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From the FASCISM Fiasco to FREEDOM Fulfilled
Constitutional Upgrade of Net Reality for All of "US" (United Souls)

(via militarized corporate government domination)

(via coordinated social-network commUNIcaTIons)

In response to the centralized privatized exploitation and tyranny tactics of a corrupt power elite, a new decentralized public movement -- from fascism to freedom -- is naturally arising to restore balance.  A new rEVOLUTION in Common Sense -- emphasizing global networks of, by and for higher conscience -- is empowering checks and balances on corrosive corruption by Militarized Corporate Government.  This movement is the natural evolution of the new instant-everywhere-interactive InterNet reality -- the new ALL-connection of the Family of Man in a Global Village -- and the Big Shift from "the computer is the network" (global brain) to "the networked brain has a conscience" (cyberethics). 


by Christopher Rudy
BBS Radio host at

(Have your speakers on for a brief audio intro.)

Militarized Corporate Government of a highly centralized, command-and-control nature has succeeded to the point where gross defects obscure actual gains.  Power elite combinations in Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media and Big-War "banksters" have orchestrated Big Brother martial law powers in order to monopolize markets and manipulate the mass mind with Orwellian Big Brother tactics.  

This lock-step anti-freedom agenda is virtually a plot of hell - NOT of, by and for humanity.  No salvation in that DEvolution "
BS" (Belief S
ystem) destroying the soul of humanity -- the soul of sovereignty at all levels.  Humanity has the right -- and the power -- to culture optimal evolutionary ascent.

The current self-destructing system -- all propaganda of "all is well" aside -- is sick and dying.  It's in a massive healing crisis that is crying SOS -- Save Our Society -- to every soul brighter than "dim bulb" status.  The system was created to serve the public but has been infiltrated by self-serving private interests that have inverted, subverted and perverted the divine-prime directive of a moral compass
-- for "God Government" (right is might).  Now the whole world is witnessing the opposite values of "might is right" (government "god") that is wagging the "dog" (animal consciousness) for lack of a moral compass.

Like a Pavlovian animal-conditioning experiment gone bad, Militarized Corporate Government has used shock and awe techniques to terrorize the "be-Jesus" out of humanity, creating and managing terror, war, disease, death and hell on Earth. That morally insane anti-freedom path is bankrupt as hell and bankrupting all our social, political and economic institutions. 

But a self-evident SOULution -- for ALL souls -- is now turning around the downward spiral.

America prospered while it was righteous. It was conceived in Constitutional "God" (virtue-centric) Government.  BELIEF in those virtues served America's growth well, but those virtues at the heart of the Abundant Life have been co-opted by the "BS" of "scarcity's value" foisted by a privatized banking system that has used an economics of scarcity to create and control a scarcity of every commodity of value for their private profit and power.

The fruit of that morally insane BS has been endless war, war powers and war rationalizations for suspension of core Constitutional freedoms.  Martial law -- in the name of war -- is being used to create a militarized police state. "MAD" (Mutually Assured Destruction) policies of FEAR have been replacing FAITH in Constitutional Government policies.  And the corrupt mainstream media keeps our attention focused on fearsome problems rather than self-evident solutions.

  There is an obvious way to culture our conscience, our liberties, and the sacred purpose
for which the Constitution was created.

Common sense would say that the same Constitutional virtues that gave rise to the early success of public freedoms is the self-evident SOULution for ALL souls.  The way to restore our core Constitutional freedoms includes our Constitution right to up-grade the system.

Either we BELIEVE in the Constitution... and TAKE ACTION to validate those BELIEFS...
or we are part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Here's the question for you, dear reader, and only you can answer this.  How do we work within the system to culture the spirit of humanity that ALL free people hold sacred?  In other words, how do we restore the rights -- the divine rights of humanity -- to naturally heal all our social, political and economic institutions... spiritually, mentally, physically and financially?  If it helps, THINK as though the life of your loved ones depends on it; whatever it takes.  This is the core survival issue facing humanity right now.

