Urgent Appeal to Enlightened Netizens / Understanding "Net freedom"

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"These are the times that try men's souls:  The summer soldier and the
   sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country;
       but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."
- from "The American Crisis" by Thomas Paine, the author of COMMON SENSE
that sparked the American Revolution

Updated Nov. 1, 2006

by Christopher Rudy

In the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet Age, the battle now is informational and psychological.  It boils down to how we organize information "in formation"... whether the process is transparent... and what virtues we bring to the re-formation.  If a new enlightenment and reformation is to bless humanity, the modern "printing press" (Internet common carrier for print, radio and TV) must fulfill it's Net potential with "Freedom of the Press"
along more enlightened lines that frame the "wise dominion" (wisdom) of "checks and balances" between the love of power and the power of love.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power.
And where
power predominates, there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other."
- Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung

The vision alone - how the remnants of mainstream power abuse can be checked and balanced -- can, indeed, be the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Call it the timeless test that's best.  U.S. Founders understood it as the battle between tyranny and freedom.  The "Star Wars" trilogy dramatized this universal struggle between the forces of light and the dark side of the force.  The "good guys" always lock and load light and love.

There is a New World being defined by the "global village" (Net reality) of the instant-everywhere interactive Internet.  Call it the natural evolution of Net reality.  The new web of consciousness has already revolutionized the world with the freedom to know better and do better.  The next stage is to bring higher consciousness to the web.

This is a major challenge to residual tyrannical forces that are love-challenged.

People worldwide are grieving over what has happened to America.  At least those -- after 9-11 -- who said in sympathy for our plight, "We are all Americans".  And now that the myths of 9-11 are coming out, there is hope for healing the psychotic break with reality over this virtually unthinkable betrayal of all that Americans hold sacred.  Enlightened Netizens think about these things.

Throughout recorded history, the rise, fall and resurrection of civilizations has followed the swing of the pendulum between the
love of power and the power of love. Every enlightened system of self-governance that champions the principle of personal sovereignty and Divine Rights has attempted to check and balance the self aggrandizement of a few at the expense of what is best for all.

The Spirit that matters here is the business of evolution.  It's the innerspace of cyberspace where the web of life meets the worldwide web.  Call it
cyberethics or the pure intent of "Web 2.0".  It is still the next generation -- the "Next Big Thing" -- in the computer/Internet "rEVOLUTION", emphasizing 90% of the word.

At the founding of the Great Experiment in representative self-government in what was then the "New World" of America, the concept of "checks and balances" on foreign and domestic powers was understood, having fought a war with King George to secure the right to own their own lives.  Today the foreign and domestic powers of concern are one and the same. We are ALL connected in a New World of instant-everywhere interactive Internet capabilities. 

The big difference in the global village "Net reality" of today is that the struggle is NOT between domestic and foreign enemies of "US vs. them".  It is within ourselves - individually and collectively. ALL of us.  Whether we live by natural laws of "connection" or unnatural laws that sabotage our "unity in diversity".

The crisis today is the same and the solution is the same "checks and balances"  between the extremes: unchecked love of power (Nazi fascism) and the unbalanced power of love (no conditions to check the abuse of power). It's a theme that bears repeating to understand how unconditional law and order without freedom leads to tyranny and freedom without conditions to check and balance the abuse of power either leads to anarchy or defaults to tyranny.

It's wise to keep the counsel: "To be wise as the snakes yet harmless as doves."  A truly "enlightened" human understands that humanity thrives through the prevailing power of love rather than Machiavellian love of power extremes that cannibalize civility.  In other words, be wise to those dark forces whose love of power will create chaos and anarchy to get the people clamoring for law and order tyranny without freedom.

This is the cause and core "global connection" issue that concerns all enlightened Netizens who love "informed choice" at the heart of all our freedoms. It's the "Net freedom" issue.

All healthy living organisms have a "nervous system" and a brain that recognizes pain and danger to its survival.  Global civilization has evolved to the same point of having an all-connected nervous system -- the Net --with all the knowledge of the world in that computer-connected "brain".  But like primitive brains, information rarely equates with higher intelligence. 

