The 2018 Global Upgrade Series

A Time Capsule of April Current Events
From a Universal Perspective

As the Deep State Disintegrates

April 17, 2018 / Productions 

 April 14th Cosmic Show podcast
A review of 4 compendiums this week.

This Is the Turning Point
Socially, Politically and Economically

  With a Big Curve In the Road Ahead!

, the Internet has cultured a
  High state of general enlightenment.
  [Part One: The War for Truth is On!]
this High State is exposing
the Deep State of political corruption.
[Part Two: Civil War with Deep State]
Economically, an abundant High State
makes scarcity economics obsolete.
[Part Three: Conscience Currency]


Part One: The War for Truth is On!

Socially, the Internet has cultured a
high state of general enlightenment,
and a new social conscience of, by
and for ALL the people is emerging
in local and global social networks;
   2.2 billion Facebook Netizens alone.

  A new Common Sense is surging in
   the unified field of social conscience.
   A global revolution in consciousness
 is shifting from ‘3D divisive conflict’
 to ‘5D cooperative consensus’, and
 ‘JUST-IN-TIME’ - 4D ‘
NOW time’ -
 with a universal interface for global
 mass-to-mass real time interaction
 in local and global social networks.

The vision alone - Internet upgrade
of our five core Internet freedoms
is the catalyst that can make it so!

  So Seize THE VISION,
    Embrace THE VIRTUE,
  Embody THE VALOR,
Make THE VOW and

This Is The Turning Point
April 9, 2018 / Charles Hugh Smith
The driving trends of the past decade
are now reversing

EXCERPT: The saying the worm has turned refers to the moment when the downtrodden have finally had enough, and turn on their powerful oppressors.
     The worms have finally turned against the privileged elites who have benefited so greatly from globalization, corruption, central bank stimulus and the profiteering of state-enforced cartels. It doesn’t matter as much as the punditry assumes whether they are turning Left or Right;
the important thing is that the powerless have finally started challenging their privileged overlords.
Though the Powers That Be will attempt to placate or suppress the Revolt of the Powerless, the genies of political disunity and social disorder cannot be put back in the bottle. It took a generation of rising inequality, corruption and the erosion of opportunity to create a society of the protected (the haves) and the unprotected (the have-nots), and rubber-stamping more regulations and distributing Universal Basic Income (UBI) will not rebalance a system that is irrevocably out of balance. ###

Witness the Global Contest of
Truth for Checks & Balances;
How the War for Truth is On!

Three videos with blockbuster revelations:
April 14, 2018 / Dr. Jerome Corsi
[CENSORED by YouTube 2 days later]

Corsi is spot on with this update on the
'chess game' to defeat the Deep State.

Corsi did a video a few days earlier which has
 the full backstory,
at 6:29 min to be specific:
BOMBSHELL! speech by Jerome Corsi
MUST WATCH! [before it is censored]


April 11, 2019 /
 Note at 11:30 min when Corsi references the
intention of Trump to reduce or eliminate the
 "bureaucracy" (Deep State) as I explained in
  1974 HERE, and I've recently updated HERE.

This is confirmed in the article HERE
April 12, 2018 / Dr. Michael Salla

Check out the article with videos that came out
 April 15 at regarding the new
book by Dr. Corsi, 'Killing the Deep State':


Of course, Corsi, Alex Jones and Newsmax have a huge following of 'Christian Zionists' - an oxymoron like 'Christian Anti-Christians' - so they will never expose political Zionism as the spiritual deception at the heart of the Deep State 'beast'... because this fork-tongued, two-faced betrayal of Christian spirituality would challenge their strong delusion and likely turn them off, losing the support of 'useful idiots' as Netanyahu calls them:


April 16, 2018 /

Understand 'Political Zionism' - to KNOW -
how perception deception, once exposed,
   leads to self correction in good conscience.

   Good people do better as they know better.

Troop Withdrawal In Syria Is On Track
April 14, 2018 / X22Report

Part Two: Civil War Between the
Deep State and the High State

Politically, the High State is exposing
the Deep State of political corruption;
a new 'Common Sense' is emerging.

  At this stage of global transformation,
blatant hysterical propaganda of the
   Deep State says more about their fear
of exposure - and retribution - then it
  does about truth and reconciliation.

 Trump’s global ‘reality show’ is now
   steering the war narrative to expose
   and downsize Deep State treachery.

Syria, chemical weapons, missile strikes:
FAKE NEWS theater at its finest - you are
being subjected to an elaborate psyop

April 14, 2018 / Mike Adams

2 minute reality report on Syria

U.S., UK., France Conduct Massive
Missile Strike On Syria; Details

April 14, 2018 / South Front

April 11, 2018 / Blackstone Intelligence Network
Major evidence that Syrian chemical attack
was staged by US-backed terrorists

If you don’t see a ‘Civil War’ between
   the Deep State and High State by now,
 either you are not paying attention or
   you’re aware how this drama serves a
   proactive purpose - to compel change
 to open-interactive '
     with the holy spirit of -in-action.

Part Three: Conscience Currency

Economically, an abundant High State
 makes scarcity economics obsolete and
 naturally checks & balances Deep State
   policies that create and manage scarcity,
   not abundant peace, health & prosperity.

By empowering wisdom with
- a universal interface for global
the Currency of Conscience matures
  for a new
economics of abundance
  and upgrade of 5 core Net freedoms.

   Fearless faith neutralizes faithless fear.
 Just be careful what you have faith in.
 Conflict comes from deep deception
 causing mismatched expectations
and disconnect from

From the article, 'Message From Universe'

There is enlightened 'white magic'
and deceptive 'black magic'.

in these '5 dimensions' for:

To first know thy self in the image and
likeness of G.O.D.~~Source
and then know the enemy as that
which denies your highest & best
discernment of right and wrong,
good-kind love or its absense.

As Forest Gump famously said,
"I may not be smart but
I know what love is."


For example, read:
The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil
"Khazarian Mafia"
(Political Zionism)

Updated March 8, 2015 /

When a man who is honestly mistaken
hears the truth, he will either
cease being mistaken,
or cease being honest.

"But the fight for our planet, physical and spiritual, a fight of cosmic proportions, is not a vague matter of the future; it has already started. The forces of Evil have begun their decisive offensive. You can feel their pressure, yet your screens and publications are full of prescribed smiles and raised glasses. What is the joy about?"
~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn,
A World Split Apart, Commencement Address Delivered at Harvard University, June 8, 1978.


"The future of life on Earth depends on
our ability to see the sacred
 where others see only the common."

~ John Denver

Sacred Truth Liberates Global Healing:
Hilarion Inspires Us to Live in
the Integrity of Cosmic Truth

April 15, 2018 /

  Heartcom literally means with heart, and this network
community has its foundation on the frequency of
heart coherence, the 
'Language of the Angels
of Love'
mind congruence, the Law of
the Angles of G.O.D.,
 Geometry Of
  Divinity known as sacred geometry;
a unique frame of reference for
 the heart & mind of


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