2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

Urgent Big Picture Plandemic Update

Originally published Oct 3, 2021

This is for all mature ‘initiates’ who want to know
what’s really going
on with medical martial law
mandates, tyranny and pharmacide. Plus a
 commentary on the plandemic in general.
The commentary is a work in process.
I’ll wait for feedback contributions  
from this mastermind alliance  
of initiates before finalizing  
the ‘mastermind results’  
for our conscientious  
Common Sense. 

“We have it in our power to
    begin the world over again.”

~ Thomas Paine

Seize the Vision

Aquarian is the key
to our all-united 'Net reality'
(global Netizens) for all 'US'
United Sovereigns of Earth.

  Upgraded with videos and articles
Oct 6, 2021 / New Moon in Libra

Skip to the bottom for an inspirational
message from Archangel Michael.

Oct 1, 2021 / Stop World Control
 Leading voices in fields of science, healthcare, law
and journalism are speaking out.  Listen to these 
heroes who risk everything to inform you what is
 truly happening in the world, and what you can do.

Millions Dead and Dying Worldwide
Sept 24, 2021 / Dr Zelenko

In early August, 2021, Dr. Zelenko testified before an Israeli Rabbinical court that the majority of those 'vaccinated' (which is over 80% of the Israeli population) will likely be dead within 3 years. The uncut video of Dr Zelenko's testimony was over two hours long. This one is edited down to the most riveting 23 minutes - a must-see!

  Supreme Court ruled that those injected with the
new mRNA 'gene therapy' are no longer human,
 but are legally patented 'trans human' property...


Sept 28, 2021 / Hawaii Wire Dog
3 minute Bitchute video HERE
Supreme Court ruling that vaccinated subjects
not classified as human but 'trans human' with
no human rights. This applies worldwide, and 
  explains what they've been scheming all along.
(Expletives not deleted).

The News is America's New Religion,
and We're in a Religious War


Oct 1, 2021 / TK News

   We are in the middle of the biggest and most effective
   propaganda war in the history of the world. The intent
   is to make us helpless, docile and obedient. The goal
 is to create a global surveilance and control system.
 'BS' as 'Belief System' is incessantly programmed in
 lamestream media. And like Pavlovian conditioning,
    repeatedly shocks our minds with panic porn so as to
   embed the Big Lie that vaccines are safe & effective.
That BS 'e-veil' (enlightenment veil 'evil') is thinning
because the power of wisdom with love is winning. 
  If a safe and inexpensive cure for Covid is available,
there's no reason for vaccines. That's why we see
  Ivermectin demonized while vaccines are eulogized.
The pharmacidal god of drug & disease profiteering
wants you so sick and tired of being sick and tired 
that you are too sick and tired for noncompliance.  
The collusion of Big Pharma & Big Media with their
'captured agencies' (CDC, FDA, FTC, WHO, etc),
is well known for suppressing Ivermectin, causing
 the death of millions - a crime against humanity!


Sept 11, 2021 / OurTube
 Since this proven safe, effective and cheap cure is
available, the vax & drug pushers have no excuse
 for vaccine mandates and the 'tyranny two-step' to
vax passports and Orwellian social credit system;
 tyranny is indefensible.

Catherin Austin Fitts Unravels the Reason
For the Covid Agenda
Sept 28, 2021 / TheHighwire.com

“Under the guise of Covid-19, the bankers have decided that they no longer want to share power with the electorate – the people’s representatives. The central banks have decided essentially to take over.” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

Without the pre-Covid checks and balances, the ‘foxes’ (banksters) are in the ‘hen house’ (treasury). The full implications of this are well-explained by Catherine.

The first 10-35 minutes of this video make it obvious what the plandemic is really about… from virus => to vaccines => to vaccine passports => to digital passports => to digital currency => to a social credit system => to a totalitarian tyranny that Catherine calls the ‘slave system’ (AI matrix cyborgs) who are 'privatized' (patented-owned) by plutocrats running the technocracy.