If the brain is lacking "discernment" as the wisdom of "whole systems integrity" (holisitic "holographic" source-connected intelligence) --
call it intelligence with a heart -- then, by default, you typically have compartmentalized "in the box" thinking that disconnects from the big picture "holy whole" (common sense) for surviving or thriving.  Indeed, research by biologists and anthropologists has found that "overspecialization" was the core reason for extinction of species and nations.

Current research on the DNA blueprint for life in the nucleus of every cell has shown that the REAL function of at least 90% of the DNA -- what earlier science misunderstood as "junk" DNA -- is communication with other cells and the energy fields of our "total environment" - the Morphegenic grids of the entire Earth behind the common sense of "
we are in the universe and the universe is in us".

There are natural laws of the universe that govern the evolution of life.  There is a new "common sense" of natural evolution in the wings of the global stage. The Internet has brought us to a new connection of common cause and purpose. The common sense of CONNECTION between the energies of the universe and the energies of Earth... THE CONNECTION between the energies of Earth and consciousness of humanity... and THE CONNECTION between the energies of "We the People" and it's expression in grass-roots, decentralized, individual and global awareness of a higher standard for "cultural DNA" at the heart of the web of consciousness that the worldwide web is connecting.

The future of Net freedom

Many people worldwide are waking up to the Spirit of Divine Love as Earth moves fully into the Photon Belt in that part of our galaxy known cyclically (24, 500 years approx), to repolarize Earth's energy fields with the frequencies of Divine Love (sector of Aquarius).  This is both a blessing and a challenge to old paradigms that are love-challenged.

If you boil down the core issue of cultural war between the haves and have-nots in our global village, it ultimately comes down to the timeless struggle between the
love of power and the power of love.  Call it selfish greed vs. selfless sharing.  Or materialism vs. true spirituality.  Mans' laws emphasize "ownership and control" (90% of man's laws) while Divine Rights emphasize the Spirit of "common sense" (90% of DNA natural laws).  The core issue is what "laws" (man-made or natural) will culture our "common sense".

In other words, the core issue is how we come-into-unity (comm-unity) through communications... and whether we do it naturally or with unnatural "lock-step" rules that self-sabotage natural evolution through common sense... keeping it uncommon.

The evolution of the web of consciousness -- from the "free-for-all" of open systems to "natural law" that self-regulates natural order -- will ultimately connect humanity with the cultural DNA of universal law language "geometrized" in "the
model" (www.heartcom.org/LoveModel.htm).  And there is a rEVOLUTIONARY way to do that in alignment with the first principles of natural-universal law.

This is the opportunity to finish what U.S. Founders began in the New World of America, but now, in the New World of instant-everywhere-interactive "Net reality".  It's the opportunity to fulfill the Founder's legacy through
whol~E "E-valuation criteria" (cyberethics) that define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine our God-given gifts and talents. 

"The natural aristocracy of virtue and talent", as Jefferson phrased it, is the intent.  The information on the Internet not only wants to be free and open, it wants to reward the natural aristocracy of virtue and talent.  Why?  Because the alternative is that "dumb systems" rule without virtue and talent as in "DUH!" (Dummies Unconscious & Heartless)

This the natural evolution to Net freedom that exalts what Jefferson referred to as the
"laws of nature and nature's God" in the Declaration of Independence. Or what Thomas Paine referred to a "the angels of our better nature" in his treatise, COMMON SENSE, that inspired the American Revolution.

Common sense tells us that an individual or civilization can rise no higher than their "big picture" concept of
"the laws of nature and nature's God".  This is, at heart, the power of love of, by and for all sentient life in the web of life. 

"This we know.  The earth does not belong to man;
man belongs to the earth ...
Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
- Chief Seattle
Call it the  "Great Spirit" or "Higher Power", "higher conscience" or "natural law"... it all ultimately references the same pure intent for upward mobile civility that leads to enlightened civilization.   Higher Power in the higher conscience of natural laws for greater love IS what it DOES.  Without this vision, civilizations decline; the people perish.

