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Visualizing the 2019 rEVOLUTION We Want

New Moon in Aquarius Feb 4th
Aquarian Age Insights)

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2019 is the year when a High State of
Aquarian enlightenment worldwide
ascends to a more unified vision
cooperative co-creation for
 United Sovereigns of Earth.

From the ‘Top’ – The High State

The millennial age of Aquarian Freedom-in-Love
is being initiated as a
unified mind field that
is a gold mine if only we mind it with our
intention for
conscious ascension;
to involve & evolve our individual
and collective High State as a
common sense of shared

Vision for our Victory;
Unity in Diversity;

 The Aquarian Mandate

Universal Rights- in the Public Sphere-
with + synergy in the
on four sides of the
supporting the “
(Creative Ascent Process):

Global Freedom Opportunity
And the ‘
D.U.H.’ Challenge
ense, Unconscious & Heartless)

The accelerated enlightenment of global humanity
as a result of the computer/internet revolution
has created awareness of the opportunity
and challenge of global
identity crisis
like a willful teenager who is very
confident - no longer a child -
 yet not a competent adult.

The Ruling Class & An Undeclared Civil War
Feb 2, 2019 / www.zerohedge.com 
Over the past 73 years, the American social order has undergone
 a major transformation... The reality is that the majority of those in
the ruling class are mind-numbed eternal adolescents hell-bent
 on pushing the boundaries of ethical and moral behavior. In order
  to retain their supremacy, the tactics of outright lies, innuendo and
   character assassination, as well as exploitation of national tragedy
 to impugn their adversaries, have been utilized by foot soldiers in
   the Deep State media, geopolitics, and the entertainment industry.

 Evolution Revolution

Time to Step it Up!
The initiation of the Aquarian Age is
the initiation of billions of ‘US’ as
United Sovereigns of Earth…
waking up, wising up and
rising up in the Spirit of
global co-Operation
in a High State of

Update on Up-Rising of the Alliance
Coming into unity for REAL community
in local and global social networks.

Three Parts:

1- Transcending Deep State Depression;
    High State Transforms the Deep State.
2- Mindful Mediation of the Mass Media;
High State Upgrade of Social Media.
3- Alliance Ascension Process Unveiled.
Revelations Reset Unity in Diversity

 Atonement as a High State of atONEment
 via Communion => Communication
=> Community => with Unity 

for all of ‘US’ => a ‘Unity State’
as Universal Solidarity of
United Sovereigns

  The highest level of communication is beyond
words – the
Spirit that matters – with pure
intention for attention on one’s ascension in
 a dimension of enlightened comprehension;
the spirit of ‘atONEment’ as

Authentic communication is a process of
 coming into unity for real
community with
   shared meaning, value & ultimate purpose.

Real community is like ‘extended family’,
and in our global village of all-connected
I-Net reality, it is the Family of Mankind.

     Social conscience is naturally cultured when
     5D interactive social networks are upgraded
   with a universal interface for global update
of our ‘Five Core Internet Freedoms’ with
language of light culturing conscience.

Scientists Discover Biophotons In The Brain
That Could Hint Our Consciousness
Is Directly Linked To Light

Jan 26, 2019 / Collective-Evolution.com

There is a collective 5D – not 5G – that is
  evolving as Effective Sensory Perception
  which is aborted by
harmful 5G radiation
- the damaging or our DNA transceivers -
 and the immoral abuse of AI as we see
with Facebook and Google algorithms
  for perception deception of consensus.

 We’re facing an existential crisis folks.

 Either we conceive, believe and achieve
the High State – for unity’s sake – or by
default the divisive Deep State dystopia
 will do what it has always done to invert,
 subvert & pervert the Spirit that matters.

 "The biggest big business in America is not steel,
automobiles, or television. It is the manufacture,
refinement and distribution of anxiety."

~ Eric Sevareid

Because of the high levels of anxiety in America
many people are taking drugs for a wide variety
of anxiety disorders – a nation of functional but
depressed people who are struggling to control
severe anxiety and depression… if not hysteria
for those who are sensitive to descration of life.

 The medical-industrial complex feeds on anxiety.
It’s a huge profit center for Big Pharma.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Explains How Big Pharma
Completely Owns Congress

  Jan 31, 2019 / Collective-Evolution.com
  Robert F. Kennedy Jr emphasizes how Big Pharma
 has a large hand in how the American government
creates healthcare policy of and for 'drug pushing'
(America's most profitable Deep State monopoly).

Visualize the High State Alliance
That Ends Deep State Reliance.

A turning point has been reached in the
shift from the Deep State to High State.

  Global economic reset is now part of this
 process, and it helps to understand how
   an economics of abundance is emerging.

   The military-industrial/government ‘cabal’
  has not been very forthcoming about full
   disclosure of the Secret Space Program.

   Enlightened Netizens globally are aware
  that President Kennedy’s assassination
 was largely because he intended to tell
  us about the Secret Space Program as
is well-documented in this video:

Jan 28, 2019 / ThirdPhaseOfMoon
Was JFK killed for a secret reason that was
kept so secret we've never heard of it?

"The technology in the Secret Space Program
is so vast it could literally solve all the 
problems we have on Earth..."
~ David Wilcock at 12:08 min.(video HERE)

   Consider how advanced technology could
    now be used to clean up the environment,
  bring life to the deserts, life extension for
    our bodies, and evolution of the economy
 with abundant
TLC virtues as transcend
the oxymoronic
value of scarcity that is
known to create and manage scarcity 
  for the profit and power of a relative few.

