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Economic Meltdown Emergency

Christopher Rudy / UltraMedics Services

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The New Universal Agenda for Humanity


Three Urgent Priorities to Seriously Consider

As I predicted, the frequency shift is beginning to hit the fan.
Center in your heart as a cool, calm and connected 
objective observer at the 'eye' of the hurricane
that is now swirling through the collective
consciousness of global humanity.

"It's the time we've come to in humanity's destiny when the stars are aligning
(Galactic Alignment)
for our true destiny to be decided by all of us collectively.  That's why
we’re trying to raise the awareness, raise the debate, ring the alarm,
for the
Hundredth Monkey Syndrome
(critical-mass awakening)… a
crisis of understanding whereby people throughout the system,
throughout corporations and throughout the government and
throughout our daily lives at the low level...  make the right
decisions, educate others and transcend this, or at least
 transcend some of these crises coming together that
are cascading... and save humanity.”
"And Believing in humanity, believing we're beautiful,
believing we're good, being honorable, standing up
against corruption, having courage... that's what
is going to change the world."
~ Alex Jones at 'Total Emergency Alert'

1- This video summarizes the self-evident emergency.
Be proactive with faith versus reactive with fear.
Ignore this high-alert video at your own peril.
Published Saturday Sept 3rd, 2015
Note some key summary points at 7 minutes, and
21:30 minutes.

“I believe an awakening is going on… The Internet has enabled humanity to get access to the truth more than anytime in human history. And the truth is kryptonite to the central banksters, politicians and those who want a one world government. We need far more than one government in this world. We need 7 billion governments. People need to take control of their own lives again, and get right with themselves physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. I think we’ll get there. But the transition is going to be messy.” ~Jeff Berwick, from the video above

2- Keep your head while others are losing theirs.
Nonlinear perception will be triggered by the
September frequency shift with systemic
shift in the 'light of cosmos' whereby
 enlightened solutions will manifest.

3- Prepare now for health, safety and savings.
We're in the calm before a big storm folks.
If you believe in a spare tire for your car,
it's high time to believe in spare food,
water and critical medical supplies.

I suggest you get serious about this now.

Yesterday I had Philip Hoag on Cosmic LOVE.
He's been on Coast-to-Coast AM 7 times as
 an expert on preparedness. Interview HERE.
    Two weeks ago I had Dennis Korn on the show.
   He's a 30 year leader in quality food reserves,
 supplying preppers globally. Interview HERE.
  On the show, both Philip and Dennis offered a
 one-time, short-term unprecedented discount
and bonus offer for ordering reserves now.
Links to their websites and phone numbers
  for proportional discounts & bonuses are at:

If you find a better offer for preparedness,
please let me know so I can pass it on.
THANKS ~Christopher


The video above is some 'brutal' truth-telling. It’s too much
for the 'comfort zone' (normalcy bias) of most Americans.
The boob-tube masses won't believe it until they see things
unravel on TV… when it could be too late to prepare.

Be aware that there is an elite power struggle going on
 for domination of world currency markets. This is serious.

Superpower conflict resolution is the agenda of the upcoming
powershift in the frequency field of human consciousness.

Moving forward, we’ll naturally see the big picture of Big Shift
  manifesting with increased social conscience that recognizes
 and supports the “good guys” (white hats) with their proactive
 policies for checking and balance the “bad guys” (black hats)
   who want reactive chaos, economic collapse and war to force
their 'solution' of global tyranny of, by and for the power elite.

I tried to provide a 'balanced' (cool-calm-collected) perspective on this
in last week's articles on
'Coming Events' and 'September CHOICE'.
Keep the faith that it's all in divine order with frequency shift.
 Keep in mind that a new paradigm awareness is emerging
 with a frequency shift to
Nonlinear Perception that is now
 triggering the crazies with wailing and gnashing of teeth...
 even while triggering conscientious common sense in the
  'InnerNet' as the collective Conscience of global humanity.

Pray for Discernment and Prepare Conscientiously,

UltraMedics Services