The Purpose & Plan the Masters Know & Serve

After 33 years on this mission, I'm finally launching the chain-reaction strategy that, by God's grace, will quickly provide the vision, incentive, and means to lay the foundation for the next Great Cycle. This Worldwide Foundation is the Golden Age Matrix as will catalyze, crystallize and otherwise "geometrize" the Great Shift along more enlightened lines that frame a process for harmonizing the accelerated transition of Earth's evolution to a Higher Order of divine Law governance.

I've been preparing a free course on this Great Shift Master Plan for many years. It includes an incentive plan that rolls over and ramps up with "Networking for Net worth" tools and processes plus a pay plan for career Lightworkers who would like to be financially independent to network, train and support THE MOVEMENT full time. It's non-profit with 100% pay-out to our members.

The "product" is the process; the "process" is the Vision; the "Vision" is the Virtue of the highest intent of Lightworkers as would build the Kingdom of G.O.D. with the Consciousness of / HEARTware™, at the heart of all our social, political and economic institutions.

There are 33 lessons as "lines of initiation on the cosmic clock" (two and 3/4 cycles around) as can be seen in the course outline at . These 33 lines of the clock provide an archetypal orientation to universal laws of self-fulfilling prophecy at the heart of personal sovereignty (1st 12 lines), organizational sovereignty (2nd 12 lines) and planetary sovereignty (last 9 lines). They thus provide a comprehensive blueprint of, by and for the Golden Rule/Law Language at the heart of a Golden Age.

It's not rocket science once understood how the first laws of the holographic universe provide a golden thread of higher meaning, value and purpose that weaves a fabric for understanding the infrastructure of a Golden Age and the process to get us there.

Throughout the history of Church and State, organized religion as well as economic and political institutions have denied personal empowerment to maintain their own. The mysteries of God were officially kept mysteries. Not for mere mortals. Taboo. Don't go there, etc. The overshadowing spirit of the living Christ as "mediator" for one's direct relationship with "Source" (God) was replaced by the priestcraft who made themselves mediator, saying that Christ was beyond man, virtually God and unapproachable except through them, the priestcraft. In other words, they co-opted our rightful inheritance of God Power-in-Love for their own self serving love of power over man... to keep the coffers full.., buy your way into heaven... give a little to be blessed, etc.

Well of course, there is some truth to that. Believing it so, makes it so for the "true believers". The law of the tithe is well documented Biblically as core BS (Belief System) for the righteous. But how do you justify that BS when used to sanctify holy wars, crusading against "heathens" who don't believe the way we do? Where is the ONENESS with the Source of divine love in all that? But the insane just don't get it... the sanity of "we are one". Instead they believe "We're number one in power and our might makes our right the only way".

It's the dividing of the way between those who love power above all and those where the power of love abides. This is the SOVEREIGNTY GAME with self-governance cosmic law guidelines for owning your own life, learning, health and business. The "game rules" will be taught on these 33 lines over 33 weeks.

With respect for different approaches to Divine Reality, these lessons are more for the "Alpha thrust" of the higher mental body as compares to the course now being offered by James Twyman which is more the "Omega return" of emotional/devotional feminine energies. Men who are moreso "from Mars" want a more linear, logical, left-brain action plan for divine law and order. They "feel" with their thinking whereas women who are moreso from Venus "think" with their feelings. So I highly recommend the course now being offered by James Twyman for "Venetians" of either sex who prefer meditation as moreso an exercise in harmony with the feeling of compassion.

Meditation as recommended by Twyman is more easier understood by people with high emotional intelligence (women in general), and corresponds moreso to "right brain" functions that deal with "nonlinear acoustic space" whereby one "hears" the frequency, vibration and feeling in communications. In other words, it's not what you say but how you say it that "connects" (with feeling).

The course I'm offering requires a certain level of visualization abilities which is a cognitive skill called "spatial reasoning" or "pattern recognition" as comprehends new concepts of an in-depth nature; "get the picture"?

THE BIG PICTURE is defined in "layman's terms" by the trendings of the four waves of the computer/Internet revolution as can be seen at . As media visionary Marshal McLuhan explained early in this revolution, "the media is the message". The evolution of computers is an extension of our brain and now the Internet is an extension of the neural-networking between our brain cells, connecting computer databanks worldwide. The message is that "We are One"... all-connected, networked together as brothers and sisters in a tight-knit community that McLuhan called a "global village" of instant/everywhere communication capabilities.

The implications are so profound for abundant knowledge power that few have escaped the "future shock" of accelerated change that has been like ten Enlightenments and Industrial Revolutions rolled into one generation with the computer/Internet revolution.

So what's the one "masterkey" lacking for 

A Universal Law/Language interface for mass-to-mass communications is now the final archetypal "keystone" in the arch that, like synaptic connections between neurons, bridges the walls in the human mind with divine law/language intelligence... the higher consciousness at the HEART of Higher Power... the keystone "capstone" that is the key to integrity through integration of all the 4-square keys to the "pyramid" of self and civilization. Or as the Father of modern psychology, Carl Jung, would explain, the holistic synchronicity that occurs when the 4 archetypes of wholeness are integrated in a Vision of ALL THAT IS.

And so it is that the Model, HEARTware™, now brings the laws and language of Aquarian consciousness to that global brain; the gateway from cyberspace to innerspace with the innersense of divine love that defines true innocence in God. The profound implication is no less than a method of mindmapping innerspace even as Netscape empowered us to navigate cyberspace. 

Since there is no time or space in the instant/everywhere Internet, a new way to map the new "geography" of innerspace is needed. And as one becomes conscious with these laws and language of, by and for G.O.D.~... we inadvertently learn to access the mind of God with the heart of Love.

This is the heart of "E.S.P." as Effective Sensory Perception that enlightened Netizens and "HEARTcom-certified" organizations will develop in the Golden Age. It's also the subject of the current March/April 2003 issue of ATLANTIS RISING Magazine, in the article on Uranus in Pisces, 2003-2011.

This article by Julie Gillentine explains how the planet Uranus rules the Age of Aquarius and facilitates the awakening of the collective consciousness with understanding of the unity of all life. It moreso explains the numerous portents of Uranus's move into the sign of Pisces on March 10. As Julie explains, "Revolution is Uranus's middle name. The purpose of Uranus in Pisces is to bring idealism to collective consciousness. Pisces holds the collective thoughts of humanity, and this combination holds the potential for true group consciousness. Uranus breaks up entrenched patterns and offers the chance for more evolved forms."

One of those portents for Uranus in Pisces Julie specifically mentions is "technological development of mental interfaces for computers". So HEARTware™ is clearly an idea that has found it's time. And yet, as Julie further explains, "At the same time that telepathy and communication behind the veil increases, the use of technology for noble or spiritual purposes will be accompanied by secret files and policing of the Internet."

Initiating the Great Cycle of Aquarius with the
   Great Law Archetypes of Whol-E-ness

Cosmic law teaches that the higher mental body of the Christ mind borders the etheric body of the mind of G.O.D. (Geometry Of Divinity) By understanding the geometrized "fractal" laws of the holographic universe as explained at , we gain access to it. There has always been a science to the wonders we call miracles. Now is the cycle when those mysteries of God-in-man are unveiled to raise man unto God.

The ancients always integrated this Law of the One that connected spirit and matter. Astronomy included astrology. Chemistry included alchemy. Physical healers were spiritual adepts. Common sense had more connection to the order of the universe. By that order, the higher e-motional body ("e"nergy in "motion") borders the physical body. The laws behind physicality are typically governed by the 80/20 rule with 80% of manifestation having an emotional component, conscious or unconscious. Studies have shown that only about 20% of what a speaker conveys is in the actual words with 80% of "meaning" conveyed by body language and the way the words were delivered; the "energy in motion".

On the world stage you can see the same principle with 80% of the public easily swayed to give up Constitutional freedoms with the "thinking" that follows the "feeling" of terror mixed with messages that align patriotism with compliance to incessant justification for war in the military-industrial controlled media. Such emotional tyranny is the stock in trade of all dictators and tyrants who have always forsaken the higher Christ mind as conceives and believes the Golden thread of wisdom that runs through all the Great World Civilizations.

So you see that the 1-3% of Lightworkers, whose sphere of influence is the 20% who do 80% of the networking, can turn things around with the right message at the right time which is right now. The key is a special love; the Model - HEARTware™.

Without adherence to the first principles of universal "cosmic" law, the common sense of the common thread of "God is Love" become uncommon when the tail wags the dog with emotional "thinking" that betrays the common sense of "We are One".

The point I would make is that the left-brain function of "Visualization" in alignment with the order of the universe (universal law) provides a "constitutional frame of reference" whereby our attention embraces the laws and language of consciousness at the very foundation of self governance. When we "think" along more enlightened "lines" that frame universal order, we check and balance our feelings "between the lines". And yet the letter of the law framework must never "box" the spirit of the law. True patriotism transcends government "law" or religious "doctrine" that no longer serves the purpose of "God Governance" for which they were created.

It's time that Universal Law took it's place in global governance. It's time that feminine and masculine strengths within Meditation and Visualization are checked and balanced with the heart of compassion and mind of G.O.D.  And it's time that this understanding of self-governance based on divine laws and language of checks and balances is brought to the interactive interface heart of the communication processes that shape our lives.

All problems are at heart communication problems.

All solutions are at heart communication solutions.

How we come-into-unity; community; communion.