Power is of two kinds.
One is obtained by
fear of punishment
and the other by arts of love.
Power based on love is a thousand times
more effective and permanent
than power derived from fear of punishment.
- Mahatma Gandhi

The conundrum of modern civilization is that those who live by the law of love have no "will to power" and are easily swayed by the love of power of a power elite.  Many people don't realize how the mainstream media is owned and controlled by dominant love of power forces.   Indeed, there is a silent majority awakening to this fact and how the REAL "warfare" is informational and psychological -- waged against the "the better angels of our nature" as was also used by Abe Lincoln. Indeed, that does warrant repeating.

The prime example of the current crisis is the "psychotic break" with reality that many Americans have suffered since the 9-11 tragedy.  Ask yourself, have the American people been de-moralized by the incessant media programming of "anti-love" (fear-mongering) due to a "love of power" agenda of media controllers?  Are Americans being relentless programmed with a Big Lie that is so big and so bold and so often told that many develop a habit -- a passive "Belief System" (BS) -- that believes what they are told without thinking critically about it?  If you doubt this is a serious problem, read www.heartcom.org/DoOrDie.htm .

When people believe mainstream lies religiously, and deny they are in denial, what does that say about their religious beliefs?  The wisdom of U.S. Founders was very clear on this issue of religious "BS".  As wise old Benjamin Franklin said so well:

 "Religion is indeed a principal thing, but too much is worse than none at all.
The world abounds with knaves and villains, but of all knaves,
the religious knave is the worst; and villainies acted under
the cloak of religion are the most despicable.
-- Benjamin Franklin
Given the mainstream media "BS" regarding 9-11 truth, ideological control of a people becomes easy.  It just layers the lies of "faulty intelligence" with more "BS" that never takes responsibility for the original "faulty intelligence" and simply piles on more "BS" to the foundation of "faulty intelligence" until we have endless war insanity driven by full blown propaganda in the media that people believe religiously is not propaganda.

Or as "embedded" media reporter,
Robert McChesney brazenly stated, "The first rule of being a great propaganda system -- and why our system is vastly superior to anything in the old soviet Union -- is not that people think they are being subject to propaganda... people don't think that - they aren't looking for that - they are much easier to propagandize... and that's the genius of our media system. 
It's a system of ideological control, compared to an authoritarian system."

Personally, I don't see the genius in a system of ideological propaganda that people don't realize is propaganda.  How would you know if you are programmed with ideological "BS" if you are programmed with ideological "BS"?

How many otherwise intelligent Americans are unaware that a handful of giant media monopolies control the "official truth" in close to 97% of the dominant media - TV, radio and newspapers?  Do we mindlessly forget that these corporations profit directly or indirectly from government protected monopolies vested in oil consumption, endless war and drugs for whatever ails you?  Do we care that these powerful media special interests have a vested interest in keeping common sense uncommon?
Or have we accepted ideological propaganda as truth and equate dissent with lack of patriotism?  Or just don't think about it at all... preferring to believe that the system works and we're the good guys.  Just eat, drink and be merry watching the unabashed materialism and unembarrassed hedonism on the boob tube. Insensate masses act like sheep. If there's no mind, it doesn't matter.
"We have the greatest opportunity the world has ever seen, as long as we remain honest
 which will be as long as we can keep the attention of our people alive.   If they once become
 inattentive to public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, judges and governors
would all become wolves."
- Thomas Jefferson 

Behind their sheople masks, these wolves are not "friendlies".  It's only victimized "sheople" -- too fearful to think for themselves --who ignore the internal/external struggle and the path for resolution. Enlightened humanity knows better.  But it's one thing to know who is pulling the wool over our eyes and another thing to keep the wolves in check.

The most common failing of the sheople is that they fail to see through the mask of the wolves in sheep's clothing who continue to pull the wool over our eyes.  The wolves are fleecing the public while programming apathy and indifference with endless terror and tyranny in their monopoly media.  Or as Mark Twain quipped, "We are discreet sheep; we watch which way the drove is going and then we follow the drove."

This is the psychological "warfare" I'm talking about.  Many people worldwide have suffered a psychotic break with reality over 9-11, losing their right minds to ideological mass media propaganda... while denying the fact.  Conversely, many people worldwide are waking up to this reality, many with contempt and anger.  This is why it is a critical time - an urgent crisis -- that warrants the same common sense reason and honor that will finish "globally" what U.S. Founders began "locally".