It may seem like circular reasoning but love of the Constitution is inseparable from the Constitution of LOVE. 
 An individual or civilization can rise no higher than their moral compass -- the divine-prime directive. 
 Fear demagnetizes that moral compass. Fear that surrenders sovereignty for security without "purity" (conscience)
DEvolution of the soul is the demise of self-governing self-elevation of a "salvation" (sovereignty) nature.

What goes around comes around.  Either we use it  -- the Constitution with a moral compass -- or we lose it... all of our freedoms.  We need a call to conscience, not a call to arms.  In an ALL-connected world, the currency of conscience is the greatest power we have.  It's the source of Higher Power that can neutralize corrupt powers. The enemy within the gates is the corrupt consciousness that would be gatekeepers of one's conscience and the collective conscience within our global social networks.

Ether we love enough to make Net freedom sizzle... or watch it fizzle.

We've got to reaffirm the correct "spin" on things.  When the "spin" goes clockwise -- with a moral compass "magnetized" (at core) with virtue -- there is an upward spiral in civility and civilization at large.  It ain't rocket science:)  An upward spiral neutralizes the downward one.  We're either busy being reborn with a resurrection of virtue at the heart of our core Constitutional freedoms, or we're busy dying to the moral imperative of that Constitution.

The Global Powershift Chart

When the Global Powershift "circle of wholeness" has a moral compass, evolutionary ascent is directed with a "clockwise" spin in an upward spiral.  This "virtuous circle" thus cycles the momentums of the soul in a "higher conscience" way when it is centered and connected to the prime-divine direction of a Higher Power -- the Power of LOVE.  Conversely, faithless fear without a moral compass results in DEvolution of the soul in a downward spiral with a "counterclockwise" spin.  That "vicious circle" cycles the momentums of the soul in a self-destructive way that interferes with one's evolutionary ascent -- or worse -- the humanity of others. 

Charting our Net reality course with the correct spin of a moral compass
can empower the genesis of freedom --  soul liberation for ALL of

Time for soul rEVOLUTION, emphasizing 90% of the word.  We have the greatest opportunity humanity has ever had.  Let's get real.  The instant-everywhere-interactive InterNet reality -- "Net reality" for short -- is now the greatest power to know better and do better that this love-retarded world has ever seen.  Thanks to the new Net reality, enlightened souls worldwide KNOW that:

With the downward spiral of public checks and balances on Militarized Corporate Government, common sense of the divine-prime directive has been suppressed with imminent threat to the life-support systems for freedom and the planet itself.  Deep doo doo of a sick-destructive BS nature.

In response to the centralized privatized exploitation and tyranny tactics of a corrupt power elite, a new decentralized public movement -- from fascism to freedom -- is naturally arising to restore balance.  A new rEVOLUTION in Common Sense -- emphasizing global networks of, by and for higher conscience -- is empowering checks and balances on corrosive corruption by Militarized Corporate Government.  This movement is the natural evolution of the new instant-everywhere-interactive InterNet reality -- the new ALL-connection of the Family of Man in a Global Village -- and the Big Shift from "the computer is the network" (global brain) to "the networked brain has a conscience" (cyberethics). 

If we're not busy re-birthing the Constitution with ALL-connected virtue in a
Loving Family spirit, we're busy dying.  "Family values" -- without virtue -- is an oxymoron like "military intelligence".  Endless war -- "for peace" -- is fork-tongued, two-faced Orwellian doublespeak.  Self-perpetuating war is the insane path of anti-freedom values that destroy The Family of Man.  Or as the Chief Architect of the Constitution said,

"Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded
because it comprises and develops the germ of every other (enemy)...
No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare." 
- James Madison, Fourth U.S. President, April 20, 1795

The creation and management of terror, war, disease, death and hell on Earth will end when the "love of power" (of, by and for Militarized Corporate Government Imperialism) is checked and balanced by the "power of love" (of, by and for ALL of US).  That's the choice that enlightened Net reality gives us.  Would you agree that the rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness is needed?  Has it become self-evident how that can work to liberate and leverage our core Constitutional freedoms?

