Soul Conscience in Common Sense Terms

Understanding the Language of Consciousness

by Christopher Rudy

In response to
my July 4th show on the Internet  (BBS Radio),
I'm getting questions that I always wanted to explain.
I've hopefully done this with a  Question/Answer format
that makes "common sense" more common.

[Note: This will be elementary level for advanced souls]

QUESTION: "What do you mean by 'great souls?"

Great Souls are better equipped as servant leaders of all souls.
The "equipment" they possess -- above all --is great determination
to express the great CONSCIENCE that serves the purpose
that all Great Souls know and serve... whether you call that
"the inherent and inalienable rights of man" (Thomas Jefferson)
or "the angels of our better nature" (Thomas Paine)
or just our God-given rights.

A Great Soul is what a Great Soul does, for example,
consider how "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi led
India to Independence from the same lockstep
empire mentality that U.S. Founders risked
their lives and fortunes to overcome by their
That's what Great Souls do, no matter what
their station, status or position in society.

QUESTION: "What do you mean by 'becoming conscious of HOW
we are conscious'?  It sounds great but how do you do that?"

At the heart of all God-given rights, we have the right of freedom of CONSCIENCE.
Such CONSCIENCE is an enlightened awareness of HOW one is conscious:
HOW that consciousness reflects moral principles of divine love, and
HOW we shape our world-at-large through that CONSCIENCE.
All social problems are for lack of good conscience.
We won't solve our social problems with the same
lack of conscientious common sense behind the
creation and sustaining of those problems.

That should be common sense but such enlightened awareness
is kept uncommon by those "special" (elitist) interests
who have a vested (profit) interest in
keeping common sense.

QUESTION: "What 'common sense' are you talking about? 
Common sense of what?"

Most of us have five senses but not necessarily common sense.
The criteria for
Common Sense -- as sparked the American Revolution --
was a moral
sense of common meaning, virtue and purpose.
In today's world with an instant-everywhere-interactive Internet,
the best way to culture such
common sense is through an awareness
and understanding of the laws and language of consciousness
whereby we can involve and evolve our individual and collective

QUESTION:  "What do you mean by dimensions of consciousness
                that define the process for culturing conscience
 in our all-connected social networks?"

The dimensions of consciousness are in fact the processes
of consciousness at the foundation of self-governance...
sometimes referred to as five-dimensional consciousness.
It reflects the multi-dimension prevailing awareness expressed
in part or whole by 99% of humanity. The greater the understanding
of these dimensions of our common sense, the sooner we can all
 agree on a process of self-correcting self-governance whereby
our higher nature -- moral conscience -- is represented
in the interactive (LOVE-in-action) interface for Net reality
that represents our individual and collective consciousness.

We live in an ocean of vibrational (energy) actuality that we subjugate as "reality".
The quantum reality is that all physical manifestation has an energy terrain
that is vibrational in nature.  Even the rocks of Earth hold a certain vibrational
frequency, especially crystals which are like capacitors that store frequencies
whether positive or negative.  The rocks are indeed "conscious" in terms
of a "memory" of frequencies that they hold... and the lowest levels of
human consciousness are indeed "stoned" in this regard of being
"stuck" or habitual with an unthinking "closed-minded" memory body
that -- when afflicted with mind-numbing fear -- can believe the most
insane things while denying higher reason of a higher conscience.
Conversely, the vibrational frequency of a higher consciousness
can not only be infused in earth crystals and the tetrahedronal
water molecule "crystal", but also can infuse the memory body
of humans with the frequencies of holy compassion. whereby
loving kindness rules.

The 2nd "dimension" of consciousness is a core awareness
This is the distinction between the consciousness of
simple-fundamentalist early-stage human consciousness
 and that of lower animal consciousness.
Any highly evolved animal will have some semblance of
awareness of their outer environment and will respond to
survive in one way or another.  Elephants, dogs and
horses somehow know when there is a tsunami or an
earthquake about to happen.  This is sometimes referred
to instinctual consciousness but at higher levels it is
a form of intuition representing higher consciousness
whereby loving coexistence rules.

The 3nd "dimension" of consciousness is a core awareness of
This is where self-correcting self-mastery begins in regard to our
individual and collective humanity as kind men among mankind.
When we become conscious of HOW we are conscious
-- in relation to others as well as oneself --
we naturally adapt through the nature of a more intelligent
approach to relationships that are "win/win" (mutually beneficial).
Unless afflicted by a lower "stuck" consciousness (dumb as rocks)
or afflicted by the lower "limited" consciousness of animals,
3-D consciousness of HOW we are conscious is distinguished
by an awareness of the nature of consciousness.
When that intelligence is mature, it is ready to grasp
the processes of multi-dimensional consciousness whereby
the Nature of LOVE evolves "full spectrum" conscience.

Just as the full spectrum of light makes "white light",
3-D consciousness that grasps the "language of light"
(as the language of consciousness)
will become more conscious of HOW we are conscious.
Otherwise, a weak conscience may backslide or otherwise
revert to 2-D consciousness where we are only "bright"
on a small band of the color spectrum...
or even regress to a more primitive "stoned" consciousness
where, at best, we absorb "good vibes" like a tuning fork.
(DNA has properties like a tuning fork)

As we become more conscious of HOW we are conscious,
the SOUL of one's CONSCIENCE begins to mature and grow
with pure conscientious INTENT for the common sense of
higher consciousness of a bright "full spectrum" LOVE nature.
In other words, 4-D consciousness is one's prevailing awareness
with mature "enlightened" consciousness of universal LOVE.
Intelligent humans of an evolved enlightened consciousness
are more aware of not only their approximate "level" on the
scale of "brightness", ranging from "dimwit" to "enlightened",
but also, they are aware WHERE THEY ARE in their consciousness
in the "full spectrum" of consciousness ranging from
the blue end of the spectrum --"linear" (logical) left-brain
to the red end of the spectrum -- "non-linear (intuitive) right-brain.
Such "enlightened" consciousness is also aware of the
masculine/feminine polarity of blue and red that is "balanced"
by the "wisdom" (gold color) and "healing" (green color)
in the band of frequencies at the middle of the color spectrum.

This in according to nature's "law of correspondence" between
the natural laws of light that resonate with the corresponding
frequencies of intelligence in "full spectrum" CONSCIENCE.

When an individual or organization is "self-actualized"
 with a prevailing awareness of HOW they are conscious,
they transcend the sense of separation from the process
that seamlessly integrates the four dimensions of CoCreation.
That's when the
CAPSTONE CONSCIENCE of 5th dimensional
intelligence integrates the 4-D components to "VISION" of the
processes of consciousness at the quintessential foundation
of self-correcting, self-perfecting self governance.

The 5th dimensional consciousness in one's prevailing awareness
is not only well aware with a consistent "brightness" and "color balance",
but also, can direct a focus of awareness and consciousness
that maintains a greater "depth of field" of holy compassion.
This involves and evolves not only one's prevailing habits of
enlightened believing, thinking, feeling and acting, but also,
how the prevailing awareness in our global Net reality is
defined, refined, combined-synergized and shines
to the extent that Cosmic LOVE is made manifest
in our consciousness, being and world.

The difference of 5-D consciousness from 4-D consciousness
is that your prevailing awareness of "reality" is no longer bound
by bad habits of "stinking thinking" (paradigm paralysis)
created by former habits of disconnect with your CONSCIENCE.
When 5-D consciousness is attained, you are more conscious of
the disconnects of others, yet more tolerant and compassionate.

5th dimensional intelligence transcends space and time in the
"local sense" of the limited five physical senses of perception.
Higher consciousness frames reality in a more "global" sense
of our connection to the web of light and consciousness in
all creation, including the collective consciousness of humanity.

Higher consciousness frames reality with a great compassion
for lower consciousness, having been there and done that.
The big difference is that higher multi-dimensional consciousness
can understand and "multi-task" from a higher level of
creativity and servant leadership.

Conversely, many people don't have a prevailing awareness
at a 4th or 5th dimensional level and either don't have a clue
what I'm talking about -- just don't "get it" -- or otherwise
have no interest in "going there" by asking questions
to seek answers re: the path of evolutionary ascent
for their soul or that of humanity.

I don't mean to sound arrogant or presumptuous as though
I always posses higher conscience; I don't - who does?
What I do understand is the common pattern of ancient
and modern teachings regarding the mysteries of God
and the processes of consciousness that, all together,
gives the whole picture when you connect the dots.

When you're hot you're hot.  When you're not, no "dots".
No one can "burn" hot and fast on any one level all the time
without losing their circuits on other levels and the ability to
 multi-task between levels; use it or you lose it --
the multi-dimensional in-depth discernment that has the
ability to integrate new information of a profound nature.

When people fry their circuits in gross or subtle ways
they can develop "full-spectrum disorder" or
become dim wits who lose their ability to discern
with conscientious common sense.

The bottom line for culturing higher conscience
is that your prevailing awareness is relatively "perfect"
if you have the pure intent to transcend it with
the Higher Power of Wisdom with universal LOVE.


To culture the holy spirit of LOVE.-in-action
not only through our membership, but also,
through those social networks of Net reality
that serve the evolutionary ascent of humanity
with higher soul consciousness that truly
defines, refines, combines and shines
our God-given gifts and talents.


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