DEEP QUEST:  Understanding the Soul of Self and Civilization


There are times and cycles in the life of the soul
when one's habitual processes of consciousness
goes through a stage of awakening, revelation
and natural evolutionary ascent.   That's when
 you know - for sure - that life is what you make it.

For reasons self-evident to
conscience of HOW one is conscious,
a big shift in our individual and/or collective consciousness
ultimately involves the universal language of the soul
with awareness of HOW life is what we make it.
This is the response ability that conveys responsibility
to harmonize and heal the fabric of consciousness.

This is true for everyone.
But sometimes we are more enlightened than other times.
The problem is that we tend to forget what it was like
when the window of
conscience was open and
we were true to our "Real" Self - our "Higher" Self.

But that is past history as we become forward thinking in true gratitude
for the freedom and opportunity to make life a good experience.
Better to look forward to better days in full
that we make the future -- create our realties
in the infinite and eternal
here and now.

--------- article follows:

By Christos Lightweaver

Throughout history there have been ages of enlightenment when a revolution in higher consciousness shifted the energies of humanity.  The invention of the printing press created a huge shift out of the Dark Ages to the Enlightenment Age. 

The recent invention of the modern printing press -- the interactive Internet as a common carrier for print, radio and TV information -- is creating another huge shift that is challenging old paradigm rules and rulers as never before. 

The future of our instant-everywhere-interactive global village may well look back at the current insanity -- the polluting of our life support systems and war with each other -- as another Dark Age.  Ready or not, a Big Shift is happening... one way or the other.

Pay attention with pure intention because attention follows intention
and the language of conscience (soul integrity) is the heart of it.

Whenever a New Enlightenment is occurring in the collective consciousness of humanity, there is a choice to either curse the darkness or light a candle.  Some see the problems of the old order as an opportunity for change.  Others see little opportunity due to old habits of paradigm paralysis (stinking thinking).  At any time, there is a full spectrum -- from dysfunction to higher conscience -- in the collective consciousness of humanity.
Whether your cup is half full or half empty -- your altitude of gratitude -- is crucial to your outlook on the big wave of the Big Shift in process.  Many are called but few are chosen, choosing to understand the wave of change and how to ride that wave for a personal and planetary win/win.

Lets assume you want to understand and ride this Big Shift
for soul enlightenment in humanity.

You first must be prepared to confront cherished illusions and entrenched Belief Systems (BS) that have limited the mobility of soul integrity.  Just as religious BS in the Dark Ages burnt people at the stake for believing the Earth is round -- or believing that the soul is free from lock-step Church-State doctrine -- so does the New Enlightenment challenge power elite potentates who have goals to depopulate the world while they prepare for the coming earth changes they have concealed from the public.
Old habits die hard, especially when institutionalized in State-Church policies that maintain BS as an article of faith.  There have always been power elite giants who are ethical infants, and their signature characteristic is their love of power over souls rather than the power of love that unites and uplifts ALL souls in a rising tide of conscience
The intelligence of, by and for universal LOVE has always been the standard whereby civility and civilization is measured, and in a time of accelerated change, there is no commodity of value greater than the
currency of virtue in this standard.

Some see all the dysfunction in civilization as a problem.
Others see all the problems of civilization as an opportunity.
When your "cup" (conscience) is full, you know you have
the freedom and opportunity to make this a better world.

The currents of change are inextricable tied to this currency. Since the Internet has accelerated our instant-everywhere-interactive CONNECTION as never before in the history of mankind, there is a compelling new movement to integrate this currency for LOVE-centric unity-in-diversity at the heart of the change process itself. 

By mediating the New Media's collective conscience with the currents of higher conscience, a New Economy naturally evolves along with a New Enlightenment, a New Health Care system, and of course, a resurrected version of Constitutional "Self"-government where the higher "Self" (soul integrity) is emphasized.  Not that the golden rule/law language of universal LOVE is anything "New Age".  Every Golden Age in the ancient history of Earth was naturally based on it - the understanding of the soul.

Common sense of the dynamics of soul evolution -- the criteria for
soul integrity -- naturally follows an upgraded self-governing system that resurrects the Constitution with the first principles of a New Unity in form and frequency as in frequently.  The currency of LOVE-in-action is indeed the holy spirit that cultures wholeness and healing.

Understanding the Big Wave of accelerating Earth Changes will empower
your ability to see what's coming, prepare for change,
and "ride the wave" with the opportunity
to survive and thrive.

Change may be the only permanent condition, yet in the context of change, there is nothing more priceless than a clear vision of the trendings of change like the driver of a car who must see the curve in the road and steer in the right direction.  A definitive vision of the pattern of evolving change will clearly show the next trend event in the cosmic scheme of things -- the big picture of the Big Shift.
Indeed, spiritual BEING -- let's call it the
currency of honor and truth in good conscience -- will recognize the pattern of change and reveal our highest and best destiny, with the choice to create it.  Individually that would be learning from ones past to master one's destiny.  Collectively it is the same process.  Those who are honest will see the truth of this, steering their conscience in the right direction.  Those who are dishonest will ignore the curve in the road ahead at their own peril.

When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth,
he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.