Thomas Paine, that penniless English immigrant who penned the most successful political pamphlet in history, was very clear on the urgency of the hour. 

"It is at all times necessary,
and more particularly so during the progress of a revolution
and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit,
that we frequently refresh our patriotism by reference to
First Principles".

Common Sense today is the same resolution of the crisis.  The power of love "of, by and for the people" is still the quintessential "check and balance" on the unbridled love of power.  What's unique today is the global revolution in higher consciousness of both the core problem and solution.  Unprecedented knowledge power of the masses has challenged the love of power of an elite few as never before.  And a clear solution via "Net reality" is taking shape.

Think about it.  Enlightened Netizens worldwide have discovered the truth of 9-11 and are well aware that the same forces behind it have vested interests in mainstream monopolies on oil, legal and illegal drugs, health care via drugs, and of course the mainstream media that maintains these monopolies through well-paid complicity with their agenda -- the creation and maintenance of endless disease and war. 

The real "war" is the consequent suppression of breakthrough "free" (cheap and clean) energy technologies, breakthrough holistic healing modalities, and breakthrough Internet capabilities to "mediate" a more enlightened transition from the old order to a new and improved model.  The "product" is the process of enlightened "mediation" that will characterize "The LOVE Network".

U.S. Founders were very clear in their fiery intent to check and balance the Machiavellian madness of power elite potentates who sabotage the
power of love with terror-tyranny love of power

This is the self-evident Truth that enlightened Netizens may agree in principle.  But in practice, the power of love has no will to power.  That's why U.S. Founders made a stand and risked their lives to create a system that put limits on the corrupting influence of power.  But that was when time and space was defined by "horse-and-buggy" communications. It was long before even the telephone, much less the mainstream broadcast media that has became highly consolidated via ownership by a self-serving power elite with little regard for personal -- much less planetary -- sovereignty.

"Fascism" is a strong word -- like propaganda.  It is a challenge for those who lack honor and love.  When a person who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.

"Tyranny hates reason! Tyranny hates honor!
This is because Tyranny is overcome
It is Folly and Fear that is the food of Tyrants.
Tyranny thrives in a climate of dishonor and tolerance for dishonor. 
Turn on the lamp of truth and justice and tyrants flee to hide."
- Reinhold Sommerstedt
Today, the Founder's legacy is being challenged as never before.  Few are the true patriots who are so inspired with the first principles of enlightened activism that they will commit everything they own and their very lives to restore the Founders' Legacy. 

Even among enlightened Netizens, few are those willing to do what the poor in Spirit are not able or willing to do.  They just don't know WHAT to do -- how best to champion  the love of freedom that is, at heart, the
power of love.

It's time we educated the obvious here rather than be diverted by media pundits who investigate the obscure.  There is a natural evolution of the Internet solution that follows natural law... naturally!  The solution is a simple and eloquent expression of natural progression -- how universal law "language" can evolve the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION.  

There is, indeed, a Net-centric way to culture higher conscience and REAL "comm-unity" (community) in the New World of all-connected Net reality. And it has profound implications for the core "business of evolution" for all sentient life on Earth.

As a primer on this process -- for those who are technology oriented --  I highly recommend the article on "Web 2.0"  by Paul Graham at
http://www.paulgraham.com/web20.html .
There are technology keys here as well as the expressed intent for democratic principles with accountability to ethical standards.  Consider how higher LOVE-centric standards for "cyberethics" will create a "reformation" of Net freedom that defines and refines "web 3.0".

In retrospect, the solutions promised by the Internet are a challenge to old paradigm power trips of the old order. Dot com went dot.bomb because of powerful corporate forces that are the antithesis of open systems and our core freedom of informed choice.  Enlightened Netizens understand both the problem and the obvious solution... and how light is purging darkness at the dawn of a new day and New World.

