2012 LOVE Unveiled Series

'The Next Phase of Human Evolution'


Net Reality Upgrade

 Culturing Social Conscience as our
Net Reality in All-Connected
Social Networks.


 1- Education of the Heart with real time synchronicity;
   Are We Congruent Now?   In Our
Hearts?    Or not?
   Choice Time for Discernment, Moment-to-Moment;
   Engaging the
Right Brain at the Heart of Learning.
   Choice Time for Common Sense Unity Conscience.
[New Standards for Heart-Coherent Net Reality]

 2- Higher Conscience at the Heart of Higher Education;
     E-valuation Criteria for Interactive TeLeConscience;
        Cultural DNA for Conscientious Common Sense Unity;
        Culturing Consensus in our Collective Consciousness.

       Singularity of Left-Brain 'Logos' as the Law of “G.O.D”.
     [Geometric Ordered Divinity of the  Model]

  3- Networking for the Net worth of our New Net Reality.

Heart Coherence / Mind Congruence;
Synchronicity/Singularity in the right and left brain(s);
      Informed Choice Standards for Universal Self Care.

        Creative Learning for Self-Correcting Health/Wealth.
[Self-Elevation as a ‘Salvation’ (Ascent) Process]

4- In God-Love-Source-Conscience We Trust… In TIME;
      Golden Rule-Law Language for a Golden Age…
    Holistic Healing in Core Social Institutions… A RACE;
        Systemic Reboot of Global Civility: Abundant

            Economics of Abundance is For Giving:  rules.




              Establishing the
ww Foundation with 1, 2, 3 & 4.

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 This Foundation is a common law trust with open financial records on-line as reported monthly,
with full disclosure of the amount of contributions, and with the free-will choice of contributors
 to either be disclosed or not… as a real name or persona… or corporate name or whatever.

Please contribute for establishing the Foundation.

THANKS ~ Christos


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"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon