The 2017 Big Shift Series
As Mass Illusion Disintegrates and 5-D Conscience Integrates

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11:11 Global TeLeCare Activation

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Claim the Victory of Global Holistic Healing

This compendium of articles and videos provides
full disclosure of the problem and solution to the
  pathological politics and economics that profit via
 disease. That system is disintegrating because it
  is killing us; the once non-profit system has been
  privatized to profit from sickness, NOT prevent it.

  A new system is emerging to integrate high tech
  hardware, software, netware and now heartware
   to organize health care information in formation
  for highly personalized self determined self care
to own one’s own holistic health decisions.

  Health sovereignty is the most important of all
 sovereign rights because if you don’t own your
 own body and mind and spirit, you are a slave.

 Healing the ailing health care system
   thus requires upgraded infrastructure
for optimizing well-informed 
TLC at the heart of health CARE
This is the ordained pure intention
for healing diseased incentives
as are ‘morally pathological’
with a sense of separation
TLC spirit; heart of
 coherence factor;
 the power of love.


There is no victory without virtue.
  There’s no security without purity.
This is true for all individuals and
  for health institutions with surety.

Claim the Victory of TeLeCare Activation

Three Parts: Conceive IT=> Believe IT=> Achieve IT
(IT = Innernet Technology)

Part 1 - Conceive it: ‘Global TeLeCare’

Note: There are numerous high tech companies
   who could quickly utilize
 infomatics breakthroughs
    to provide free online universal self care globally…
    but that would make disease profiteering obsolete,
    and that disruption of corruption is politically taboo
      because Big Pharma collusion with big government
     is literally
 making a killing – profits for stockholders
at the expense of public health.

Global TeLeCare is delayed because the entrenched Deep State corporatocracy has a highly profitable eugenics agenda to control and reduce population – virtually a plot out of hell that is well documented in this new video by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams:

Nov 6, 2017 / TheHealthRanger
 The genocide agenda – full documentation.
 Factor in fluoride in drinking water, GMOs,
  chemtrails and vaccines for the big picture.

This video by Mike Adams is a serious wake up call folks. It’s the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of systemic corruption in the Deep State ‘Swamp’ of moral reprobates at the highest levels of Government.

The inversion, subversion and perversion of sexual morality is a sure sign of a sick nation. This BETRAYAL is no less egregious than the medical-industrial complex – the ‘disease care’ monopoly we call ‘health care’ – that is making us physically and mentally ill.

The medical-industrial complex has the same agenda of profits-before-people as the military-industrial complex. The big profit is in war and disease, NOT prevention of those profits with health and peace. This is well known as corporate law that values stockholders before the public when profits are at stake. Those values are diametrically opposed to Constitutional Law of, by and for the people.

This abomination has gone so far that the corporatocracy was given ‘personhood’ by the Supreme Court’s ‘Citizen United Decision’ which – like the ‘Patriot Act’ – compromised core Constitutional principles while claiming to protect them.

It was the same with Obama’s ‘Affordable Care Act’ which isn’t affordable and doesn’t care about sovereignty – the ‘mandatory’ rules. 

Thinks about it folks. Per capita, the U.S. has more hospitals and medical schools than any nation in the world. We have the most sophisticated and wide-spread communications system in the world. Yet America is one of the sickest nations in the world – ranked 37th in public health – and going down fast. One out of two are getting cancer and our youth is plagued with skyrocketing auto-immune diseases and mental illness.

There’s no future for the U.S. unless we get
our act together and reverse these trends.

Part 2 - Believe it: TeLeCare Standards
for ‘
Crowd-based’ Holistic Self Care
 State-of-the-arts infomatics could now help us all
know factually what works best for one’s health;
free online self-care to provide access to results
 of a data-base of
crowd wisdom as could show
 the most efficacious modalities of health care for
  analysis, prevention and management of disease

to optimize public health;
genesis of public wealth.

