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Quantum Leap Vision – The New Elections 

Christopher L. Rudy / Heartcom Network

Our new world of instant-everywhere and interactive Internet
  capabilities has empowered the wisdom of truth and love as
at no other time in human history. Now it's time to use it
- networking for its Net worth - or we may well lose it.

 Our Net reality has matured with capabilities for mass-to-mass
interaction via cyberEthics standards for culturing conscience
   in our ubiquitous social networks shaping worldwide civilization.

  And yet, with all the advance of social conscience on Earth, we
 still utilize horse-and-buggy representation systems of election
   as have been rigged by self-serving power elite
    of, by & for moneyed power, not for love of 99.99% of humanity.

So ask yourself...

 Is it true that we live in an ALL-connected world of
instant-everywhere-interactive Internet abilities?

 Are you aware that current Net reality capabilities
include systemic upgrade of our representation?

    Would you agree that upgrade of social conscience
    in our interactive social networks is a ‘good thing’?

The higher the vision of the 'New Elections' for
  the Family of Mankind in our new global village,
sooner rather than later.

So get ready folks. Its time for big win/win;
Right and Left ~ East and West;
As above (spiritual wealth),
so below (physical health).

  As developer of four holistic heath centers over 35 years,
I’ve learned well that people don’t become well until they
 want to. In the same way, society will only be healthy if it
  knows it needs it and wants to correct with real solutions.

    It’s time to accept that there is coherent love governing the
    collective good will in 100 percent of enlightened humanity.
All walls in the mind
, left or right hemisphere, West or East,
 have no excuse for fomenting war and disease for profit.
    There are now definitive solutions for world health & peace

 Did you see the short video on the threat to healthy society
Emergency Alert? Have the courage to watch to the end.

 The expert in this video explains how his clients profited by
‘shorting the market’, predicting its collapse by seeing the
signs of the times that explain the converging pattern of
 disintegration portents from multiple ominous indicators.

Unfortunately he fails to report on the integration portents.
 However, he gives currency to the value of systemic reset
 of the entire 'election process' due to his clear explanation
  of how bad things will get... if we don't upgrade to Web 3.0
   in order to reinvent the election process that represents all.

  Although I believe it should be illegal to profit from collapse
of the stock market, stripping out equity all the way down,
   the expert at Emergency Alert makes a good case for why
   we're on the verge of economic collapse and war, and that
everything could soon get ‘messy’... so ‘get prepared’.

Get Ready for Quantum Leap and the New Elections

Are you aware that all global Netizens could be directly
represented with a
universal TeLeComm interface on
their desktop, laptop or mobile palmtop computer?

Is it true that global holistic healing will accelerate
very quickly with free online
global TeLeCare on
 a desktop, laptop or mobile palmtop computer?
Would you agree that widespread knowledge
of these capabilities can be the catalyst for
public vision, virtue & valor to make it so?

Forward this vision of quantum leap freely
to make it ‘viral’ in an upward spiral of
our ‘calling’ & ‘
election’ made sure.

Own the VISION as Your Own.
 Embrace the VIRTUE as Yours.
VOW with VALOR to Make It So.
Claim the VICTORY of Conscience.

   If enough good people do enough soon enough
  to network for the Net worth of our Net reality,
VISION will go mainstream as a common
  cause with conscientious common sense that
 becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for all “
United Sovereigns of Earth).

Networking for the Net worth
of our new Net reality

Full Spectrum TeLeComm
 for our conscious evolution
 with the Language of Light

 (Conscience Constitution)