Spiritualizing Influence in March 2012

The Sublime Shift Into The Divine

  by Christos Lightweaver / 3-3-12

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Every man is a church that has the soul as one’s interface with God, but most men forget the soul and live according to dogmatic rules and habits which not only have become empty of meaning, but very often have been perverted by the demands of the emotional nature, and by the ego with its rationalizing intellect.

This testing of the soul goes with the ‘territory’,
the density of this octave of incarnation.

We each have a unique soul purpose consistent with one’s soul evolution, and in March 2012 those sublime ‘agreements with the divine’ are being activated, ready or not. That may sound presumptuous, but bear with me. I’ll explain the ‘quantum science’ behind the ‘unified field’ energies at this time.

The eternal progression of the soul is a process of conscious evolution with numerous cycles of incarnation into density so that we don’t take the light of our etheric soul bodies for granted.  There is always pain involved when our physical senses are heightened and our spiritual senses are dulled.  But the challenge of darkness creates the opportunity for ‘more light’. The greatest mysteries of God-Love ‘Source’ are veiled in such paradox. And that veil is thinning... rapidly.

As we become more conscious of HOW we are conscious,
we naturally tend to self-correct or otherwise learn what
the subtle voice of soul
Conscience would teach us.

We’ve all heard that the ‘veil is thinning in 2012’, and this month of March has unique portents for a subtle purging or catharsis to restore not only fresh and creative intuition, but even more, a connection with the soul and one’s unique God-ordained purpose – one’s ‘soul contract’.

As many long-time members of this blog know, I have 33+ years experience working with cosmogenesis and astrophysics as correlates to psychology – the lost science of cosmic correspondence known as ‘astrology’.

I joke that the ‘Three Wise Men’ were no dummies; they found the newborn Christ by ‘following the star’, an abbreviated reference to astrology. Of course, secular science has thrown out the Christic ‘baby’ with the “dirty” (soulless) bathwater, but modern quantum science is finally recognizing how it’s ALL connected, as above, so below; as within, so with all. 

The kingdom of Cosmos is indeed within us,
operating on all levels of intelligent creation
 from the atomic and cellular to the galactic.

Having taught dozens of advanced astrology workshops and seminars on ‘esoteric astrology’ – emphasizing spiritual growth – I’ve continued to watch the heavens for ‘signs of the times’, utilizing advanced astrology software to see the patterns and portents. 2012 has my full attention.

March’s portents are extraordinary. It begins with a six pointed star – two interlaced Grand Trines -- and it ends with a similar pattern… an influence that pushes our awareness decisively beyond the egotistical, material, mundane level. The composite chart for March is also this unique and rare ‘star’ pattern.

An in-depth half-hour video on this astrology can be seen here:

In esoteric astrology of the Soul, the six-pointed star represents the spiritually realized person – the perfected personality in complete harmony with the Soul or higher ‘Self’.  This process of ‘spiritualization’ is the empowering of the soul to intervene in one’s personal life and to induce necessary catharses for self-correction of a "self-elevating” (salvation) nature.

This ‘salvation’ via upward-mobile conscious evolutionary ascent
is the healing of the ‘stuckness’ (intransigence) of “
Dumb, Unconscious & Heartless).

The dominance of this powerful six-pointed star framing the ‘bookends’ and composite of March suggests a strong, spiritualizing influence in the Source Field, the morphogenetic field that is morphing our genetic DNA coding and collective consciousness at this time… with the Sun in Pisces, the most spiritual sector of heaven, and with Neptune in Pisces, the most spiritual planet in this spiritual sign.

This spiritualizing influence may not be what we imagined for March,
but it could be far better than we ever dreamed possible.

The profound timing of this cosmic love influence is the initiation of the March 20th Spring Equinox with cosmic fire of a spiritualizing nature... defining and refining 2012 with the pure intention of the ‘Spirit that matters’ for conscious evolution on Earth as in Cosmos.

Pay attention to the We are One significance.
Attention pays at
ONEment dividends
in all dimensions, one and all,
with the 'abundant life'
in the spirit-
fire of

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
 but when he can harness the
 power of love,
 then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered
~Teihard de Chardin 

When you consider how Earth is a platform for the evolution of souls that have incarnated from throughout the universe to be HERE at this TIME, it’s easy to appreciate the extraordinary opportunity for the evolutionary ascent process to be catalyzed, geometrized and otherwise actualized as a Self-fulfilling 2012 prophecy.

This process has been accelerating via Galactic Alignment
with the current surge in the quantum Source Field,
but this mass awakening process in March
will naturally take it to the next level
that’s crossing an important
threshold of higher

It is pure intention – with expectation and anticipation of ‘more light’ – that brings light to dark places for wholEness and healing within and with all.  This collective ‘spiritualization’ process in March is like a prayer field that resonates with harmonics of the Source Field – a Source Connection.

Of course, free will optimization with cosmic love is a messy process that casts a strong light on the tyranny of the ego and power elite giants who are ethical infants. Witness the scarcity of truth and honor in the media and political debates that willfully ignore real solutions that could liberate all of humanity. But that too shall pass – the darkness before the dawn.

The dynamics of ‘light’ -- theCurrency of Conscience’ -- brings up all that is less than light for transmutation.  It highlights personal dysfunction and brings on life-changing disruptions and crisis. It naturally confronts our deepest fears with an interest in ‘forbidden’ subjects such as the paranormal, ESP, UFO’s, connection with Source, and the challenging of corrupt authorities who deny truth, freedom and holistic healing in our core social, political and economic institutions...
                                              ... not to mention astrology

As the light of GOD~LOVE surges in March 2012,
it will amplify and magnify the power of the soul to
trigger crises that purge old habits and patterns.

Throughout 2012, events will be further configured by this spiritualizing  process. As the veil of separation thins between unconscious habits and our supraconscious soul connection with Source, we will all see this spiritual transformation – both convenient and inconvenient – with an emerging common sense; a new social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

This spiritualizing power has a long-term influence
with irreversible effects for global humanity in our
all-connected instant-everywhere ‘global village’.

The concept of ‘Co-Creation with Source’ may be an abstract concept now, but the pure intention of Souls will focus attention with love’s retention for our evolutionary ascension in this spiritual dimension of 'Co-Creation'.

2012 is an extraordinary date with divine destiny,
and it is very important that we build momentum
with this March ‘spark’ igniting our
‘the most sacred of all property” ~James Madison,
Chief Architect of the Constitution

The conscious evolution of global humanity is accelerating with a grand synergistic interaction of all involved aimed at finding real solutions that work for everyone. 

The Thrive Movement is rapidly mainstreaming this process.

March 2012 heralds a critical mass awakening in this process -- a threshold or gateway into a prolonged lasting process that involves and evolves our individual and collective common sense Unity Conscience’.

This ‘come-into-unity’ process will culture unity in our diversity.
It will naturally reconcile everything that began before it,
and it will adjudicate everything that comes after it.

This is the time foreordained for countless Souls in embodiment now.  It is a time to ‘harness your horses’ -- spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically – in order to embrace the virtue (pure intention), seize the vision (focus attention), act with valor (love’s retention), and claim the victory with conscious ascension into a unified dimension of worldwide .

You don’t have to be perfect to honor
the pure intention of perfect love
in all and changing all of “
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Hold onto your hats folks; shift happens in 2012!

All Ways … Always,

~ Christos

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