The Five “Archetypal” () Intelligences
Customer Service Management (CSM) with
Customer Intelligence Officer (CIO) who
Wears Five “
CIO Hats” in Order to Provide
More Intelligence in Social Networks Through
Multi-Dimensional (5-D)
Informed Choice Services (ICS) and thus
mprove Customer Service Dramatically
in all 5-D “M-5” I.T.
(Info-Tech) Dimensions:

M1 – Managing: Infrastructure Tech
M2 – Mediation: Intelligence Tech
M3 – Mentoring: Inspiration Tech
M4 – Messaging: Innovation Tech
M5 – Marketing: Integration Tech


Chief Infrastructure Officer (Managing)
   - Linear-Logos-Law “Left-brain” / Executive Branch
re: “
 Model Infrastructure-Tech)
* Emphasizing the “Executive Power” of
(“I.T.manager of a social network’s infrastructure ”body”)
The way we shape our social networks’ infrastructure is
   the way our social networks’ infrastructure then shapes us.
A good CIO Manager will take full responsibility for fulfillment of
the highest
VISION empowering -centric connection.

Chief Intelligence Officer (Mediation)
 - “Spherical” (non-linear) “right brain” / Judicial Branch
re: “
-Language Intelligence Tech)
* Emphasizing the “Judicial Wisdom” of

(“I.T.mediator of a social network’s “mental intelligence”)
This is the core “intelligence” (wisdom) that knows how to
   mediate (balance) executive power with representative
    A good CIO Mediator will take full responsibility for fulfillment of
    the highest
VIRTUE enlightening -culturing wisdom.

Chief Inspiration Officer (Mentoring)
      - “Synergizing” left-right “brains” / Legislative Branch
re: “
       (inner sense
-centering Inspiration Tech)
* Emphasizing the “Legislative Action” of

(“I.T.mentoring of a social network’s “intelligence of the heart”)
This is the core “intelligence of the heart” that knows how to
executive power with an interactive  interface.
   A good CIO Mediator will take full responsibility for fulfillment of
     the highest
VOW legislating -in-action inspiration.

Chief Innovation Officer (Messaging)

      - “Co-Creation” in the “WHOLE BRAIN” / TeLeCom Branch
re: “
-messaging Innovation Tech)
* Emphasizing the “Creative Healing” of

(“I.T.messaging of a social network’s “creative learning)
This is the core intelligence of creative learning for wholeness and
healing that involves and evolves optimal co-Creation with
A good CIO Messenger will take full responsibility for fulfillment of the
VALUATION innovating -caring TeLeCom.

Chief Integration Officer (Marketing)

  “Holistic” Integration of 4-D components to the Capstone Conscience
-- transcending 4-D “brain” consciousness with 5-D Conscience --
reflecting, perfecting, directing and protecting all 4-D intelligences
with the “Global Conscience Branch” of “
-marketing Integration Tech)
* Emphasizing “Networking for the Net worth of

(“ of a social network’s “integrity”)
This is the core intelligence for positioning, packaging and promoting
that which is whole enough and bold enough that when told enough
will define the Next Big Thing in the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION.
A good CIO Marketer will take full responsibility for fulfillment of the
    highest VICTORY integrating
-conscious Net reality.


The pure geometry of the  Model provides the simplest of all formal constructs for framing the constitution of universal law – the “Law of the Angles of G.O.D.” (Geometrically Ordered Divinity) that represents the “Language of the Angels of ” (the angels of our better nature).  The “” in the  Model is the holistic integration of the first three “” principles with the “5th” dimensional principle representing the whole “capstone” point of synergy that is greater than the sum of these multidimensional perspectives regarding the holographic laws of energy manifestation through conscious intelligence.  

"This new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us
to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives."

- Albert Einstein

 Those who are students of ancient and modern maps of consciousness – and the archetypes (Jung) in our collective conscience – will appreciate how the “” is a two dimensional thought-form of those core archetypes… that represents the 3-D “Cosmic Cube” thought-form… that frames the 4-D “language of consciousness” coordinates… that leads to 5th dimensional co-measurement with Cosmic LOVE as a standard for culturing consciousness in the instant-everywhere-interactive social networks of the 21st Century.



CopyRound 2007
Christopher Rudy / Worldwide


Christopher Rudy

The  Model

A frame of reference for organizing
all information IN FORMATION
along more enlightened "lines"
that outline the universal principles of
"Geometrically Ordered Divinity"
as the Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
framing the Great Spirit of, by and for
the Language of the Angels of Love
"between the lines" (at the heart)
of personal and planetary healing.

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