2015 Shift Update / Full Disclosure / Tough Love

Who Will Salute the Common Flag of ‘US

One Earth with One Universal Love
of, by and for All of ‘
US’ as the
United Sovereigns of Earth

Nov. 21, 2015 / Christopher Rudy

Two short but powerful videos included.

With the whole world on the threshold of either a
global golden age or WWIII, the big question
in the wake of terror-for-tyranny attacks is
how do we upgrade our global sanity?
Is it true that global humanity will either
wake up and wise up to rise up with
pure intent for common sense
 or be divided with conflict?
Are you aware that the Family of Mankind
in our instant-interactive global village
is maturing with social conscience
of a more enlightened nature?
Would you agree that this conscience
focuses the power of wisdom with
love of, by and for all of 'US' as
United Sovereigns of Earth?

United Sovereignty IS what Conscience DOES.
Saluting the opportunity for global liberation
from false-flag terror and tyranny agendas.

Who Will Salute the United Sovereignty Flag?

But before pledging your allegiance to the ‘Whole Truth’,
be well aware and on guard regarding the ‘Big Lie’ that
perpetuates global cultural warfare for terror sponsors.

 Think for yourself, connect the dots, and get the picture.
The enemy of sovereignty is the enemy of all of US.

If ISIS is CIA-Mossad War By Deception, Who Profits?
Previous article: Paris Attack Backfired

The backlash of social conscience in response to the Paris attack has awakened people worldwide to the 'Big Lie' cause of the endless terror war that is covertly fostered, funded, equipped, armed, trained and protected by the NATO allies and GCC countries, France included. 

This is an abject betrayal of those "Sovereign Principles" (Universal Rights) that these countries supposedly represent.

There can be no healing of endless terror war
without social conscience that condemns the
provocateur false-flag ‘War of Terror’.

A good summary of the current crisis is the recent Nov. 19th article by Chuck Baldwin, The Paris Attacks: EXCERPT: "Make no mistake about it: the wars in the Middle East are Washington’s wars. The refugee crisis is the direct result of Washington’s wars. G.W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and the continued violent attacks by the Obama administration throughout the Middle East -- not to mention, the direct intervention of, and supervision by, the CIA, British intelligence, the Israeli Mossad, and the governments of Turkey and Saudi Arabia -- created ISIS. Furthermore, these governmental entities have all helped to arm, sustain, equip, supply, and medically care for ISIS terrorists.
~ Continued HERE

Watch this new truth-telling video before it's taken down:
Ken OKeefe Press TV Commentary: Paris False Flag

Published Nov. 17, 2015

False-flag terror war by deception has created the best enemy that money can buy... a deceptive 'Method of Operation' here exposed.

This is how the Dark Side works to
keep us '
Stuck In Negativity' (SIN)
 by fomenting
faithless fear (terror)
to depress and suppress fearless
  Faith in a United State of .

Common sense would say: If We Want To Stop Terrorism, We Should Stop SUPPORTING Terrorists ~ Nov. 19, 2015 / ZeroHedge.com
Many Osama bin Laden videos, ISIS beheading videos and Al Jazeera propaganda videos have been exposed as CIA, MI6 and Mossad 'Wag the Dog' projects. Likewise with much of what Americans watch on the boob tube. Billions of dollars in the Pentagon budget go for production of talking points for CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX, PBS, etc., as well the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and thousands of other print publications,

Hitler's media man had it right: If the big lie is BIG enough,
and bold enough (with terror) and told enough (MSM),
the public will believe it with flying false-flag colors.

Don't fall for it folks. It's a terror tactic 'set-up'!

CBS News / 19 Nov 2015: New ISIS video threatens attack on White House | The Dijla branch of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) released a new video depicting unidentified jihadists celebrating the recent attacks on Paris and vowing the attacks would "conclude with the so-called White House." In the video - titled "Paris Before Rome" -- militants warn French President Francois Hollande, U.S. President Barack Obama "and those who follow in his footsteps" to expect more strikes. The jihadists warn that the attacks on France would expand to Washington DC.
Note: This is shadow government scripting as a threat to both Obama and the collective unconscious fears of the American and French public. ~CR
CNN News / 18 Nov 2015: ISIS video threatens New York City |  A new ISIS [I-CIA-SIS] video released Wednesday warns of an impending attack on New York City. The video mentions Times Square and purports to show an explosive device being put together and a bomber zipping his jacket over a suicide belt. The New York City Police Department said it was aware of the video and was deploying additional members of its new anti-terrorism squad out of an abundance of caution.
Note: The same 'preemptive war' policy that deceived us into Iraq wars continues to create domestic terror to sustain anti-terrorism police state agencies for 'homeland security' at the expense of our freedom. ~CR