That's what the course is about. A "how to" course for self, your network community, our core institutions and civilization-at-large. And at the heart of these lessons is the internalization of those archetypal "blueprint" coordinates that are woven through every dimension of the purpose, plan and process for outpicturing a Golden Age of Greater Love.

Those dimensions, cycles and "waves of change" in time and space can best be seen in two "thoughtform" keynotes that provide the quintessential blueprint coordinates... at and

All of this of course may be considered "preliminary" copy painted in broad strokes to convey universal law/language coordinates that reflect the first principles of the Holographic Universe. The course is interactive and responsive to questions that I'll answer on 33 web sites that will log the different levels of dialogue as the course progresses on all 33 lines.  So it becomes a "self-perfecting" course for self-elevation as "salvation" that nurtures and cultures the first principles of G.O.D.~ sovereignty at the heart of a Golden Aquarian Age of divine love.

Heaven knows that an individual or civilization can rise no higher than our concept of "God is Love" and is "for-giving".

It's the "walls in our minds" that divide us with "warring in the members" of self in civilization. It's the "Law of the One"... "All That Is"... "Universal Law Language of BEING", to BE-IN-God, "I Am", that brings down the "Berlin Wall" dividing people.

 Rather than linking and synergizing our God -given gifts and talents through interactive collaboration and coordination of grass-roots media that raises the best and brightest like cream to the top our institutions, the top-down, highly controlled TV-media is being used (abused) to program people with fear and justification for walls in the mind that rationalize endless war for peace; on-going evil that good may come of it. That's the archetype of self-defeating self-contradiction as would make victims of all of us.

Healing begins with awareness of that self-sabotage insanity (victim dictum) for what it is... within the context of a clear solution.  The first three lessons focus on that "mediation" model whereby the Aquarian Spirit of FREEDOM and OPPORTUNITY can provide informed choice, the foundation of all our freedoms in the Communications Age.

There's no one more enslaved than those who think they are free when all their fear buttons are being pushed and heartstrings are being plucked by media pied pipers leading them down the slippery slope of disinformation for mind control.

My evolution of this Aquarian Master Plan over the last 33 years can be seen at This is a brief account of my experience in the trenches, developing the institutional models that will characterize a Golden Age. Included are links to all "components to the capstone" of this overall Vision. In particular, under the "Spiritual Health" section of the holistic health model at, there are three early renditions of the Model that delineates the "Geometry Of Divinity" (G.O.D.) as the Law of the Angles of G.O.D. that frames the Language of the Angels of Divine Love.

This universal law/language is the heart of our "incentive plan" whereby enlightened self-interest involves and evolves the heart of compassion with the mind of G.O.D. in all archetypal dimensions of self and civilization.

In summary, all of these coordinates define and refine a TeLeCommunications process (TLC with a special "") as explained at . All problems are, at heart, communications problems -- how we come-into-unity for real comm~unity in the holy spirit of love-in-action. The solution to all our local and global problems is this simple yet profoundly healing TeLeComm process that involves and evolves our individual and collective consciousness with kind hearts and higher mind.

This is the purpose and plan of the Worldwide Foundation that I founded and direct as a non-profit organization with a self-funding "prosperity program", the Angel Fund Network™, as outlined at and explained in this 33 week course.

The Angel Fund Network™ translates your attention, prayers and supply into projects for rebuilding the infrastructure of civilization with Golden Age Models as can be seen on all lines of the "clock" at These are the Golden Age Models that provide unprecedented "e-valuation" Net worth for our prosperity program. 

There's nothing more valuable than this overall VISION of checks and balances at the interactive interface "heart" of the networked communications community that shapes our consciousness, being and world.

The Victory of Self and Civilization follows from the Vow of Lightwearers to do what they can to make a difference, if not THE difference, at this critical time.

The Light of Aquarius is purging the dark energies and spiritual toxins of anti-love. Consequently, the sinister force working behind the scenes is about to lose power to control, and that is the god "worth-shipped" by those who love power at the expense of the power of love.

As with all such revolutions against the entrenched resistance to the "Prime Directive" of noninterference with "free agency", "informed consent", enlightened choice, etc., the entrenched special interests with vested interests in the love of power are always slow to yield to the power of love

That's why it is essential that the 1-3% of self-actualized Lightworkers give everything they've got in heart, soul, mind and resources at this time TO CONNECT with the 20% of opinion leaders and cultural creatives who do 80% of the networking... while the Internet is still open... and before Planet X arrives... so a global revolution of -in-action can "raise the shields" on spacecraft Earth with a massive thrust of God-Love power into the Morphegenic grid of the Planet.

The best defense NOW is a good offense... without being offensive.

So spread the word, person to person, heart to heart.

Love Rules... when you do... Framing rules with well-rounded rights at the heart of local/global TeLeComm whereby the spirit of the law of BEING (BE IN God~Love) is reflected and perfected.