The ALL-connected Internet is decentralized, grass-roots, instant-everywhere
and interactive in a "bottom-up way" (direct interaction by ALL Netizens)
that aspires to open-free communication cooperation
in the Spirit of what is best for the networks of humanity.
Unity in diversity is cultured through the power of love for all.
The highly centralized government-regulated media is highly "scripted" (closed)
and "one-way" (their way) in a "top-down way" (ownership and control)
that supports war powers for command and control by a self-serving elite
in the spirit of "entitlement" (supremacist pride) to profit through power.
Divide to conquer is dictated by the love of power through war.

In short, as goes the worldwide web, so goes the web of life on Earth.  And a clear vision of U.S. Founders' pure intent for "checks and balances" is the same clear vision that must be applied to democratize cyberspace with a higher infrastructure standard for "web integrity" (Net freedom). 

The forces of law and order that sacrifice freedom for security are just as dangerous as the forces of freedom without law and order that leads to anarchy.  Too much government -- like too much religious "BS"-- is worse than none at all.  Government was never meant to be a growth industry that cannibalizes freedom like an aggressive cancer in the body politic.

If U.S. Founders were alive and well today they would be very outspoken about the power elite forces that talk "liberty" and "national security" but act as fascists and global tyrants.  They would be very clear on the importance of Netizen journalism with a "transparent" system of informed choice for servant leadership. They would remind us that the right system for the Net is the solution that will check and balance the use and abuse of power. And that the best government is truly that which governs least - virtually effortless-transparent self-government.

The legacy of the "Great Experiment" is what's at stake for all humanity.  We're ALL connected in this.  We need better ways of connecting with "Informed choice".  This is the future of Net freedom cyberethics.  And it is the Legacy Project that will finish what U.S. Founders began "locally", but now in the New World of "global village" Net reality.

In a world where time has been eliminated by instant communication capabilities, NOW is the "best time".  Let the past be PAST.  Let the future evolve out of the present.  And let the Net consciousness of enlightened humanity be jump-started by the "cultural DNA" of synergized heart and mind --
cyberethics -- as will culture the global rEVOLUTION of mankind as kind men.

Computing with a heart

Consider what an Internet model of checks and balances" between
Executive, Judicial and Legislative functions would look like - the power, wisdom and love for Net "balance of powers". Wisdom takes intelligence and combines it with a heart of holy compassion -- the balanced power of love

The genius of U.S. Founders in the New World of America is the same core genius needed today in the “New World” of instant everywhere-connected Net reality.  That genius is the same wisdom regarding the best way to organize -- Judicially -- a system of checks and balances on the “love of power” (masculine principle in the Executive Branch) with the “power of love” (feminine principle in the Legislative Branch).

A balanced “3-fold flame” was recognized by U.S. Founders as the key to self-governance then, and it’s the same key to freedom-refining opportunity today. Details at www.heartcom.org/CosmicCube.htm .

Transparent information systems representing "informed choice" could adjudicate the Net balance of power in a way that will most likely empower love.  Common sense would say that the future of wise dominion on Earth may indeed depend on it.

The Legacy Project has a unique way of centering and connecting "wise dominion" (wisdom) at the interactive interface "heart" of networked civilization.  It provides a unique "frame of reference" for cyberethics that upgrades the virtue in the Constitution with the quintessential constitution of virtue.  That may sound quaint but the paradigm paralysis of the U.S. Crisis today is veiled in such self-evident paradox.  Such as "to be in the world but not of the world"... or "The most difficult thing in the world is to remain non-attached to worldly things and politically correct thought."

The love of freedom requires the freedom of love.  When either is compromised, the other suffers.

This is the cognitive dissonance facing civilization - a world where the
love of power masquerades as the power of love.  The challenge of REAL love is to nurture a culture where the "powers that be" are accountable to the power of love. And such a culture can be expedited much easier through the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet than through systems of government corrupted by fascist forces.

Three things needed for this cause and core "cyberethics" solution to be implemented in cyberspace are the criteria for (1) "computing" (higher intelligence "
Executive functions");  (2) the "heart part" (higher spiritual "Legislative functions"); (3) "Judicial wisdom" to discern the "higher" nature of (1) and (2).

Just as all global problems are, at heart, "come-into-unity" (communication) problems, so are all global problems, at heart, spiritual problems -- all "BS" Belief Systems aside.  God government was never meant by U.S. Founders as the way for a corrupt power elite to "Lord it over" the masses with "fire and brimstone" (shock and awe) threats of punishment for non-compliance. 

