June 15, 2013 

It's June in Montana. Prairie dogs are scrambling as eagles and
hawks feast after a long winter of slim pickings. Ranchers are
scrambling to irrigate fields and make hay while the snowmelt
fills the irrigation ditches. Here in Paradise Valley, tourists are
also busy cruising down to the North gate of Yellowstone Park.

After weeks of overcast sky and much-needed rains, blue sky
has returned with lush green hills that usually turn brown in July.
This gives a small window of heaven-on-Earth here in Paradise.
For some of us free spirits, it's a good time for soul-soaring.


Soul Soaring In Paradise

The computer metaphor for conscious evolution is appropriate to our times.  Different metaphors provide different parallels (parables) that have more profound meanings in their respective times.  The enlightened Christ used agricultural parables in an agricultural age, teaching the Eastern concept of 'karma' in terms of how we reap what we sow... the thrashing floor of life... separating the wheat from the chaff, etc.

But now we live in the Internet Age that separates the connected from the disconnected, the natural world from the virtual world of instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities. This is the nature of humanity's evolution seen in the rapid development of information technologies in our time.

Witness how the computer/Internet revolution has changed our perceptions like an extension of the brain... just as clothes are an extension of the skin.

The industrial age saw automobiles become the extensions of our feet.  Radio became extension of our ears.  Motion pictures and then talking movies and then TV became extensions of our eyes and ears. Now personal computers are like extensions of our individual brains, whether palm top 'smart phones' or lap top tablets or deck-top computers.

In just 33 years, global civilization has evolved from the dominant mainframe computer corporate culture, IBM's hardware... and then morphed into the home business revolution and economic boom with a desk-top computer revolution, dominated by Microsoft's software... and then morphed into the global network of computers we call the Internet, dominated first by Netscape's netware.   

The parallel here is to individual brain cells that grow communication networks with other brain cells in an instant-everywhere and interactive global brain. But a brain without a heart is half-witted. Knowledge power is only as good as the social Conscience it represents in social networks.

The next phase in the computer/Internet revolution after hardware, software and netware is naturally heartware, as I explained that in the recent article on 'Quantum Computing'.  For most people, that's like trying to explain the full implications of the Internet BEFORE the Internet.  Normalcy bias is like paradigm paralysis that struggles with new conceptual frameworks of an in-depth nature. New paradigms typically don’t ‘compute’ until we can see it and use it and experience how it works.
But the veil is thinning now, as I like to explain via 'galactic alignment' surge in the unified source field.  The VISION ALONE -- how heartware works -- can be the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy... to culture 'heart coherence' as the universal language of our better nature... the language of the angels... holy compassion... education of the heart... Effective Sensory Perception... the
'gold standard' as the currency of Conscience for the Next Economy. 

Perhaps the most creative practical genius of the 20th Century was Nicola Tesla who not only created the alternating current that powers our homes,
and radio that extends our ears, but also, wireless
'free energy' technology that has been suppressed since the early 1900’s. Tesla had the ability to see things working in great detail in his mind before he created them. Perhaps you can do that as you read, ‘Quantum Computing’.

I know, I'm raising the flag with heartware as the standard of, by and for
We the People' who stand up for the golden rule/law language at the heart of every golden age civilization in cosmic history. Of course, I'm referring to the 'Creative Ascent Process' of, by and for 'We the People' in a universal sense, 'The Alliance', as represents all of "US" (United Sovereigns of Earth). 

Some will wise up, rise up, stand up and salute this process of accelerated conscious evolution for our humanity at this time. For others... not so much:(

This final stage of global evolution revolution is to naturally fulfill the divine destiny of '
AMERICA' as the "anagram code" (scrambled letters) for the
I AM RACE' worldwide.  That's the gathering of the tribes of 'IS REAL'
in the spirit of "
I Am" ('I Can', 'I Will', and by ordained grace, 'Done Deal')...
        winning from the beginning of this evolution revolution.

There's a process to make it so.  It's not rocket science.  Anyone can network for Net worth (see the 1 min. video below: Your Network Is Your Net worth.) This process cultures enlightened perception of what
and this is the purpose of the Heartcom Network:

Networking for the Net worth of a 
more enlightened Net reality
for global Netizens.

The process is the 'product', and shift happens with a vision of virtue and valor that claims the victory for United Sovereigns of Earth. Heartware naturally cultures conscious evolution with social Conscience in global social networks.

