Olympic Signs of Olympic Times

Compilation by Christopher Rudy

Crop Circle reported August 9th 2012 at Cheesefoot Head,
near Winchester, Hampshire UK... near the Olympics.


Most frequented road close by, about an hour's drive
 from the London Olympics. Note the crowd next door
at the 'Boom Town Fair', a rock and dance festival.

Not just one but two very large, perfect, very intricate designs
appear all of a sudden in the crops!  No one noticed at first.

The media chooses to ignore this 'cosmic' phenomena.


Clearly, there is a major event next door with no one noticing the crop circles
have appeared suddenly... or the field would probably be filled with people.
The most amazing larger complex formation is at least 400 feet wide.


Endless Tibetan Knot also known as the Infinity Symbol: “Everything is Interrelated”

The 'Auspicious Tibetan Knot' or 'Endless Knot' is a geometric diagram symbolizing the nature of reality where
   everything is interrelated and only exists as part of a web of “cause and effect” (karma) whereby
we reap what we sow, action/reaction (physics), stimulus/response (biology); universal law.
Having no beginning or end, this is also an exquisite scientific metaphor for the
SOURCE FIELD'… the unified field of all-connected quantum reality.

It also represents the infinite wisdom of the Buddha... or the 'all-connected' kindness of the Christ.
In both cases, union of compassion and wisdom is with geometric 1st principles of
It also represents the illusory character of
inear time in the finite here and now ~
as is inseparable from nonlinear~
connection with the infinite and eternal ~ .
The synthesis of the
and the in the defines 4D 'real time' in the
as is synergized with the whol
Eness of 5-D 'Universal Co-Creation'.

This is the other crop circle that appeared to the side of the other one.  Notice that there are
no walk in paths into the two small circles.  Impossible for this to be man made. 



Orbs in a crop circle… a common phenomena with crop circle formations.

Watch this short YouTube video to see a profound demonstration of
  orb manifestation through receptive group ‘mediation’ (meditation).
Digital cameras have been very effective at photographing orbs,
even when people can't otherwise see them.

Many orbs have been photographed with
 unique geometric patterns, East and West,
 as in sophisticated mandalas, seen HERE.

Are these 'cosmogenesis codes', like crop circles?

 I interviewed an expert on the subject of orbs,
Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich, on my
June 17th, 2010 'Cosmic Love' talk show:


Photo copyright Lucy Pringle - www.lucypringle.co.uk

On the opening day of the Beijing Olympics (8/8/08)
a huge unique crop sign was discovered near
Alton Barnes in Wiltshire, UK.  "
Ascended Hosts Appearing!)

The 'message' of the '8'
is the same as the mirrored
sine wave curve 'orbit' of our solar system across the
Galactic Plane, known as
'The Great Crossing'. The
'Great Year' of the 'Precession of the Equinoxes' can
  be understood in the animated YouTube video

Crop Sign of the Cross - © Frank Laumen
The Sign of the Cross during the 2008 Olympics

This one appeared near Devizes UK, reported on 8-15-08.

Note the 'message' of the 8-8-08 as the reframing of a
 linear awareness of 'The Great Crossing' from the
perspective of 'local left-brain letter of spiritual law'
to the nonlinear 'right-brain spirit of the One Law'
with spiraling all-connected cycles reactivating
our seven glandular/energy centers (chakras)
 aligned in the vertical 'spiritual bar', crossing
with the horizontal-worldly bar that cross-
references (Co-Creation) with five-core
Constitutional freedoms
of, by and for
5 'MegaShift Megatrends' for our
"Universal Co-Creation"
(United Sovereigns).

Rather Amazing is it not?

 Olympic Signs of Olympic Times


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