The Founders' Legacy, if it means anything, is that the power of love -- a loving God -- was the spiritual heart of good government.  If "God" doesn't come first in "God government", then you have the tail wagging the dog with government "god".  "BS" in terms that Franklin called "despicable".

The Legacy Project champions a vision for "taking heart" that defines the first principles of cybernetic cyberethics - a simple biofeedback add-on to computers.  A tiny clip-on mic over the heart is connected through the universal port to software and a small window on the computer that actually shows an individual or real-time network when they are in the frequency of compassion -- or not.  This "heartlink" technology was pioneered by the Heart Math Institute with more advanced systems now developed independently. 

Many organizations have utilized this "high touch" high tech biofeedback to demonstrate how the
"frequency of compassion" (as in "often") can be a standard for ethics in general.  Taken to it's "natural" conclusion, it is the heart of web 3.0 cyberethics with metrics for the power of love.

The science of biofeedback technology has proven that when a person becomes conscious of that which was unconscious and involuntary, not only are they empowered with voluntary self-control, it becomes virtually irresistible.  Think of the influence of such self-control in the governance systems and management models of this world if the frequency of compassion was at the heart of it.

The proven technology of biofeedback and other bioenergetic breakthroughs have profound implications for holistic health that have been largely suppressed by a backwards U.S. government-protected "health care" monopoly that is actually 97.5% "allopathic" (drug-based) disease care.  A recent article explains how the ten most profitable of the Fortune 500 companies are drug companies, making more money that the other 490 companies combined. Checks and balances are so lacking from this system -- that profits from disease -- that the U.S. is not only the sickest population in the Industrialized world, it also is the most expensive.

This sick self-serving disease care system has huge government "insider" ties that have together succeeded to a high level of gross incompetence - the Peter principle.  It has gotten to the point where drug industry financed lobbies are now pushing for forced drugging of adults if they don't pass the "mental health" test that would "medicate" conscious objectors to lock-step political correctness... just as the mass-drugging of children in public schools has done with Ritalin. Is there something wrong with this picture?

It should be self-evident that new models of love-centric biofeedback could begin healing the fabric of sick civilization.  Few people could see the implications of the early Internet.  Few people now see the profound potential effect of Internet interaction through the whol-E Spirit of E-valuation criteria for Love-in-action.  Common sense is still uncommon - how the power of love can check and balance the inordinate love of power, profit, pride and the perks of privilege that is cannibalizing civilization like an aggressive cancer.

The frequency of loving kindness would have many good "side-effects".  Consider the benefits for "servant leadership" in management and government.  It would give new meaning to "computing" and "networking" in an ethical way.  Heartware-centric cyberethics will create wholly new industries. For example, standards along these lines will reinvent the CRM industry -- Customer Relationship Management
with a heart

That's the "heart part" of "computing with a heart" - the "Legislative" function of the
power of love.  The next "first principle" that follows is the "smart part" - the "Executive" function.  All heart but no "smart" doesn't make it.  REAL wisdom requires both.  It's the first gift of the whol-E Spirit -- discernment -- that knows when to thrust with power or cohere with love.

 "A smart man can learn from smart men,
but a wise man can learn from everyone.
If a man reaches the heart of his own religion,
he has reached the heart of all religions."
-- Mohandas K. Gandhi
Left to itself -- without wisdom -- the love of power eclipses the power of love.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Conversely, when the Legislative branch of the "Innernet" represents the public's best interests in the power of love, the love of power is checked by the Spirit of true servant leadership.  Or as U.S. Founders expressed in much of their writings, "When the government fears the people, there is freedom. But when the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

"The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head.
 Put it in his hand and it's good-bye to the Bill of Rights."

 - H. L. Mencken (1880-1956) American Journalist

Of course, "the pen" (truth) is mightier that "the sword" (gun)... and the power of love is mightier than the love of power The truth is that the rEVOLUTION of Net reality will sooner or later bring light to dark places in the hearts and minds of man.