There's no question that the Internet is revealing deeply hidden past knowledge of mankind's true history.  The corporate media never reports the danger that impacts their corporate profits.  They never report the historical rise of corporate rights at the expense of public rights, nor the current subjugation of public rights to a form of corporate tyranny that is destroying the Republic.  Big government has become so infiltrated and corrupted by big business collusion that it is not serving the purpose for which it was created -- the highest and best interests of the public as a whole.
That would obviously be ALL people in our instant-everywhere-interactive world.  Common sense in that regard may be uncommon, but that is the nature of the New World "global village" we now live in.  Indeed, the new all-connected media will ideally reflect and perfect the consciousness we bring to it...
the currency of conscience.
For reasons that transcend just the response ability of the new interactive Internet, Earths magnetosphere -- the energy around our planet - is changing very dramatically.  There is a Big Shift in energies and consciousness on Earth
for "cosmic" (cosmogenesis) reasons beyond the techniques of "connecting-the-dots" (seeing the Big Picture) provided by the technology of the Internet. 

For many people, that is a "feeling" that something "Big"
is about to happen... with no little apprehension regarding
what that "something" may be.
These terrestrial and celestial forces are converging with a new synergy that is far greater than the sum of the parts.  This "connection" -- on Earth as in heaven -- influences our consciousness both directly and indirectly.  They point to a big change -- the Big Shift -- that is happening whether one knows it or likes it or not.  This is a personal issue for all of us -- a huge issue -- that is matriculating the matrix of consciousness for everyone.  And much faster now.   A rising tide of higher conscience is accelerating.  Its all across the world. 
The man of God sees God in all mankind.
The woman of Love sees Love in all mankind.
This is the God-Love currency of conscience
that conceives, believes and achieves
-- sees in "form" and feels in "frequency" --
the highest and best that the holy spirit of
divine Love
in-action fulfills in our BEING.

This awakening of our all-connected conscience has arrived at the point of critical mass that it is rapidly challenging old paradigms of belief, thought, feeling and action.  This is the reformation of old habits that do what they have always done and get what they have always got. That paradigm paralysis is extremely challenged by the new consciousness dawning in the collective conscience of humanity.  A new order that reflects divine order and the frequency of holy compassion is emerging. 

Like a tsunami, the Big Wave is washing over everyone's consciousness.  Whether we have the intelligence to ride the wave -- or stand rigid in inflexible thought habits -- is a personal choice that each and all must make.

New information carries a certain intelligence that compels response ability to integrate it with one's body of knowledge.  But now ALL knowledge -- the virtual omniscience offered by the Internet -- is revealing information that is very intense and stressful to old ways of looking at everything.  Indeed, our very existence and survival
-- as a healthy-living web of life on Earth -- is responding with the pure intent for wisdom. 

"This we know.  The earth does not belong to man; 
man belongs to the earth ... 

Man did not weave
the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." 

- Chief Seattle

Either the worldwide web of consciousness changes to reflect and perfect sacred order and harmony, or by default, the web of intelligence gets mired in old records of man's inhumanity to man.  Those records have been revealed -- big time -- by the huge wave of Net reality washing over the collective consciousness of mankind desiring to live as kind men. 
This is the Net reality of the
web of conscience that is effectively neutralizing those old records like darkness at the dawn of day.  The huge shift is not so much away from old versions of reality that are pushing the world to the edge of disaster.  The Big Shift is actually towards a clear vision of inspired conscience that -- like a rising tide -- is floating all ships to a divine destiny along more enlightened lines.

The Blueprint for a Golden Age has always been
the Golden Rule/Law Language of God-Love
that frames the Reality of one's Real Self
and the collective conscience of humanity.

This is the new "common sense" that characterizes the Big Shift.  It is the power of love that distinguishes the Big Wave as enlightened self interest of, by and for all sentient life on Earth.  It is the pure intention of one's full conscience that naturally defines, refines, "combines" (synergizes) and shines the wave in a "divine Love" direction.

Heaven knows that we must resonate strongly with what we know in our heart of hearts.  And broadcast this wisdom of heart, mind and soul into the planetary web of consciousness.  This is the process that brings brings light to dark places, healing the web of life.

The portents for the "Big Shift" are no less than the
"genesis effect"
that is resurrecting the first principles of creation
in our conscience, BEING and world-at-large.

As the prescient spiritual visionary, Teihard de Chardin, stated so truely, "Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides, but when he can harness the power of love, then for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire."

By doing so, we are transformed, each and all.  The best benefits clearly "go with the flow" of this "currency".

In summary, the concern is not all the problems facing humanity.  An abundance of pure intent with good will is the best hope for overcoming soul-challenged opposition to all problems.  Each to their own "soul contract" in the freedom and opportunity it affords.  May it pay your soul forward with the currency of conscience that is disciplined with fearless fortitude.

Networking for the Net worth of Global LOVE,

- Christos


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GeoNotes News Service
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Framing Net Conscience with Divine Order

Universal LOVE -- in principle, form and frequency -- is, at heart,
the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometry Of Divinity)
whereby the "Language of the Angels" is framed by
the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action that mediates
the mass medias collective conscience
with the golden rule-law language
as the interactive interface
heart of Net-centric
of, by & for
the heart & mind of
high touch HEART of high tech
with a higher understanding of LOVE
defining ~ refining ~ combining and shining
our God-given gifts & talents via Net Standards
for a New Economy based on LOVE-centric Net worth
and the Abundant Life culturing the
"KINGdom" Conscience
with "all" (om) as KING with Keys to the INner sense of G.O.D.

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul,
 and your sovereign neighbor in our Global Village as thyself.

   If you are grateful for posts like this,
forward to those you love.