In the larger scheme of the soul's evolutionary ascent, the ordained power of love checks and balances the inordinate love of power... and fearless faith neutralizes faithless fear. This is the divine destiny for humanity at this amazing time of mass awakening to the unprecedented opportunity for universal co-Creation with the
power of love in form and frequency.

   Earth's divine destiny at this time was foreordained.
The free will choice of souls, incarnated here now,
  was to wake up, wise up and stand up for liberation
  of the purpose and plan that soul evolution serves.

Soul Soaring: A Healing Process

'Processing' is how you get it or otherwise 'connect the dots':
pure intention focusing attention with love's retention for
 conscious ascension in the same freedom-loving dimension
 that sparked the American Revolution with ‘Common Sense’.

Just as Tom Paine sparked the American Revolution with ‘COMMON SENSE’, so is global conscious rEVOLUTION, emphasizing 90% of the word, a natural healing process that involves multiple ‘dimensions’ of common sense.

We are what we believe, spiritual processing,
having become what we believed.
We are what we think, mental processing,
having become what we thought.
We are what we feel, emotional processing,
having become what we felt.
We are what we do, physical processing,
 having become what we did.

This is conscious evolution 'processing' which involves and evolves our individual and collective common sense as the Family of Man in our ALL-connected global village of instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities.

      In the soul’s journey of eternal progression,
Spiritual laws govern, without exception.
     One's soul knows, with humble confession,
   The invisible hands of divine intercession.

This 'processing' with our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions is an endless loop of opportunity that 'recycles' one's consciousness in the larger scheme of the eternal progression of the soul.  What goes around comes around for both this life and all incarnations of the soul into flesh... ideally with the spirit that matters on Earth as in Cosmos.

We get what we ask for in the larger scheme
   of cause and effect that only love can redeem.
     As goes around comes around, sooner or later,
   and this cosmic law applies for lover or hater.

Whether we frame the conscious healing process with science or religion,
there is a cycle of cause and effect, action and reaction, stimulus and response whereby we reap what we sow. This is the process of ‘
Creation’. Earth is a platform for the evolution of soul lessons to be learned here. There is nothing ‘extra’ about ‘Effective Sensory Perception’ when we co-Create it.

    By perspiration we strive to optimize aptitude,
  By inspiration we rise up with better attitude,
By grace we soar to a much higher altitude.
   As each soul ascends, it uplifts the multitude.

Healing the global crisis in consciousness today is to heal our core social,  political and economic conundrums. Effective Sensory Perception connects
all souls soaring on
thermals of grace.  As each soul soars, it lifts the veil for
all other souls.  This evolutionary ascent process is now surging with the
25,920 year galactic alignment, optimizing the ultimate win/win with
Co-Creation as Soul Soaring’.

Global evolution is the revolution beginning.
    The vision alone is a cause for much grinning.
 Cherish this time as the veil is now thinning.
   Hell may be disturbed but heaven is winning.

Every scientist that looks deeply within the universe, and every mystic that looks deeply within the self, eventually comes face-to-face with the same fundamental order of the universe that spirals the intelligence of the Creator into our hearts and minds. This is ‘processing’ at the highest level.

    Ready or not, there are options now revealing
 Choices to be made that are quite appealing.
   Mysteries are unveiled, no longer concealing,
     Soul soaring with new opportunity congealing.

Global holistic healing with free, online 'Universal Self Care' is now possible
with the integration of available hardware, software, netware and heartware.
Education of the heart with this process will naturally restore the pure intent
of loving care for resolving the 'healing crisis' in the sick health care system.

There are rules whereby Creator's intention
 Is self-evident to those who focus attention
   Above as below with Great Love's retention,
 Wising up to rise up; conscious ascension
In a unified field of co-Creation dimension.

As 'co-Creators' on Earth as in Cosmos, we spiral upward in a conscientious  way to the extent we process the 'stuff' of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical creation. This is the 'natural law' that inspired U.S. Founders with the same freedom in fearless faith as inspires global rEVOLUTION for all of ‘US’, United Sovereigns of Earth.


"Congratulations, you are among a select group of souls who won the lottery to be here, on this planet, at this time! The prize not only ensures you a front row seat but also the unique opportunity to co-Create the future of the human race. This is a time to remember."
                                  ~ Christine Page, M.D., Author of 
                                     '2012 and the Galactic Center'

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