When that common sense becomes sufficiently common, a critical mass in the currency of conscience -- networked for the Net worth it represents --  will become a self-directing, self-perfecting and self-preservation Net reality of a "self-elevating" (salvation) nature; a self-fulfilling prophecy.


This movement has everything to do with the natural evolution of our Net reality to social networks of a a higher conscience nature.  To heal our instant-everywhere-interactive social networks is to heal our social conscience.  That's simple enough.  All it takes is an interactive interface for Net reality that represents our five core freedoms.  I'm referring to an upgrade of the current horse-and-buggy representation system with the obvious capabilities of current Internet technologies.

The new connection of the Family of Man in a global village compels an electronic Space Age upgrade of our core Constitutional freedoms.  The vision alone -- how this can now work to serve all humanity -- can be the catalyst for the new "
" rEVOLUTION... worldwide.  That's why it is so important that you understand the process that will "make it so" -- the "Checks and Balances" that the Constitutional Founders would once again champion.

This is the "mother" of all survival issues facing humanity.  It's why Ron Paul is extremely popular with enlightened Netizens worldwide.  The time is ripe - the tension is high.  It's going to be released in an upward-spiral toward global liberation by the true heroes of this global rEVOLUTION.

When a culture is conditioned by space and time to "think" from a centered and balanced perspective, judicial wisdom dominates.  But this strength in excess is also a weakness when it lacks Executive or Legislative resolve for expression.  A balanced of these 3-fold power coordinates is needed for the synergy of Higher Power that is greater than the sum of the 3-fold parts.


The conditioning factors of "local" space and time have now gone global with ALL-connected implications.  A web of conscience in the web of life is transcending the limitations of space-time with the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet.  Every true champion of core Constitutional freedoms -- courageous patriots -- will now embrace the first principle of BALANCED POWER for the resurrection of Higher Power at the interactive interface HEART of Net reality.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man,
and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds,
the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
- Mark Twain, Notebook, 1904

The rEVOLUTIONARY ascent of all souls with greater Freedom and Opportunity

It's time to educate the obvious rather than investigate the obscure.  We can't deny the virtue in core Constitutional freedoms -- and their practical applications for Net reality -- if we are to preserve them.  As it is, we are fast losing them; see the recent Paul Craig Roberts article.

The fast-track to restoring checks and balances in ALL our social networks is the same fast-track for restoring checks and balances of each soul's "powers" -- a process for determining "Higher Power".  As it goes for each soul of
US -- every global Netizen -- so goes the soul of all-connected humanity.  There are "grave" consequences, literally, for denying the opportunity whereby soul rEVOLUTION can thrive.  The "living dead" have already shut themselves off from a Higher Power.  Having gone to the dark side, they want everyone to be as miserable as they are.

If we don't want to suffer their fate in a dark place, we need to cut the BS and "get real" (keep it "light").

There's no escaping the natural rEVOLUTION of global Net reality for ALL Netizens of the world.  We can sell our souls to "BS" of a tyranny nature, or we can embrace the proven self-governing, self-correcting, self-directive virtues of a "self-elevation" (soul salvation) nature.  I can't emphasize this enough.  It's a planetary priority.  We're ALL connected now.  Either we "Unite as Sovereigns" (US) to own our own lives, or we will be divided and conquered by Militarized Corporate Government Imperialism.  "Either we all hang together or, most assuredly, we will all hang separately." - Wise old Ben Franklin at the beginning of the Constitutional Founders' Revolution.

It's do or die for a
Unity State based on the global principles of Universal Sovereignty.  Either we make "humanoid" imposters of public service accountable to core Constitutional freedoms for ALL of US
, or those self-serving wolves in sheep's clothing will continue to devour what remains of life and liberty.

Freedom has a price.  Better than protesting what's wrong to deaf ears is doing what works to right wrongs.  Each soul is accountable for what they know.  The body dies but the soul goes to where it's coming from -- ultimate accountability in the cosmic scheme of things.  The divine prime directive for soul growth requires that you do better when you know better.  When a soul asserts it's free-will power to liberate and leverage Net reality with self-evident SOULutions -- for ALL souls -- then that soul is rewarded far beyond this life.

