Conscience is the most sacred of all property".
~ James Madison, 4th U.S. President,
Chief Architect of the Constitution

IF we want to create a 'prayer field' of expectation and anticipation,
that optimizes our pure intention as focuses attention for our
heart-mind ascension with "conscientious common sense"
(unity dimension)... THEN all options are on the table.

IF we go with Conscience...
Conscience rules

by Christopher Rudy


Don't 'hide your light' under a surveillance bushel; let it shine.

The dark side has no power other than that which you give it.

  We all get what we all ask for, when united, for our own good.

The correct choice for '
Unity Conscience' is with a vision of
virtue and valor for the victory of all of '
U.S.' as the
United S
overeigns of Earth'.

Options Will Be Presented.

Choices Will Be Made.

These three recent articles present the options:

1- The 'Whole Systems' Reboot Option:

2- The Quantum Field Interface Option:

 3- Unprecedented Soul Soaring Option:


Unity Conscience for Holy Purpose

As the veil thins at an accelerated rate with
 Galactic Alignment at this time,
shift happens...
an unprecedented opportunity to
reconnect with unity of purpose.

Culturing Social Conscience
in our Social Networks


 Take it from the 'top'... the highest principle at the heart of
 holistic healing in the quantum fields of one's own body...
  the spiritual frequencies of 'heart coherence' (equilibrium)
with peace, joy and loving kindness that clears all blocks
    to positive healing energies in your atoms, cells, body and
conscientious common sense.


Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year.
 This is the time when the seeds planted in spring
 are at their maximum growth. It's a good time to
  ask yourself. "How is my personal life-garden
growing? Did I prepare the soil well?  Am I
nurturing opportunity for optimal growth?

"Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind
and nourish with repetition and emotion
will one day become a reality."
~ Earl Nightingale

Each soul has a connection to 'Creator' and one's
divine destiny in co-Creation with the larger
 eternal scheme of soul evolution.

Every soul is connected through the same process,
a 'communion of souls' you might say,
and 'Solstice' is a good time
for 'Soul Soaring'.
The new American rEVOLUTION, worldwide, is for
   the Family of Man in a 'global village' of connection
   as empowers wisdom with the universal heart-mind
   coherence and congruence of, by and for all souls.
"We have the power to begin the world over again."
~ Tom Paine, Author of 'Common Sense' which
sparked the American Revolution
Power Potential... Within You

    All souls share the pure intention, in their heart of hearts,
   that is 'heart coherent' in unison with the frequencies of
 'Creator', the unified 'Source Field' that represents the
universal power of wisdom with cosmic love-in-action
     at the heart of the quantum field, from atomic to galactic.

 That is a 'stretch' for those who believe religiously that
'Creator God' is somehow separate from all Creation
  and a process of co-Creation in our hearts and minds.

     The mere thought of co-Creation with 'Universe' or 'God' is
 too mind-boggling for those who are disconnected from
      nature, the natural order of the universe, and the pervasive
   coherence with 'Creator' in the quantum field of Creation.

But in the larger scheme of eternal soul progression,
souls just keep on learning from experience, growing
  each day with new opportunity for soulful co-Creation.

Heart coherence is a frequency at the heart of the
Universal Feminine as represents the holy spirit of
 LOVE-in-action as in frequently in the 'right brain'.

You KNOW you are in your 'right brain' when
loving kindness as heart coherence
empowers wisdom with your love-in-action.

   The frequency of holy compassion is the 'heart' of the soul.
This cultures love in families, communities and the world.
      It's what makes children happy, healthy and naturally loving.
    It makes the world go
ROUND with an 'interfaith interface'
        rather then divided and disintegrating due to warring factions.

Those 'dark-side' forces behind 'war creation' are the 'shadow'
cast by the bright light of humanity's conscious awakening to
the purpose and plan that our evolutionary ascent serves:
Co-Operative Co-Creation in the 'Public Sphere'

In left-brain terms,
mind congruence with universal law
   and order is wholly
congruent with the mind of "G.O.D."
Geometric Ordered Divinity)... the 'Law of the Angles'
   that frames the 'golden ratio spiral' of conscious ascent.
(See the excellent YouTube video on this: The Spiral)

It is the linear left-brain 'Letter of the Law', IN EXCESS,
that disconnects from the nonlinear spirit of the
"Law of the Circle" (of love).

      Likewise, in a right-brain way, the nonlinear 'Spirit of the Law',
 IN EXCESS (unbalanced with left-brain 'masculine energies'),
  disconnects from the moral order of 'universal law language'
      wherein the 'Language of the Angels' and the 'Law of the Angles'
     are both
coherent and congruent with the law and language of
the 'Angles' and the 'Angels' of '

More , easier and faster, IS  the rEVOLUTION 
  in higher 
Conscience that most people really want.

Humanity must get past the profanity of
tantrums against the power of love
now surging in the ‘Source Field’.

Conscious evolution with Earth's rebirth
is destined for a dimensional shift.

Let it Be with Harmony.

(in form & frequency)

(as in frequently)

'left brain' + 'right brain'
 ('linear)          (non-linear)

3-D    ~    1-5+-D
in all archetypal dimensions of

Assembling the components to the "CAPstone Vision"
Creative Ascent Process) as Co-Creation with Source.


"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
 but when he can harness the
 power of love,
 then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin 


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