 "A slave is he who cannot speak his thoughts."
 ~ Euripides
"A sovereign can think, speak and act freely."
~ Christos

Wake Up, COVID Is World War III
Oct 5, 2021 / Dr. Joseph Mercola
We have taken our freedom for granted - never imagining we would experience a serious threat to autonomy and freedom of thought, speech and assembly. Yet just like the Third Reich, tyranny is being disguised as safety. Let's stop this now... before 'cleansing campaigns' begin via the 'CDC' (Covid Death Cult).

   For a ‘Brutal’ (Shocking) Yet Brilliant Summary of
 Pathological Pharmacidal Plandemic Policies,
  Put On the Whole Armor of God-Love Truth, and


Sept 30, 2021 / Dr. Christiane Northrup
A short but powerful multi-media summary.

and Dr. Christiane Northrup:
Tentacled Organism Identified?

Oct 2, 2021 / ForbiddenKnowledgeTV
   Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Christiane Northrup join
     Dr Larry Palevsky on Critically Thinking to discuss
the scary things that Dr Madej observed in two
separate vials of vaxx that should not be there.

Have a good laugh about mandatory
vaccines life jackets.

Oct 2, 2021 / Awaken With JP
Why Life Jackets Should Be Mandatory

Commentary on the Big Picture

Health Care System In Urgent Crisis

My apologies to any health care workers who may have taken offense at some rather critical videos I've published in support of the unvaccinated

My life has been saved by skilled surgeons on multiple occasions, and these doctors will always be my heroes. But bad medicine called 'good' is what we are seeing with virus hysteria, vaccine mandates and digital passports worldwide.

As a naturopath who developed four holistic health centers over 40 years, I've developed my own bias believing that a public health system which profits from disease - today's corporate privatized 'health care system' - will always put stockholders before the public when profits are at stake.

Stockholders first is corporate law - NOT Constitutional law 'of, by and for the people'. And the corporatocracy has been running amuck since the Supreme Court gave corporations 'personhood rights' in a 2010 'Supreme Coup' ruling called 'Citizens United'. But I digress.

While there's no profit in preventing disease for the medical-industrial complex, there's huge profit in creating and treating disease with drugs and vaccines that have side-effects treated with more drugs with more side-effects... until many seniors are 'walking pharmacies' with a toxic biological terrain as a 'prior condition'.

These are usually the first ones to die from flu vaccines. Same with the new Covid mRNA 'vaccines' (gene therapies) which are experimental - no long term studies. They both have toxic ingredients that weaken the immune system. And if it's already weak, another toxic whack can make you sick enough to die.

The Big Lie that the unvaccinated are causing the pandemic has been thoroughly debunked by reports from Israel, UK and America that hospitals are filling with the double-vaccinated - a one-two punch to the immune system. A booster will be the knock-out jab for many.

Big Media is suppressing the true story of what's in these new shots that are killing millions, as I reported previously HERE. This is well documented by independent media. But Big Media won't bite the Big Pharma hand that feeds it. They're making too much money to stop!

The health care system has transformed very quickly since Covid arrived. A year ago we were cheering our front-line health care workers. Now we see hospitals firing workers and corporations firing employees if they don't take the jab.

We've come from voluntary vaccines - because it was always a choice - to coersion policies of 'No jab  - no job'... or 'No jab - no service' at an eatery or supermarket, as in France.

Whether you believe the new experimental mRNA injection is "safe and effective" or not, what we are seeing now is coercive tyranny - not consent of the governed.

As for new doctors, they've eliminated the time-honored standard of 'Do No Harm' in the Hippocratic Oath. It is too hypocritical.

Likewise, Google has eliminated its founding motto of 'Do No Evil'. This last week, Youtube/Google openly joined Facebook and other Big Tech media giants in censoring any science or free speech viewpoint that challenges the pro-vax narrative.

As medical heretic Jon Rappoport recently said, "It turns out that big-time liars always want to censor their opponents. It's the only leg they have to stand on. In an atmosphere of free discourse, they would fall."

This unabashed medical martial law tyranny is out of control. The propaganda in lamestream media is incessant. It's like a form of mass psychosis or dark night of the soul of America.

Fortunately it's ending soon, believe it or not. The global Internet has been too effective at exposing the Big Lie and the Whole Truth.

