Conscience Upgrade Series

The New Universal Agenda for Humanity

Christopher Rudy / Sept. 5, 2015 / Heartcom Network

Perhaps you are aware that the UN is planning to launch a 'New Universal Agenda' for humanity September 23rd. That phrase is actually right in the very first paragraph of the official document that every UN member nation will formally approve in conference later this month.

“Obama is meeting with the Pope on September 23rd, and
   the Pope then addresses the UN on the 24th, including the
    Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Putin.”
~ from September Event Horizon

I try to be open-minded, and I truly want to believe that a 'New Universal Agenda' will provide a blueprint for global governance along more enlightened lines of universal-natural laws of light and ... but I'm not so naive anymore.

I've been burnt too many times by high-sounding words that were morally bankrupt.
For example:

Bush's 'Patriot Act': an unpatriotic empowerment of police state powers and a military-industrial complex that profits from endless terror war... creating a mass psychology of subservience to power without Constitutional principle.
Obama's 'Affordable Care Act': an unhealthy empowerment of the medical-industrial complex with massive government subsidies for Big Pharma pills for all ills... creating a mass psychology of dependence on toxic pills for health rather than preventing and treating disease with natural non-drug alternatives.
The Supreme Courts 'Citizens United' Decision: effectively dividing citizens against a soulless corporatocracy that can now buy elections with impunity... creating a mass psychology of hopelessness in the face of leading presidential candidates who only offer band-aids for the gaping wounds of the Republic.
Rather than being cynical, hopeless and helpless, consider what a new universal agenda for humanity COULD LOOK LIKE... and compare that against the high-sounding words of power elite potentates later this month.

Let’s take it from the ‘Top’ – Humanity’s CHOICE at this Time:

Be Aware of the CHOICE of the Family of Mankind...
Either the 'high road' of global freedom and opportunity
(decentralized TeLeComm for United Sovereigns of Earth)
  or the 'low road' of global tactics for totalitarian tyranny
(centralized command with a divide-to-control dialectic).

It’s the same CHOICE for every soul on Earth…
Either the 'high road' of the wisdom of the heart,

to see the good and make it so with ‘victory virtues’
(fearless faith),

or the 'low road' in subservience to dark hearts
who see the bad and make it so with ‘victim dictum’
(faithless fear).

In Memorial – 1940-2015

Be aware of the divisive dialectic of the divide-to-conquer agenda
that not only terrorized Americans into believing the lies of Iraq's
non-existent nuclear capabilities... to justify invasion of Iraq...
but also destroyed the most advanced civilization in Africa
by mass bombing of Libya, stealing their oil wealth also.
That petrodollar dominance agenda is now ending with
a new global currency emerging in currency markets.

If you don’t read the ‘handwriting on the wall’ for yourself and
  your family, you won’t be prepared for what’s about to happen.

     "If the Federal Reserve was a real bank, without extraordinary powers,
   it would be insolvent. The Fed has $4.5 trillion in liabilities and only
     $57 billion in equity. It is leveraged at 80:1, nearly three times greater
  than Lehman Brothers when it failed."
~ Rand Paul in a recent speech

The 100 year deception of the ‘Federal Reserve Bank’ is
  ending. The Fed is not ‘Federal’ and it has no ‘Reserves’.
   If you don’t know that the Fed is privately owned, created
    by the robber barons of industry and finance as their own
     tool for world domination through economic manipulation,
  you’re unaware of the crisis – created by intent – and the
    planned ‘solution’ by the real owners of the false-flag Fed.



The effect of aluminum in vaccines on humans


 The morally bankrupt method to the madness behind war
for petrodollar domination through devastation of civility
  has destabilized the Middle East with a flood of refugees
 trying to escape expanding chaos the U.S. has created.

 Such heartless policies have world condemnation.
   Trust in U.S. policies has been failing along with the
  future of the U.S. dollar in world currency markets,
and this is all connected to
Coming Sept. Events.
The currency of conscience in global social networks
 is ready and willing for social justice as never before.
  If ever there was a time for an upward spiral of a new
common sense
Unity State with Universal Solidarity
 for all of “
US” – United Sovereigns of Earth – now is

The Currency of Trust in a Higher Standard of
is the Currency of Conscience Underwriting Civility.

   It is moral bankruptcy that led to a corrupt collusion of big business
   with big government for power to profit from creating and managing
   war, disease, and death of our environmental life support systems.