The advanced science of infomatics is well-dramatized in the new CBS Series called ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ which can be watched for free at that link. This show demonstrates that there is wisdom available through interactive participation of online Netizens who can share information to solve crime.

The biggest crime of all is the medical monopoly that denies disease prevention in order to profit from disease treatment. This abject betrayal of CARE – in the name of ‘health care’ – is NEVER mentioned by Big Media that pushes drugs for whatever ails you.

    That programmed deception is killing us
  with a nefarious eugenics agenda and
disease treatment profiteering that is
sabotaging disease prevention 

America Breaks Down:
The Anatomy of a National Nervous Breakdown

Nov 7, 2017 / 

This monstrous SOCIAL CRIME will rapidly be HEALED when infomatics are harnessed for Wisdom of the Crowd that is applied to provide self-perfecting database standards for proving empirically what will not only optimize the health of Americans – for free – but also for all on-line Netizens worldwide.

Given public demand behind political will, Global TeLeCare could go mainstream worldwide in less time than it took to bring Obamacare online, which was Hillary’s pet project going back to Bill’s Presidency. She even steered government contracts for computerizing the ACA to old cronies for kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation. But that ship has sailed. It’s time to create something new.

Part 3 - Achieve it: Global Self Healing
with maps for Navigating
Global TeLeCare’s Database:
   ~ Well-informed sovereign choice;
to own your own health.
Wisdom of the Crowd results; 
let good results be the ‘guru’.

 ~  +  via TLC Heart Coherence;
synergy in 3-fold trinity.

 ~ Community Standard Self Care;
choice with wisdom and TLC for
          personal and crowd wholEness
 body, mind and TLC spirit.

The old paradigm of centralized ObamaCare is disintegrating because it denied what the corporatocracy media called the 'public option' – the 'choice' of sovereignty – by demanding insurance, demanding vaccines, and punishing noncompliance. It was so complex and convoluted that it required ‘Navigators’ as order takers for health insurance – NOT health assurance.

The new paradigm of decentralized TeLeCare integrates Crowd Wisdom with self-correcting database standards for holistic self care that optimizes sovereignty to own your own health. With a simple smart phone app, you'll be able to navigate the TeLeCare database with maps™ as will ‘geometrize’ highly personalized options for prescient insight into those holistic modalities that get the best results for health ASSURANCE.

Consider what a new model of Self Care looks like
that engages pure intention and focused attention
TLC retention for ascension in a dimension of
 enlightened full spectrum 

Modeling the TLC ConneXion for the big shift
to systemic holistic healing at the 
heart of
global computer/Internet rEVOLUTION:


 11:11 Global TeLeCare Activation
  Supplication for Application

Calling all lightworkers, lovemakers and

Your light and your love and
YOUR divine intercession
are needed NOW!


1-  Consider the highest good you can achieve, by forwarding this global healing vision far and wide. Target the best cultural creatives.

2- Focus on the highest good for Facebook to achieve by licensing Global TeLeCare rights according to terms of the Heartware Project.

Consider that Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, Prescilla Chan, is a pediatrician who specializes in childhood disease and is interested in holistic medicine. Chan convinced Mark last year to fund the Chan-Zuckerberg initiative, whose main focus is health and education. The initiative has also cited a long-term goal of “working towards eradicating all disease by the end of the 21st century”.

Why not upgrade that timeline to 10 years by funding TeLeCare to go online within a year, exporting free, online holistic healing standards to the world via Facebook?

3- Pray for direction, protection and perfection of our leaders, and perfect  for TLC at the heart of interactive global social networks.

4- Keep the faith –  is for giving as the interactive interface for the whole, holisitic and holy spirit of -in-action on Earth with the currency of abundant conscience.

HOPE - Pure intention for health sovereignty
    to own our own health - the new wealth;

 FAITH - Focused attention on wise solutions
        to optimize holistic health-wealth;

CHARITY - The holy spirit of TLC-in-action


“In G.O.D.~ We Trust”
 (State of Coherence of ‘US’ as
United Sovereigns of Earth)

Or as Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi said,
“Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by fear
of punishment and the other by acts of love.
Power based on love is a thousand times more
effective and permanent than power derived
from fear of punishment.”

