May 15, 2011 
Accelerating World Change

by Christopher Rudy

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,
the master calls butterfly."
~ Richard Bach, from his book, 'Illusions'

"Butterfly Man" (crop circle)

The frequency and intensity of world changes is accelerating. Not just physical Earth changes with more volcanoes and severe earthquakes, but also the rate of change in the collective 'awakening' of global humanity. In fact, the physical crisis of life on Earth is very much a catalyst for the spiritual crisis now awakening humanity to the Spirit that matters at this transformative time.

See: Down the Rabbit Hole to Wonderland
       (an overview of the big drama awaiting us)

Back on Mother's Day, I published the article, The Mother of All Prophecies, to explain the real story behind physical Earth changes. Other physical changes 'mutating matter' include the very high levels of Fukushima radiation (YouTube video) which, based on comparison to Chernobyl's lesser scope of 1.4 million mortalities, will likely result in cancers and death for millions of Americans.  Of course, the concern that radiation may cause cancer within the next 2-20 years may be the least of our concern in 2011... if you comprehend The Mother of All Prophecies.

This is all a 'wake-up call' folks! 

The truth of imminent world change of a magnitude we can barely conceive is daunting...
like someone hitting you over the head with the unthinkable.  But if it gets your attention,
and you maintain pure intention, evolutionary ascension is your divine destiny.

 When people have nothing to lose, and they lose it (mentally),
  they'll return to the Spirit that matters as the only real security
in the purity of the process of, by and for eternal progression.

Heaven knows that these are the times that will test one's soul, and the only place to go for
self-elevation of a 'salvation' nature (in full
Conscience) is up in a spiritual frequency as in frequently, until death do us part.  We're all in this together until we're not.  But while we're 'married' to this dense 3-D plane of incarnation, let's make the best of it!

“This is a test to see if your mission in life is over.
If you're still alive, its not.”
~ Sir Francis Bacon

Some of you on this list appreciate deep thought rather than the drone of mainstream media madness which is little more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.  Real solutions to the imminent crisis are rare, yet depth perception of an enlightened nature sees beyond the
veil of illusion to know (rather intuitively) what to do. 

With enough light, darkness disappears,
fears subside, and
Conscience rules.

For some rather brilliant light on the matter, consider these remarkable insights posted over this last week. And keep in mind the tsunami of light which is now flooding the Earth with cosmic radiation of a cosmic love nature which is fulfilling the prophecy of a millennial Aquarian golden age in the process of birthing a new Earth for that purpose:

David Wilcock: Disaster Can be Averted by Our State of Consciousness / May 12, 2011
Consider what the world is telling us right now... and how we can culture unity in our diversity or either suffer the divide-to-conquer predatory policies of power without the principle of Unity Conscience.  The heart of the Constitution will restore the 'Republic' when, as said so well be the Chief Architect of the Constitution, "
Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ James Madison, 4th U.S. President

The End of War is the Natural Consequence of
Unity Conscience
This is a powerful YouTube message with profound implications as Unity Conscience goes mainstream with Galactic Alignment.  It won't happen all at once, but as you watch this 'video of Conscience', you become part of the solution to the extent that you realize how unity in our diversity is governed by a Higher Power which you can embrace with pure intention and focused attention on our evolutionary ascension with the Spirit that matters.

Here Is Evidence that Japan's Nuclear Crisis was Planned by Crisis Capitalists / 5-13-11

Common sense would say that the same predatory parasites that prey on war and disease for profit and power have sinister intent to destroy those economies which are not subservient to their inordinate love of power.  This article goes down that 'rabbit hole', so keep in mind the ordained power of love as will eventually neutralize all that is less than full
Conscience with the Spirit that matters.

The story of the SWAN and the DRAGONFLY by Sean Alan Caulfield
A Mayan Calendar metaphor for the 'Midpoint of the 2nd Night'
(May 10-11, 2011)
For those who read, 'Down the Rabbit Hole to Wonderland', you understand that through Oct. 28th of 2011, we are in the final "Universal Cycle" of the Mayan Calendar, and time is being "accelerated" (compressed) to an instant-everywhere-interactive KNOWING (intuition) which is the epitome of
Unity Conscience.  To understand WHERE we are on the timeline now -- the '2nd night" (May 2 - May 19), see the graphic of the larger context through Oct. 28 at: ... and then read this timely story of the SWAN and the DRAGONFLY.

Prenatal care for the Birth of a New World Age
This YouTube video is remarkable for its prescient look at the 'Birth of a New World Age' from the perspective of the Mayan calendar and the astrology/psychology of systemic paradigm shift in our consciousness and world-at-large.  The whole Earth is going through contractions in this process, and the collective Conscience of humanity is the midwife.  This is the Unity Conscience of Universal Co-Creation with the Spirit that matters as will naturally assist the birthing process according to natural-cosmic laws.  The higher the concept of natural law, the 'Wonderland' conclusion at 'Down the Rabbit Hole', the greater the results.

Spontaneous DNA and the Quantum Shift in Consciousness
For those more interested in the science behind the conscious evolution of humanity at this pregnant time of spiritual awakening, realize that cosmic rays change our DNA even as Fukushima radiation has a mutagenic effect.  Consider that the most important 'radiation' for your DNA and evolutionary ascent is the radiation from the core of your BEING... the energy-in-motion (e-motion) which resonates with the greater Spirit that matters, the Conscience governing your prevailing consciousness.

Bottom Line:

The only way to slow down the accelerating rate of perceived change
is to speed up your
Conscience.  And as we make it so...
Unity Conscience gathers all the 'tribes' under the
rainbow canopy of all that
Universal Co-Creation with the
Spirit that matters.

~ Christopher

PS: Keep in mind that the ultimate DNA 'UltraFood' for cellular reboot and conscious evolution is
     'Swedish Pollen Extract'.


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