But that too shall pass. Those bankrupt policies that are killing us
   - while pretending to protect and care for us - are not sustainable.

And WHY should we focus on definitive holistic healing solutions
to our systemic global problems? Is it true that humanity’s future
  will most likely be the vision of it that we focus on? And would you
agree that global humanity has the universal right to envision the
  future that best serves the purpose of self-correcting, self-healing
    and “self-elevation” (salvation) for the Family of Mankind on Earth?

     It is the morality crisis of self-serving greed and love of power that
   created the current crisis facing Western economies. There are no
    authentic economic solutions without restoring social conscience in
    local and global social networks... culturing the power of at
    the universal interface
heart of universal rights in the public sphere:

1- Universal TeLeComm~unity: The global computer/Internet revolution has resulted in accelerated conscious evolution of planetary civilization with instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities. We have a unified field in principle but still lack TLC in practice. Practice makes perfect and a universal interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm will naturally culture conscientious common sense unity in our diversity.

2- Universal TeLeConscience: by culturing Conscience at the heart of social networks, the currency of Conscience with heart coherence sets the standard for mind congruence along more enlightened ‘lines’ that frame the Constitution of Conscience with the Language of the Angels of at the heart of the Law of the Angles of G.O.D..

3- Universal TeLeCare: Global holistic healing of the Netizens of Earth will begin with free online TeLeCare for all global Netizens. As the ‘currency of TLC’ goes mainstream with the global healing vision of TeLeCare, the economic shift that follows September frequency shift has portents for coherent global Conscience that will develop and deploy optimal healing systems highlighted by Universal TeLeCare.

4- Universal TeLeCommerce: interactive global cyberEthics will raise social Conscience to empower redeployment of global resources from war to peace and from disease treatment to disease prevention. This ‘good trade’ qualifier will upgrade common sense unity Conscience above and beyond the devolutionary agendas of war, disease and death for the profit and power of a few.

5- Universal TeLeConciliation: Reconciliation for the perpetrators of war, disease and hell on Earth will come as they are identified and shamed by increased social conscience in social networks. Selective judgment of a just nature is our eventual recompense in the larger scheme of soul evolution, and rebellious souls will sooner or later experience whatever hell they have created for others.

If this TLC vision of the future is too rosy for you,
consider the dark future being planned for you by
the United Nation’s ‘
Agenda 2030’ future vision.

 The high road or the low road?
That’s a 
choice we all have;
 It’s the decision we’ll make;
And the future we’ll create.

 Call it ‘quantum reality’ or Natural Law,
 the Creator of Universe has methods,
  including September’s frequency shift
 as affects the way we'll look at things.

Pure intention focuses attention with love’s retention
for conscious ascension in a unity dimension where
the holy spirit of interactive naturally rules.

  “Humankind is standing precariously on the edge of its destiny.
It will either rise to a paradigm change or experience decline
    and possible destruction. This is an unavoidable confrontation.
The options will be presented and the choices will be made.”
~ from Jesus Speaks… Love Without End  by Glenda Green

 Full Spectrum
For Aquarian Age Shift to
Light & on Earth

For more on the politically incorrect spiritual history behind the
creation of the U.S. and emerging blueprint for a golden age,
watch this in-depth YouTube video:


Beginning at six minutes, note that Sir Francis Bacon was final 
editor of the King James version of the Bible, and authored the
Shakespeare plays. He also upgraded the ancient Rosicrucian 
  and Masonic orders. Franklin and Jefferson were Rosicrucians; 
Washington a 33rd degree Master Mason. 52 of 56 signers of
   the Declaration of Independence were Rosicrucians or Masons.
   And that, dear reader, is just a small taste of the truth told here.


Enlightened TeLeComm for United Sovereigns of Earth

"Let us have one plan, and let us go with that plan, and let us go with it big time. 
Let us do that. Let us not have little groups here and little groups there, 
thinking they know what to do when you have to have MasterMind 
conscience that you are going to transform not only a nation
but a world.
 This is a global situation and nothing less, 
so you must think globally and
 you must realize... 
This is a pivotal moment...
 There will never be 
a greater moment, a greater opportunity
to solve the problems of Earth..."

~ Saint Germain, Jan. 1, 1997, via E. C. Prophet 
(as the Internet revolution went mainstream)

 So choose the highest and best for all.