Prelude to 12-21-12

Both dates are numerologically a 3 +3 + 3.
The power of 3 x’s 3 is the 9 of

by Christos Lightweaver,

Full Disclosure is Going Mainstream
In Three Fundamental Ways:

1- This is the time of ‘Galactic Alignment

As you can read in depth HERE, now is the time ordained
when our solar system crosses the ‘Galactic Plane’ of
hundreds of billions of solar systems in our Galaxy.

For decades, Earth’s ‘morphic fields’ have been
morphing increasingly as photonic light from
the unified Source Field has increasingly
flooded the Earth with the ‘Light’ that
lights every soul that incarnates on

Earth… the divine spark at the
heart of ‘Co-Creation’ with
 the ‘Creator-Source’ of
our new Net reality
in the image of


   The ancient Mayans knew that at this 2012 time of alignment,
(our sun) receives a spark from his older
(Great Central Sun), and shines very brightly”.

Actually, we now understand that the surge in the quantum
  Source Field is because of the alignment of our solar system
    with approx. 250 billion star systems in our Milky Way Galaxy,
 and not just the Great Central Sun. The ‘divine spark’ in this
    aligned Photon Belt is now flooding the Earth as you can read
to understand the '3D Shift to 4D'
and to appreciate the 'Gift of 5-D'.

2- Our ‘Galactic Family is already here!

Best Crop Circles 2012- Amazing! [video]

Our galactic family has been monitoring Earth's evolution for eons,
giving us 'cosmic hints' of their benevolent presence.

Full Disclosure of our Galactic Family, December 2012

MUST SEE: Phenomenal video clips of 'star ships' seen worldwide!


3- Those who wake up, wise up and rise up
     are the real ‘stars’ on Earth as in Cosmos.

We are all independent producers, directors and creators of
‘Reality TV for the ET’s’the December 2012 'Big Show'

Universal Co-Creation... Operation max...
coming to a brain holodeck near you!

This show is syndicated by the real stars in this show,
those who
link the light of this vision of virtue and
valor for the victory of
more light on Earth…
to Co-Create a ‘
Festival of Lights’ as will
bring global
enlightenment with our
Effective Sensory Perception
via the
heart  of Co-Creation
(heart coherence), and
mental alignment as
congruence via
 Cosmic Law:

So Forward Freely!

All Ways … Always,

~ Christos

PS: More related videos follow for your
viewing pleasure:

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This is a humorous science overview with brilliant video segments.
I consider it the best video I've seen on 2012 since viewing
'The Source Field Investigations' by David Wilcock.

However, near the end, the speaker acknowledges
but humorously dismisses Planet X without
reference to .
   ~ C.

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