Does the need of the 99.99%
  outweigh the greed of a few?

 The shift from Deep State to High State
- from centralized elitism
 to decentralized unity -

   is the natural evolution of the computer-
Internet revolution whereby our social
conscience has matured in global all-
connected social networks, culturing 
a new conscientious common sense.

That truth is our High State Destiny.

 The Whole Truth naturally disrupts the
  Big Lie that is so BIG and so bold and
  so often told that many of us believe it.

The ‘test’ before REAL community
is typically FAKE community with
chaos, cognitive dissonance and
  dis-ease that disrupts a High State
of unity-in-diversity for all of ‘
United Sovereigns worldwide.

Witness this last week’s flashpoint
in the global crisis of conscience:

The Venezuela Crisis
Prayer Alert:
Target the ‘totalitarian tantrum' with TLC;
Trump is gas-lighting Deep State tyranny
(Jan 30th X22 Report video)
 for all the world to witness and rebuke.

The American Empire Pivots Toward Venezuela
Jan 24, 2019 / ZeroHedge.com
"With the attempt to push Russia back in Syria
 a clear failure, the Neocons in Trump’s
 administration quickly got to work on
their next scheme. Enter Venezuela.”

"Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves
and its efforts to remove this oil from the
Khazarian mafia’s petrodollar system
 is the real reason for the attempt to
overthrow President Maduro.”

   Note: Venezuela also has the world's 2nd largest
   gold reserves, and with global economic reset to
  a Russia/China (BRICS) gold-backed currency,
Venezuela gold reserves have strategic value.
  That’s why a London bank refused to repatriate
tons of gold back to Venezuela, article HERE.

  "The move by the Trump administration to choose
   the leader of Venezuela by diktat is just straight up
imperial geopolitics. Nothing more, nothing less.”

"Leaders in both China and the U.S. will be looking for
a scapegoat as their crony, financialized economies
 struggle under unpayable debt and unimaginable
levels of corruption."

Globalists Want Venezuela As The Next
Jewel in Their Crown
Jan 30, 2019 / Collective-Evolution.com
Enlightened Netizens worldwide can now witness the hubris
of those corrupt power elite globalists whose time is short
and fear/wrath/desperation is a rather self-evident truth.

This too shall pass. Keep the faith folks.

 The Deep State media is not reporting
 the good news of economic reset that
can underwrite the Genesis Project
   for rapid deployment of holistic healing
in core social, political and economic
   institutions – for rise of the High State.

“Humankind is standing precariously on
 the edge of its destiny.
It will either rise to a paradigm change or
 experience decline and possible destruction.
 This is an unavoidable confrontation.
The options will be presented and
the choices will be made.”
by Glenda Green

Options and choices are before ‘US’.

 We have the greatest opportunity
the world has ever known…
to co-Create our global reality.

   The GENESIS of global freedom
is ascent of universal .

The ordained Power of Love is a
Higher Power
   than the inordinate
love of power.

 Non-profit Universal TeLeCare is a
Higher Standard
than drugs for whatever ails you.

 Web 3.0 Heartware TeLeComm is a
Higher Aquarian Vision
for upgrading Core Net Freedoms

 So Hold the TLC Vision for a 2019
that Serves the High State of
Freedom & Opportunity:

Self Directing – Sovereignty Process:
The best government is self government:

Self-Correcting – Learning Process:
The best education is self education:

Self-Perfecting – Healing Process:
The best health care is self care:

Self-Fulfilling – Abundance Process:
The best economy underwrites TLC
heartware cyberEthics:


  BE the Conscience you want to SEE.

Conceive the High State that unites
 beyond the Deep State that divides.

 Believe the ordained Power of Love
as a Higher Power that counters
the inordinate
love of power.

Achieve the vision of virtue and 
valor for the victory of
at the heart of the High State:
Sovereigns of Earth.

 The Prime Directive
at the
heart of
The Aquarian Mandate

Full Spectrum

The Awakening Is Now Going World Wide,
The Movement Has Started

Jan 23, 2019 /
X22Report Spotlight
with Charles Hugh Smith

by Charles Hugh Smith
The Alt-Media Has Way More Fun
than the Mainstream Media
Feb 1, 2019 / OfTwoMinds.com
The corporate-state media lives in terror
that the truth will somehow leak out of
the corporate-Imperial fortress,
imperiling their jobs and perks.

David Wilcock / Feb 3, 2019
Deep State Tribunals Underway

Deep State Tribunals have now begun in several locations,
according to various insider accounts. David and Elizabeth
Wilcock had a dead tree fall in their yard as they were both
   writing about this civilization-defining change simultaneously.

Are We All Subject to the Law of the Circle?

Jan 28, 2019
/ PatriciaCotaRobles

The Circle of Wholeness in a Global Village 

"The massed power of goodwill, the dynamic effect
of intelligent and active understanding,
and the potency of a trained and alive public opinion,
which desires the greatest good of the greatest number
are beyond belief.
This dynamic power has never been employed.
 It can today save the world."
~ Master Djwhal Khul

The History and Energies of Past Earth Civilizations
The Earth Experiments: Atlantis, Lemuria & Egypt.
- five videos -
What could the rise and fall of these civilizations

inform us of the current energies?

February Energy Update:
The Era of Higher Harmonics. Elevated Love,
and Abundance Shifts

Feb 1, 2019 / LeeHarrisEnergy


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