NYT Editorial Slams "Disgraceful" CIA Exploitation of Paris Attacks
Glenn Greenwald / Nov. 19, 2015 / The Intercept

Greenwald writes: "A truly superb New York Times editorial this morning mercilessly shames the despicable effort by U.S. government officials to shamelessly exploit the Paris attacks to advance long-standing agendas." ~ READ MORE

Exploiting terror for 'Greater Israel' in the Mideast?
Or for Zionist rule in the U.S.?  Or both?

So why would domestic terror by used to create a totalitarian surveillance society and police state? Have we learned nothing since 9-11 and the false flags 'Patriot Acts' that have ruled Americans with the psychology of subservience to tyranny that surrenders freedom for security until we have neither?
And why do you think that the Zionist owned and controlled press - the six giant media cartels programming us - always focuses our attention on terror and 'stranger danger' when they are pushing a control agenda for greater tyranny? Have we learned nothing from the privately owned Rothschild-Zionist central banking system (FED) that refuses a Congressional audit and hijacked the economy with prosperity for the one percent at the expense of the 99%?
A public that is captivated by fear is rarely proactive with faith. Who can be positive about holistic solutions when stuck in negativity that surrenders sovereignty to the same governments that destroyed sovereign nations throughout the Mideast? Have we learned nothing from the NeoCon/Zionist war criminals that sacrificed American blood and treasure in the Mideast based on lies and fear-mongering of non-existent weapons of mass destruction?


Obviously, the military-industrial complex, as Eisenhower warned us, has made a killing, literally. Endless terror war has fueled Wall Street stocks for the 1% who get a big fraction of the action on death and destruction.
The 'Greater Israel' agenda of Zionists has profited, destabilizing the Mideast for a more dominant influence while maintaining the Gaza concentration camp that is much larger and more deadly than Hitler's Warsaw Ghetto. Ironic isn't it? The innocent persecuted Jews are now doing the persecuting for Zionist Jews... for 'homeland security' of course.
This is classic war via heartless deception. Behind it is the same Zionist owned and controlled corporatocracy of central banks, war profiteers and media conglomerates that have programmed American youth to fight the wars for 'Greater Israel', intervening abroad to destroy sovereign countries and self-governing sovereign principles... for 'homeland security' of course.
The Zionist media-industrial complex has profited, maintaining the cover-up of Zionist terror-for-tyranny tactics from 9-11 to the present. That's why big media never mentions the Zionist influence behind destruction of peace and prosperity at home and abroad… for 'homeland security' of course.
When enlightened spirituality awakens to the reality of Zionist influences that try to outlaw their exposure as ‘hate crimes’, it becomes self-evident that the Big Lie is vulnerable to the Whole Truth with intent to suppress it.

From Pol Pot to ISIS: The Blood Never Dried
by award-winning journalist John Pilger

Hey GOP, My Christian Family Welcomes Refugees
Because We've Actually Read the Bible

By Jason Boyett, The Guardian
Deeply religious Americans support Republican positions but not
when they advocate turning away the vulnerable. READ MORE

True Christians not only volunteer to adopt unwanted pregnancies, but also volunteer to provide homes for the homeless. A nation that lacks care for the most vulnerable has lost its soul, surrendering kindness for 'homeland security' until we have neither kindness nor security.
Healing the soul of America begins with ‘tough love’ - putting down the rabid dog of political Zionism that fosters cherished illusions and willful ignorance of the real enemy of our Judeo-Christian heritage of loving kindness. 

When we lose our faith in compassion
and lose our discernment of evil,
the real terrorists win.

“I won't give you the gift of hating you”
2 1/2 minutes from the heart

Published Nov. 18, 2015

So Keep the Faith in :
 A Unity State - United Souls
with '
Universal Solidarity',
Unified Sense of US;
United Sovereigns
  of and for Earth.

Full Spectrum TeLeComm
 for our conscious evolution
 with the Language of Light
 (Currency of Conscience);
heart of the Next Economy

To  with all your strength, mind, heart and soul...
  and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.


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