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We Have the Power... Always Will.

by Christopher Rudy,
Host of
Cosmic Love

With the veil of separation thinning in the 'Unified Source Field',
 all souls on Earth are on the front lines of 'Source connection'
  that some of us call '
awakening' and others call a 'battlefield'.

This can be a 'gold mine' if only we 'mind it' in good Conscience...
or it can be a 'mine field' of explosive danger if we don't 'mind it'.

All suffering comes from the mindless sense of separation from the
ordained power of golden wisdom with universal love.

"There is nothing more important in this life for you or me than
waking up."  (from the video, about 7 minutes long)

We Have the Power... Always Will.

There is a power that frames the natural order of the universe, the opening of a flower bud, and nurtures children with joy and loving kindness. This is a power we've always had, and always will. 

Loving kindness is not just a language that the blind can see and deaf can hear. There is a ‘Helen Keller’ in all of us. Everyone was born ‘unknowing', but we grow up to become conscious of HOW we are conscious… with a Conscience at the heart of the power of love.

This power is the wisdom of nature and the natural law that governs both divine order and heart coherence... the frequency of love-in-action as a holy spirit that is surging as potential for soul growth with THE SOLSTICE.

There is a natural order to the opening of a flower bud -- nature's wisdom -- just as there is wisdom governing the opening of the 'bud' of global civility into a beautiful flower.  In either case, you can't force the bud open without killing it. The best we can do is support the process, watering the 'plant' with love.

In the larger 'garden of life', the seeds of worldwide love have been planted as well as the seeds of destruction.  As good gardeners, we have the power to weed the garden and water it with love.  Plants may not have a soul as humans do, but they do have a consciousness that responds to love as the famous book, "The Secret Life of Plants' has scientifically documented.

When we are connected to 'Natural Law' governing both plant and human evolution, we are naturally in harmony with the seasons and their respective opportunities for sowing and reaping what we sow.  Natural law has natural consequences of stimulus and response, cause and effect... from one life's ‘season’ to another.

In the ocean of vibrational actually that we subjugate as 'reality', there are seasons of accelerated conscious evolution in the human kingdom just as in the plant kingdom. Global civilization is in a 'growth season' now just as plants in the Northern Hemisphere. The Family of Man is in the process of blossoming as a beautiful 'global village' flower, but we can't force liberation of global hearts and minds in this process.

We can, however, tend to the 'garden' within our own hearts and minds. With
heart coherence, we're all connected and mentally congruent with Natural Laws governing conscious evolution

As each soul soars on wings of grace, it liberates the upward-mobile conscious evolutionary ascent of all souls... a classic 'One for All' gesture that gives momentum to the power of wisdom with love... moment-to-moment.

 In its own good time, the flower blossoms, civility goes mainstream,
and core institutions reboot with the
gold standard as the currency
  of, by and for our conscientious common sense, 'Unity Conscience',
with universal 'Cosmic Law' governing global village self-regulation
   just as natural law governing optimal health in every living organism.

For some of us, the 'Big Shift' has already happened.
Others are confounded, wondering what's happening.
 In the near future, we'll all wonder at what happened...
just as when the personal computer became the
"network of computers" (Internet).

The business of evolution is now becoming
the evolution of our business models for
culturing the abundant life for everyone.

This is how the ordained 'Power of Love' as the
Law of the Angles and Language of the Angels
'checks and balances' or otherwise neutralizes
the inordinate love of power in 'bad business'.

Shift happens:)

   Bad business models that rely on the insanity
of self-destructive incentives for profit from
 war, disease, disinformation and depression
    will downsize, just as a tumor will shrink when
      the whole body is given what it needs to thrive.

Consent of the governed of, by and for the people
thrives when the power of love, with 'heartware',
cultures social Conscience in our social networks.

This is a process of homeostasis and healing as will
'let go' of obeisance to inordinate 'outer power', and
   'let love' culture social Conscience in social networks.

Power on the outer will surrender to love on the inner

This is the time ordained in the larger season of 'galactic alignment' as our solar system orbits across the ecliptic plane of our Milky Way Galaxy. This is the 'Great Cycle' of approx. 25,920 years known as the 'Precession of the Equinoxes'. Numerous prophecies are converging now with portents for a millennial golden age on Earth. Some would say, "It's about time!"

This may be difficult to see with the purging of so much negativity due to the intense infusion of Earth's
quantum field with the concentrated aligned light of hundreds of billions of Suns in the galactic plane that Earth is now aligned with.

When you realize how POWERFUL your thoughts are,
you will ALL WAYS and ALWAYS be positive with your
beliefs, thoughts and feelings as are wholly integrated
   with a high standard of
in form and frequency.

Or put another way... with double-negatives
(that confound the left brain)...

THINK with your HEART... LOVE with your MIND

All the negative things we see on the outer screen of life
pales in comparison to the power we all have
to connect on the inner... inner sense
at the heart of innocence.

The new American rEVOLUTION, worldwide, is for
   the Family of Man in a 'global village' of connection
   as empowers wisdom with the universal heart-mind
   coherence and congruence of, by and for all souls.
"We have the power to begin the world over again."
~ Thomas Paine, Author of 'Common Sense'
which sparked the American Revolution

THE SOLSTICE is a three day window of heightened opportunity to tune into the immense power we have to make a difference if not THE difference for oneself and others.

Thanks to your heart's resonance with the blossoming beauty of the
'Flower of Life'
in all Creation, Unity Conscience is blessed.

For all of "
US" (United Souls), your blessing is our blessing:)

We Have the Power... Always Will.

~ Christopher

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