Unfortunately, 'It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.' ~ Mark Twain

Covid is not the danger we are incessantly told. From the beginning, the 'data science' has been rigged to amplify 'FEAR' (False Evidence Appearing Real). The number of Covid 'cases' have been ramped up with bogus PCR tests whose inventor - Kary Mullis - said should NEVER be used for diagnosis. That standard for Covid testing does NOT isolate the Delta variant.

The variant scare is a scam. It's a cover - diversionary tactic - for vax side-effects which are very real, massive worldwide, and ignored by corporate media.

No one in lamestream media will tell you how to build your immune system - natural immunity - to prevent or mitigate viral infection. That's a big clue as to what's really going on.

This is NOT about a virus - Not about public health. The pharmacidal agenda of the 'CDC' (Covid Death Cult)  fabricates variant numbers to foment FEAR and compel compliance to their real agenda of population control.  "This is about a changeover in the monetary system governing the planet." ~ James Corbett of the Corbett Report.

This agenda is directed towards imposing unimaginable control over global population though mandatory vaccination, connected to a digital passport, which will be linked to digital currency and a social credit score that Big Tech has pioneered in Communist China.

For the last 18 months I've been reporting on my radio show how the pandemic was planned and executed by billionaires who increased their wealth and power dramatically while billions of people worldwide were in lockdown.

As this CBS article points out, "the world's 2,365 billionaires enjoyed a $4 trillion boost to their wealth during the first year of the pandemic." That's a whopping increase of 54% in just one year!

Common sense may be uncommon in our extremely polarized world, but there's no going back to stupid when our very lives are at stake.

According to a recent Gallop Poll, half the country is in support of vaccine passport mandates - a totalitarian agenda which would give government complete control over the health decisions of individual Americans, complete control over how businesses operate and who they are allowed to hire, not to mention complete control over the economic participation of the average citizen.

Vaccine passports are the ultimate power in the hands of unelected plutocrats and their technocrat minions who decide the life and death of individuals and their families.

Not surprisingly, the political left are by far the biggest group unwittingly backing power elite 'Black Hats' who utilize mainstream media for predictive modeling of a dystopian future where "You'll own nothing and be happy" - the siren song of corrupt monopoly capitalism in collusion with totalitarian Chinese communism - ruled by an unaccountable elite through a Deep State of FEAR.

There are also White Hats who champion the Aquarian destiny of 'AMERICA' - anagram for the 'I AM RACE' (worldwide) - representing a New Common Sense of unity-in-diversity with a High State of global wisdom of the crowd that naturally neutralizes Deep State 'DUH' (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless), as causes divisive public deception and debilitating public dis-ease.

 Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt (FUD) depresses
   a 'healthy immune system' (natural immunity)
 but is effectively neutralized by fearless faith
 in Aquarius's
'1st Principle' (Prime Directive)
- that is for giving -
     empowering wisdom with a whole-healthy-holy
    spirit of
Operative TeLeComm co-Creation;
    a universal TLC interface
for global interactive

As the light of Aquarius surges in the spirit of freedom and opportunity, the Big Lie of 'safe and effective' medical tyranny purges.

A 'Great Awakening' is uplifting the Family of Mankind in our all-connected global village. Victory virtues are overcoming victim dictum. And fearless faith in the power of love is overcoming faithless fears in the process.

So claim the victory. Truth and love wins in the end.

Keep the Faith - See the Good

Archangel Michael's Michaelmas Message

Sept 29, 2021 / HeartsCenter.org

Archangel Michael comes on Michaelmas Day, 2021 to bring about our victory. On our behalf, he envisions divine miracles, magical events and mysterious manifestations which bring the glory of God into our lives. He reminds us that the Joy of the Lord is ours when we are aligned with the universal mind of God. He tells us that the archangels and all divine beings offer us the energies of spirit for the victory of our sacred endeavors, according to our own conscious choice. Love is the key that opens the door to our own divine reality and when we accept this we will never have to worry about the future. Finally, Archangel Michael describes how all the archangels are entering the homes and lives of lightbearers everywhere, bringing a blessing to each one that will help move us into a higher dimensional prevailing awareness.   

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