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love
has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time
they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall
 -- think of it, ALWAYS."
 - Mahatma Gandhi

The "Innernet" dimension of the Internet -- The LOVE Network -- has the capability of wise dominion that makes "Executive functions" accountable to "more heart".  Biofeedback with heartlink -- heart-to-mind and individual-to-network -- is a centering priority that can define a higher standard for cyberethics and "Net worth" at the heart of the Next Economy.  And from this "centered and connected" inner space, the free and open "InnerNet" can evolve the Internet with healthy, holistic or otherwise whol-E frames of reference for enlightened E-valuation criteria -- cyberethics -- for E-commerce, E-learning, E-care, E-media. E-governance, etc. 

Call it higher intelligence or higher conscience.  It still requires frames of reference for love-centric virtue at the heart of "pattern recognition".  What better way to "get the picture" of information IN FORMATION.  There is no wisdom without love at the heart of it.

The best book I've found on this natural trending of civilization to the 4th "heartware" wave of the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION -- after hardware, software and netware -- is the classic, "Fourth Wave Business In The 21st Century".  Numerous charts and graphs depict the direction of the natural cultural shift to
"more smart with a heart".

The smart part of "computing with a heart" is more a left-brain "linear" function (pattern recognition) than the "non-linear" right-brain "feelings" that intuitively process the "vibe" of frequencies.  The mental part deals more with "psyche-feedback for conscious self-correction" (psyche-cybernetics) rather than the heart-centric presence that "re-minds" us of the
"inner sense" of love at the heart of true "innocense"

Psyche-feedback is mental feedback and self-correction "
wisdom wise".  Psychocybernetics -- the title of a book by Dr. Maxwell Maltz -- deals moreso with the self-image; how we see ourselves.  Self-esteem is moreso a feeling about ourselves that is obviously reinforced by the frequency of love.  If we can't love ourselves -- the heart of wisdom - , we're not much good to anyone.  By default, the love of power rules via core self-hatred - the lack of love.

Understanding and applying the highest standard of biofeedback to Net reality is one thing.  Understanding and applying the highest standard of psyche-feedback is another.  It requires a truly universal frame of reference for "
E-valuation criteria" that transparently represent the actual processes of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of "self-governance".  If we can't govern ourselves, we're not much good to anyone either.  Who wants to be governed by anti-love energies in their world?

The challenge of effective "psyche-feedback" is mapping the innerspace of cyberspace with truly universal law-language frames of reference.  "Universal" as in "holographic", multi-dimension" and "archetypal" (Jung).  "Universal" in terms of meaning, value and purpose defined though universal "natural" laws and universal "common sense" languaging. The more universal an interactive interface for the real-time, everywhere-connected Internet, the more "universalizing" is the influence of natural law-language for homeostasis and healing through the process of checks and balances in our consciousness, BEING and global village world.

Call it "information's ecology" - the recycling of general knowledge in the way that
empowers wisdom with a heart.  It is the business of evolution at the heart of pure intent that all enlightened business, health, education, governance and media embraces.

What is the potential of information's ecology? What do you think will happen when a dozen or million people can communicate in the frequency of compassion and with real-time interaction through heartware that frames context and meaning via universal archetypes of natural law?  And what happens when a network of people becomes more conscious of HOW they are conscious?


Many lightworkers refer to this as the ascension process. And approx. 99.999% of sentient life considers that a good thing!

This is the 4th wave of the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION that is being refined by heartware and centered with heart-link.  This is the Legacy Project that cultures the Founders' legacy -- the "capstone vision" of virtue-centric civilization -- and the 12 core projects for rebooting Net culture along more enlightened "lines" (framework of divine rights). 
And this all follows the natural laws culturing the natural evolution of Net civilization as it sets it's sails to catch the winds of Aquarius.

Enlightened Netizens worldwide
KNOW that enlightened civilization will be empowered by wise dominion (wisdom) through greater Love... and that it's time to "lock and load" Light and Love with a global "Declaration of Interdependence on the United State of LOVE".

