September Events Horizon

The Crisis: Real Jubilee? Or A False Flag?

Global Economic Reset as
SHIFT Goes Mainstream

Christopher L. Rudy / Heartcom Network / Sept. 10, 2015

As global Net reality decentralizes from the highly
centralized, top-down, one-way programming of
the corporatocracy, a New Economy emerges.

The U.S. bull market bubble in stocks will redeploy
bad assets that incentivize war and disease
 good assets that incentivize peace and health.

But it may get ‘messy’ in the meantime.

“Studies have shown no hard and fast relationship between current economic growth and stock prices. But it’s more than fishy that, over the last six years, the S&P 500 has risen about seven times as fast as U.S. GDP. We know what was going on; it has nothing to do with optimism over China. The Fed was manipulating the price of U.S. stocks by way of ZIRP and QE – essentially stealing wealth from Main Street (savers, workers, retirees, and small businesses) and giving it to Wall Street (insiders, cronies, investors, bankers, speculators, and big businesses).”
~ from: Revolution on the Ranch, by Bill Bonner / Sept. 9, 2015

Most of the all-connected Internet world now knows that the bubble value of U.S. oil, war and disease care stocks are about to burst along with the value of the petrodollar that has a diminished future as clean free-energy technology goes into production worldwide.

Economic reset is being planned
at the highest levels.

If you haven't been paying attention, you can read about that HERE, HERE or HERE, or perhaps you don't want to know what's coming.

Perhaps this global economic reset will be announced at
the upcoming United Nations Convention (Sept 15-25),
with the main event featured in the name of ‘Jubilee’.

You may find it curious that announcements for this convention would give the title ‘Jubilee’ to their main event, but you wouldn’t be surprised if you read those four links above and watched the videos.

Something very BIG is about to happen folks!

If the true Jubilee flag is flying over that United Nations main event, there will be a surge of great hope and promise for United Sovereigns of Earth.

The True Jubilee ‘Flag’ for all of ‘US

One Earth ~ One Love with Peace and Liberty for All of ‘US’ as
United Sovereigns of the Family of Mankind in a Global Village

But if by plan and intent, we see a false-flag betrayal of the true Jubilee spirit at the main UN event, then we will probably see three things in the weeks to come.  I hope I’m wrong, but at least this ‘heads up’ could go viral to help preempt such a nefarious agenda, or at least mitigate it.

1- The ‘set-up’ for the UN’s ‘Agenda 2030’ could be orchestrated by an “economic 9-11’ to create public hysteria that demands whatever the UN power elite decide… like the Patriot Act after 9-11.

Nothing ‘Jubilee’ about that.
Just more of the same
false flag terror.

2- A lot of high sounding words like ‘global sustainability’ may provide a smokescreen for a false-flag agenda that surrenders national and individual sovereignty to the economic power elite behind the scenes of UN world government… a long-time plot of banksters who created the last economic crisis and then bailed out themselves. Now it's a global financial crisis.

3. In the name of preventing World War III, world leaders are positioning themselves as the saviors of humanity if only we recognize their power OVER us rather than a system of representative government that is of, by and for ALL of ‘US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth.

So be aware of those who would create FEAR
as False (flag) Evidence Appearing Real.

And hold fast to the true flag of Good News for all:

Are you aware that all global Netizens could be directly
represented with a
universal TeLeComm interface on
their desktop, laptop or mobile palmtop computer?

Is it true that global holistic healing will accelerate
very quickly with free online
global TeLeCare on
 a desktop, laptop or mobile palmtop computer?
Would you agree that widespread knowledge
of these capabilities can be the catalyst for
public vision, virtue & valor to make it so?

Forward this vision of 'The Crisis' freely
to make it viral in an upward spiral of
our ‘calling’ & ‘
election’ made sure.

Own the VISION as Your Own.
 Embrace the VIRTUE as Yours.
VOW with VALOR to Make It So.
Claim the VICTORY of Conscience.

   If enough good people do enough soon enough
  to network for the Net worth of our Net reality,
VISION will go mainstream as a common
  cause with conscientious common sense that
 becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for all “
United Sovereigns of Earth).

Networking for the Net worth
of our new Net reality

Full Spectrum TeLeComm
 for our conscious evolution
 with the Language of Light

 (Conscience Constitution)


Global humanity now has a choice
  for raising the standard of living by
 raising the standard of as
    a universal TeLeComm interface at
  the heart of a local~global process
  for centering
coherent hearts with
  mind congruence as is framed by
 the ‘Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
with universal of, by and
   for all
United Sovereigns of Earth.