U.S. Founders didn't risk their lives challenging empire tyranny for fun.  They were marked men -- the terrorists of their day -- for challenging the same empire MADness we see today. To deny their legacy of courage is simply cowardice.  Where's the REAL love for what they fought for if we don't affirm the purpose for which they risked everything?

The Founders' formula is a working model.  It's just needs a contextual reboot to embrace contemporary Net reality:

The Decentralized "Co-Operative Win/Win Model" of, by and for Public Service

Public government is a non-profit service model.  It has been usurped by the privatized for-profit model.  Public service is the Constitutional model.  It is a cooperative of the people, by the people and for the people.  Corporations obey laws that serve their special interests above those of the public; see Corporate Law.  Concentration of power -- in excess of checks and balances -- is a huge weakness when the law of the land becomes self-serving profit on demand.  U.S. Founders had a name for it:

The accumulation of all powers, executive, judiciary and legislative,
 in the same hands ... may justly be pronounced
 the very definition of tyranny."
 James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution, 4th US President

Privatized government -- the quest for profits and privilege of a self-serving few -- is the corruption of the common wealth that obviously leads to criminal behavior, institutional corruption, general immorality, social poverty and endless wars... WITHOUT consent of the governed.  It's the out-of-balance state of "Elite wins - public loses".  Since WWII, the subservience of big government to big business also had a name:

"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism
because it is a merger of state and corporate power."
Mussolini [from "Fascism in America"]

Whether you call it corporatism, fascism or just tyranny, this threat to Constitutional freedoms is like a parasitic cancer in the body politic -- devouring the fabric of our humanity and planetary life support systems.  Both political parties running government now reflect the same corrupt values of monopoly capitalism and socialist communism that history shows have both concentrated wealth and power in 1-5% of the public while the 95-99% are dis-empowered and impoverished.  Win/lose tyranny of a private/public imbalance is subverting win/win cooperation that maintains checks and balances on private RIGHTS in the public SPHERE.

This is the challenge for all souls today -- the soul of ALL of
US.  There is organized evil of a soulless nature making a killing, literally, on the destruction of our soul freedoms on Earth. It's not an accident that Militarized Corporate Government has created a psychology of subservience to tyranny that is destroying our planetary life support systems... the platform for the evolution of ALL souls.

Summary of the problem -- the method to the madness of population weakening and reduction by
Militarized Corporate Government:

"None are so hopelessly enslaved,
as those who falsely believe they are free.
The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds
by masters who rule them with lies.
They feed them on falsehoods
till wrong looks like right in their eyes."
- Johann Goethe

Summary of the SOULution -- the method to the healing that "makes a living" by networking for the Net worth of Net reality:

"We have had our last chance.
If we do not now devise some greater and more equitable system,
Armageddon will be at our door. The problem is basically theological
and involves a spiritual renewal and improvement of human character.
It must be of the spirit, if we are to save the flesh."
--Gen. Douglas MacArthur, who understood the ultimate
solution to wars and the defeat of evil

The choice is simple enough.  Either we invest in the future with a "right now" commitment of all one's mind and all one's heart and all one's soul strength, or -- in the larger scheme of things -- we'll all pay the price.  Every good soul know that.  It's a higher law that we're all accountable to.  And the spirit of that law is what matters NOW for ALL souls. 

This rEVOLUTION of, by and for the soul of humanity is URGENT beyond words.  It's end game for tyranny or it's the end of freedom.  The SOULution is self-evident to all with an upward-mobile soul. Yes, the poor in spirit will always be with us.  This message is for mature souls, not those who need to be babied and coddled like children.  But if you are pro-life for YOUR life -- and the life of your "loved ones" among the Family of Man -- you will be generous in, at least, networking this message far and wide.  If enough good people do enough soon enough, we all win.  If we don't... you know the consequences.  We're all connected to those consequences as never before in history. 

Call it "do or die" if you're of a melodramatic nature.  The Net reality will not budge.  As the "ascended Forest Gump" would say: "conscience is what conscience does". How much do you LOVE?

"When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth,
he will either cease being mistaken,
or cease being honest."
- anon.