The urgent appeal I would make to enlightened Netizens is to "turn on the lights".  It's more "light" that will transform our global village like the suns rays at the dawn of a dark night.  Consider your "
Executive" capabilities in the spirit of enlightened self-interest.  Consider your "Judicial" capabilities in the spirit of enlightened public interests.  And consider how your support of higher standards for cyberethics can "Legislate" or otherwise enlighten
civility at the heart of civilization.

Heaven knows that the global rEVOLUTION will be optimized by the whol-E spirit of LOVE-in-action at the interactive interface heart of the Net reality that shapes our conscience and "comm-unity".  It's as simple yet profound as a transparent healing process based on nature's laws at the "high touch" heart of high tech cyberethics.

In the cosmic scheme of things, we're always winning from the beginning when we can see the end from beginning.  The dark night is almost over.  A New Enlightenment awaits.

Conceive "IT" and Believe "IT" to Achieve "IT".  The "IT" needed -- "InnerNet Technique" -- is not rocket science.

LOVE is for~giving.  And what goes around, comes around.

All Ways... Always... ,

- Christopher Rudy
  Director-Founder, HEARTcom Services

PS (Synopsis):  

The "bottom line" -- even for those who are love-challenged -- is ideally the top line - highest vision of greatest virtue. This ruling idea is always the intent of enlightened rulers.  If the "mediasphere" -- our media connection with reality -- is not centered in enlightened ideals, the "dark side" prevails. Raising the standard model of, by and for "mediation" is the process that cultures civility and evolves civilization in an upward-mobile way. Without such a system, "poor intelligence" (a heartless "dumb system") rules with "F.U.D. and D.U.H." (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt and Dummies, Unconscious and Heartless).  Enlightened Netizens champion the Net freedom that love-challenged dimwits are unable or unwilling to grasp.

The resolution of the"dark side of the force" has always been "more light" in the universal laws of Light and that is for~giving... NOT for getting.  When "ideology" -- one's mental framework for spiritual belief system -- is "healthy" (no "BS"), Love rules.  This core understanding translates to a transparent self-evident truth... that the whol-E spirit of LOVE-in-action will externalize a self-governing system that champions the common sense of inner sense -- true innocence --  which is centered in the frequency of Love and connected to the mind of "G.O.D." (Geometrically Ordered Divinity)...  providing "cultural DNA" for the web of consciousness at the heart of the web of life.  This process fulfills the U.S. Founders' Legacy of Freedom and Love at the heart of the instant-everywhere interactive Internet. 

Why is this so important?  Information -- a world of good ideas -- wants to be free and open.  Likewise does Love want to be free and open so the best ideas can rise like cream to the top.  And of course, the living spirit of a Loving God wants to evolve this octave of incarnation through all the good ideas in it.   In the New World today,
evolving has everything to do with our individual and collective God~Love attitude.  Call it the pure intent of upward-mobile "spirituality" - whatever.  Heaven knows that the best idea of all is this "attitude" that puts everything is perspective - organizing all information IN FORMATION... with the "Spirit that matters" and "Blueprint For A Golden Age"
.  It's not one's "outer" aptitude but rather inner attitude that determines our evolutionary ascent "altitude"... whether we soar with the
angels of our better nature or scratch with the turkeys. With the golden rule/law language of LOVE as the rule, Love rules! -CR


The aristocracy of entrenched thinking of the intellectual elite
has a vested interest in prestige (pride) that they know better

just as the aristocracy of
entrenched power of the power elite
has a vested interest in ruling at any expense to the general public.
Without wisdom in the open aristocracy of virtues, ideas and talent
-- servant leadership centered in the power of love --
love of power, prestige and profits-before-people values of the few
will invert, subvert or otherwise pervert the power of love in our
global connected "village" of instant-everywhere

"Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle!  Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress." - Thomas Paine

Help make the "Legacy Project" YOUR Legacy.

THANKS... for doing what you can.

May it begin with "
US" - United Sovereigns in the United State of LOVE,

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

There's a New World waiting to be born!

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  Executive Director of GeoNotes™ News Service     
Founder-Director of HEARTcom
High touch high tech at the heart of Net worth

With Heartware (Love Model) as the rule
- the InnerNet
heart of the global Internet -
Love rules!

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul,
 and your Netizen neighbor in our Global Village as thyself.