Affirmation ~  :
“The Light of God-Love is
ALL WAYS Victorious."

Confirmation ~ :
“I AM that Light and Victory 

Determination ~ :
“Network for the Net Worth of
    Net Reality with a Heart."
TLC CyberEthics.

Integration ~ :
“Care to share this TLC Vision
with all whom you love.”
For authentic Net worth;
what goes around comes around.

 So have at it folks. The future is what we make it.
  You have the power to pay it forward – pass it on.
forward this link  to your mailing list and
  share on Facebook, Twitter & other social media.

  Network for the Net worth of
Wisdom of the Crowd
 to Make it So!

You are a Sovereign Being;
Start Acting Like One!

Nov 9, 2017 /

Keep calm amidst the chaos chatter.
Conscious c
omportment will matter

 Don't make noise. Keep your poise.
Be the radiant face of living grace.

 Do your best. Conscience doesn't rest.
Ready or not, discernment is the test.


A Mind-Expanding Documentary
That Just Reached 80 Million Views

November 8, 2017 /

The War Against Evil On Earth:

Nov 8, 2017 / SGT Report

Massive sting operation to ensnare Deep State
criminals in Big Government and Big Media.

The War Against Evil Around Earth:
The Outer Space Crisis... 

Nov 7, 2017 / Ashtar Command
 Final Transmission to EARTH.
See also the previous article on
the Secret Space Program for
 the background conflict story.

And in the “shift happens!” department…

Americans, be alert! [Nov 7, 2017]:
Something MAJOR is happening now

Currency Reset Intel / New Republic
SkyKing is an Emergency Action Messaging
system built for communicating in the event
of huge national and global emergencies.
 It was used to ground flights on 9/11.
 Typically, it gets used 5 times per year.
 Last night, it was used OVER 200 TIMES. 
Something major is occurring.

Leaked Secret Cable Confirms Israel Is
Behind Saudi Arabia to Provoke War

November 8, 2017 /

The Saudi Purge:
The Middle-East Is On Verge Of A New War
Nov 10, 2017 / 
Saudi Arabia is going through a major internal
   political crisis the likes of which are rarely seen;
  the King may relinquish throne within 48 hours.

Secret Leaked Cable Proves That A
Major Geopolitical Storm Is Ahead

Nov 7, 2017 / WeAreChange
 Note that the underlying story here is the
  demise of the petrodollar and the warring
   in the members of the petro$ empire who
     historically go to war to assert domination.

[NEW - Nov 14, 2017 / James Buchanan]
 Reining in the Rogue Royal of Arabia
"If the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has in mind a war with Iran, President Trump should disabuse his royal highness of any notion that America would be doing his fighting for him."

Benjamin Fulford on the Global Crisis Now
Nov 6, 2017 / Full Transcript

  Keep in mind that a successful
 Global Currency Reset (GCR)
 will ultimately spiritualize our
  prevailing conscious currency
with the ‘language of light’ as
consciousness for mediating
  interactive social networks via
    enlightened social conscience:
Global TeLeComm.

As we shift with "TLC atonement"
(rise of the divine feminine energy
 of co-Operative TLC co-Creation),
sovereignty solutions happen:

 The vision of a universal interface for
global mass-to-mass interaction with
heart coherence=> mind congruence:

    Co perative communication coordination
  of our hearts and minds will culture global
TeLeComm - interactive TeLeConscience -
     with Global 
TeLeCare and TeLeCommerce
     based on cyberEthics that involve & evolve
     sovereign rights in the public sphere with a
 universal interface for global interaction.

   Conceive it and believe it to achieve it.
   May your fervent vision, virtue and vow
   of valor be the catalyst for the victory;
 your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

To Your Health!

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