I'm not saying that you're mistaken... unless you believe in the BS of "war for peace" or "slavery for security".  How much courage does it take to forward this to all your lists?  Is freedom that outrageous?  Is the Constitution a dirty word?  Do you really believe we can have freedom under the Constitution if we don't LOVE enough to affirm it now?

To BE or not to BE ... the LOVE that is for-giving; that is the question and THE CHOICE for every soul.

I need you help - your enlightened self interest.  I know we can't legislate morality, but we can create an Internet infrastructure for Net reality whereby morality can survive and thrive.  I've done what I can positioning, packaging and promoting THE VISION whereby we can reboot Net reality for a potential Golden Age on Earth.  It could happen in a virtual heartbeat considering how fast the instant-interactive Internet can change global perceptions. 

YOU have the power to represent a Higher Power for a BALANCE OF POWERS.  And if enough good people care enough to MAKE THE VOW... and NETWORK THIS VISION... of, by and for CONSTITUTIONAL VIRTUE... then we will CLAIM THE VICTORY for ALL of

"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
 -Thomas Paine

DO IT with sizzle (fire-up) or surrender the greatest POWER that you have, and fizzle (power-down). You can DO IT (sizzle) with a love for humanity that creates a prayer field in the web of conscience linking all mankind. Your fire of desire, with pure intent, is not seldom the prelude of the revelation -- how you can best serve the rEVOLUTION.  A prayer field is established with expectation and anticipation.  PRAY for a SOULution for ALL souls.  The more specific the full vision -- THE LEGACY PROJECT -- and the more expectation and anticipation we bring to it, the more powerful is the self-fulfilling nature of that prayer field.  And the more people focusing their pure intent on it's fulfillment, the faster it will come into manifestation.


Network "Fascism to Freedom" to create a
prayer field.  Faith without works doesn't work.  Net reality with higher conscience of Higher Power does work.  Focus with fearless faith on the SOULution for ALL souls.  Encourage and empower that SOULution by networking this prayer field for the Net worth it promises all humanity.  What goes around this moral imperative for humanity will come around.  Heaven knows that the upward spiral of humanity could be sparked by one person's chain-reacted posting of "Fascism to Freedom" -- in part or whole -- to the right newsgroup or blog or talk show host. 

Thomas Paine sparked the American Revolution with a prayer field called "Common Sense".
Global rEVOLUTION now needs a
prayer field to fulfill freedom for all humanity.

In other words, PRAY FERVENTLY.  Sizzle rather than fizzle.  Wax hot, not luke-warm.  Fire the grid of conscience.  Prick the conscience of a love-challenged world.  Burn through the inertia between your ears and the "stinking thinking" (paradigm paralysis) of fearmongers who focus your attention on the bottomless pit of evil gone MAD.  Network for the Net worth of Net reality that champions our core Constitutional freedoms.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil
to one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau, Walden

When we pay attention to the root SOULution -- more light neutralizing dark places -- attention pays.  That's the power of social conscience -- it's a prayer field.  Either we pray for it, or we get preyed upon!  That when faithless fear takes everyone down.  That's the dark side that wants everyone hanging separately -- no unity -- in a noose of fear.  Only the light side -- our social conscience -- will neutralize dark influences. 

It's one thing to wake up to contempt for erosion of Constitutional freedoms as emphasized by Alex Jones and Aaron Russo's documentary "America: From Freedom to Fascism"... and it's quite another thing to turn-around the abysmal contempt, fear and anger with a promising vision for resurrecting core Constitutional freedoms.

When we SEE the world as it ought to be... with a clear path to "make it so"... we empower that vision's force field with a prayer field... all religious "BS" aside.  The greatest enemy of the movement from "Fascism to Freedom" is corrupt religious BS.  Or a wise old Ben Franklin said,

"Religion is indeed a principal thing, but too much is worse than none at all.
The world abounds with knaves and villains, but of all knaves,
the religious knave is the worst; and villainies
acted under the cloak of religion
are the most despicable."

