The 2017 ‘Big Shift’ Report

2017 Mass Ascension Portents

  Ascension Currents are Surging,
Systemic Ignorance is Purging,
TeLeComm is Emerging,
   And Prospects are Encouraging.


 Hold on to your hats folks!  The whirlwind pace of
accelerated change is reaching a climax due to
 our new instant-everywhere & interactive Internet
capabilities now maturing with mass awakening.

That which unites us as a global community
is now superseding that which divides us.

 A new social conscience of ‘US’ as the
United Sovereigns of Earth has arrived
    for billions of interactive global Netizens.

 Where this is all going is ‘self-evident’ for those
 who connect the dots to the trends shaping the
    computer/Internet revolution – global ascension.

 Over the last 3 years, I’ve published numerous
   articles on the
trending of the Internet revolution
towards current capabilities for mass-to-mass
    interaction that cultures social conscience in our
  maturing all-connected global social networks.

This business of global conscious evolution is
 about the evolution of global business models
  for culturing our conscientious common sense
  with a universal interface to educate the heart.

The Heartware Project

This is the heart of the business concept
for centering and connecting conscience
 with a
heart coherence standard for unity
 and rise of the
Divine Feminine energies.

Wealth of Conscience and Abundant Health
The Currency of Conscience for ‘Net worth’
Global TeLeComm -
with optimal holistic health for all as the
foundation for personal-public wealth:
Global TeLeCare.

  Both Sides of the Same 'Wealth Coin': 
   Service to Self (financial wealth is health)
   Service to Others (public health is wealth)

Why We Must Optimize Opportunities We Have
by college professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

Published on March 13, 2017

 Global humanity now has an opportunity to wise up
and rise up with a new Common Sense that fulfills
   the U.S. Founders’ vision for
unity in our diversity
    which is now a global issue with our new Net reality.

  All crises we see in our all-connected global village
 is, at heart, a crisis in consciousness with a sense
 of separation – walls in the mind – that divide us
  with competitive win/lose struggles over ownership
 and control of our human and physical resources.

  That pathological paradigm paralysis in now made
   obsolete in principle by a promising paradigm shift
  to extraordinary abundance capabilities for health
 with Global TeLeCare, and prosperity with a new
economics of abundance based on clean power
with free-energy technologies and the abundant
    social conscience cultured via Global TeLeComm.

  All of our social, political and economic problems
    are resolved with the cooperative paradigm for our
   personal and planetary win/win. All the insanity in
   humanity we now see is a purging of pathology in
      the dark-side Deep State that can no longer sustain
 false-flags, fake news and power elite corruption
in the face of surging enlightenment worldwide.

“If the shadows appear to be getting darker,
it’s because the light that casts them is
getting brighter.”
~ Daniel Pinchbeck

The global crisis now:

The Diabolical Divide-to-Conquer Dialectic
Of Pathological Bi-Polar Political Parties

The Political Parties Are An Illusion Designed To
"Relegate The Governed To The Level Of Cattle"

March 29, 2017 /

Is it true that this is the ‘darkness’ now purging
 with the light of enlightenment now surging?

   Are you aware that it is often darkest before the
  dawn of mass enlightenment REVELATIONS?

Would you agree that the more you ‘awaken’
the less you desire 'in-the-box' mass illusion?

Being well rounded with global sensibilities is a challenge
in a world of linear, left-brain, ‘letter of the law’ limitations.

So what does an enlightened upgrade of
interactive global TeLeComm look like?

The 2017 Heartware Project

Codes 101

  Pure intention~  focusing attention~
love’s retention~ for ascension~
  in '
I Am' dimensions of comprehension.

    Full spectrum Innernet enlightenment by
    assembling components to the
- Creative Ascent Process -
as the 'Currency of Conscience' for the

This Conscience Currency
is dedicated to the
 One Eye


Full Spectrum TeLeComm

with all your heart, mind and strength,
and our global Netizen neighbors as thy Self.

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