World of '
as the
I AM RACE' (anagram).
  This upgrade connects community with
a local-global TeLeComm process of

instant-everywhere mass-interactive 
 Internet-to-InnerNet OPPORTUNITY;
 from cyberspace to 5D+ inner space;
from divisive space to a Unified State.
This is 'deeper' (higher) than many of
 us want to 'dive', but for some of 'US'
 (Initiates), ascension goes where our
attention flows, given pure intention 
with love retention in a dimension of
universal comprehension. 
This is the Aquarian Spring Upgrade
  of common sense social conscience.

  The Aquarian Spirit of Universal Love is
   known to Christian mystics and initiates

 as the 2nd Coming of
‘Christ-like’ (5D)
  social Conscience in our all-connected
   worldwide social network communities.

The 2020s Aquarian Spring is a 10 year process
of Progressive Revelation and manifestation,
and the Aquarian Mandate is to
Make it So!

About the ‘2nd Coming’…

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
 but when he can harness the
 power of love,
 then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin

This is the ordained Power of Love that
  involves and evolves our individual and
  collective hearts and minds with a High
    State of common sense unity in diversity
   as is embossed on the U.S. Great Seal:
  ‘E Pluribus Unum’ (out of many, one).

"I love the man that can smile in trouble,
that can gather strength from distress,
and grow brave by reflection.
  'Tis the business of little minds to shrink;
but he whose heart is firm, and

  whose conscience approves his conduct
will pursue his principles unto death."

~ Thomas Paine, The American Crisis,
No. 1, 1776
  [link added ~CR]

In today’s world of instant-everywhere
   and interactive communication abilities,
 “We the People" in our ‘Global Village’
must sooner or later get a grip on the
      tools and processes for interactive mass
TeLeComm as mediates the madness
   with a High State of -in-action
   for ‘US’ as
United Sovereigns of Earth.

  The Heartware Process is the Mandate:
Universal Interface for Global TeLeComm.

 Engaging hearts and minds with a process
that involves and evolves consciousness
with the
language of light and love codes
to culture conscientious common sense
with Net reality in the
Spirit of Aquarius.

"Such is the irresistible nature of truth
that all it asks, and all it wants,
is the liberty of appearing."

~ Thomas Paine, COMMON SENSE

This is the power of truth at the heart of
real intelligence with WISe DOMinion.

  When man can harness the power of
 ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI), with the
Power of Love
then the ‘Fire' of a Higher Power
will burn through the effluvia of
misqualified thought & feeling
to raise the standard of living
a 'High State' of Loving.

 -in-action is the whole,
holistic and holy
TLC spirit
of interactive TeLeComm.

This power, the heart of the High State,
 is the one ordained power for neutralizing
 the Deep State’s inordinate love of power
 at the expense of
Aquarian power in love.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power. 
And where power predominates,
there love is lacking. 
The one is the shadow of the other."

~ Father of Modern Psychology,
Carl Gustav Jung

For Initiates who appreciate the difference
via pure intention for love retention and
ascension in a higher dimension of
unified comprehension,
see the
Heartware Process.

All Ways , Always

Full Spectrum
TeLeComm for


Keep in Mind the Bottom Line:

The higher the VISION of
the greater the RESULT 
as personal & planetary  
direction for correction
with 'CAPstone' VISION:
 Creative Ascent Process

for our Co-Creation with

Ascension’s Dimension:



The Great Spirit of God Vision Speaks
- from the 2019 Winter Solstice Celebration:
Meet the Karmic Board / Prepare for 2020

Dec 14, 2019 /
The Hearts Center Community
   The Elohim Cyclopea's teaching on harmony, purity and
   collaboration with God’s creation was delivered through
 David Christopher Lewis, spiritual teacher and author.

  With VISION of virtue and valor for the victory of
  conscious rEVOLUTION revelations thrive.

"It is at all times necessary, and more particularly so
during the progress of a revolution,
and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit,
that we frequently refresh our patriotism
by reference to First Principles”.

~ Tom Paine, citizen journalist who wrote
  that sparked the American Revolution


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