The prayer field needed is a spiritual movement that naturally follows from the divine-prime directive of by and for consent of the governed.  Either we govern ourselves with a prayer field of pure spiritual intent -- call it "God government" -- or government "god" will wag the "dog" ("god" spelled backwards with godless inhumane intent).

I'm not asking much - just network this "prayer" -- "
Fascism to Freedom".  As I said, you can a make a difference if not THE difference.  Imagine what would happen to the Ron Paul "Lovelution" if a powerful prayer field champions the virtue in Constitutional upgrades of Net reality?  Could that help his election to the White House?  Would he stick to his guns?  Do ya THINK!

The whole world is watching the U.S. elections and realize that the election is being rigged  to marginalize Ron Paul and the Constitutional principles he stands for.  No matter how much the American people deny any conspiracy and believe the BS of "no conspiracies", the core issue of Constitutional freedoms is gaining traction. 

It is important to realize that the highly centralized, top-down hierarchy of corruption in Federal government -- run by banksters and BUSHwhackers -- is quickly being neutralized by a highly decentralized, bottom-up "Netroots" (grassroots) of global Netizens who are creating a critical mass of CONSCIENCE.

Prime the Pump: Prepare the Way

To quote that "Great Soul" (Mahatma) Gandhi, "If a man reaches the heart of his own religion, he has reached the heart of all religions."

This is the
prayer field I'm talking about.  Gandhi brought independence from empire tyranny with that spirit just as US Founders inspired independence from the same empire tyranny.  It's the same issue now.  We can declare our independence from the new face on that same old tyranny model if only we
take heart. 

"You have to stand against the whole world even though you may have to stand alone.
You have to stare in the face the whole world although the world may look at you
with blood-shot eyes. Do not fear.
Trust the little voice residing within your heart."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

If only we LOVE enough to do what the poor in spirit are not able or willing to do.  LOVE is what we make it.  It is the heart of the movement from "Fascism to Freedom".  It is fulfilling the Great Law in a pure geometry frame of reference... the purpose and plan that U.S. Founders knew and served... the GENESIS of upward-mobile Freedom and Opportunity for ALL of US.

LOVE heals ALL.  All ways has.  Always will. 

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love
has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time
they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall
-- think of it,
 - "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi


We can Unite and "Co-Create" (Evolve) with a Holistic Vision of Virtue for the Victory of All of
or by default...
Suffer the Consequence of Division and "Destruction" (DEvolution) with Victim Dictum
You can frame the "healing crisis" -- Earth's current situation -- any way you want, but the reality of CHOICE for every soul will not budge.  There are absolute laws of nature -- the natural order of the universe -- that directs and perfects the evolutionary ascent of soul experience according to the "The Prime Directive" - Cosmic Love.   Enlightened souls "get it" -- the Law of "BEING" -- to "BE IN God" (LOVE).  Afflicted souls just don't "get it" -- the CHOICE to "BE" in the image and likeness of LOVE's eternal scheme for soul evolution.  To BE or not to BE.  To evolve with the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action, or not.  That is the CHOICE.  LOVE is for giving (70 x's 70, etc.)  What goes around comes around.  Network for its Net worth.  This is the greatest power the lightworkers and LOVE-makers have.  Create your own network on the Mother of all networks - the Internet.  Nurture the circle of wholeness in our global village. The higher greater your CHOICE with enLIGHTened self-interest, the greater the RESULTS.  Seek ye first the "kingdom conscience" -- the components to the "capstone vision"  -- and the Constitution of the prime directive for evolutionary ascent naturally matures in your conscience, BEING and world. - C.R.

Excerpt from "The Genesis of Freedom"

 is whole enough and bold enough that when told enough
 -- properly
positioned, packaged and promoted --
 that it can provide the catalyst for a
 self-correcting, self-governing,
 self-fulfilling prophecy
 of, by and for
 with Higher Power
 of a self-elevation nature
 that represents the rEVOLUTION
of ALL souls and the ALL-connected reality
 that will most likely check and balance ALL powers
 in our global instant-everywhere-interactive social networks;
To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul,
 and your sovereign neighbor in our Global Village as thyself

- contribute